Is Christie Marie Sheldon’s Love or Above Worth Taking?

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Love or Above promises to raise your vibration (essentially, become happier) by giving you tools that will help you do so. It’s supposed to get you out of that fear, worry, or anger state of being and into a love, joy, or peace state of being.

Love or Above was created by Christie Marie Sheldon, the same woman who created Unlimited Abundance. I really enjoyed Unlimited Abundance, so I wanted to see if Love or Above was the same type of program, better, or worse. In the end, I think it can have the same result as Unlimited Abundance, but it just teaches you to go after it in a different way. It’s not focused on eliminating limiting beliefs like Unlimited Abundance. Instead, it’s focused on moving yourself into a state of love or above, where you are happier and more capable of naturally getting rid of those limiting beliefs.

The program is labeled as a ‘spiritual toolkit’ that will help you get things like ‘flawless health’, ‘blissful relationships’, and ‘outstanding success’. In short, Christie says she’s going to teach you everything to help you get the life of your dreams. Sounds good, right?

When I started the course, it felt good to back in course mode with Christie Marie Sheldon. She has a wonderful way of making you feel lighter and hopeful, which is something we all deserve to feel. Here’s my review of Love or Above.

My End Thoughts About Love Or Above

This is a different kind of review format than I’m used to doing. I was writing down the following points as I was taking the course, and normally I would organize them under different headings. But the fact is they are all things that I was thinking while I was taking the course and still hold true today now that I’m done the course. Therefore, I’m just going to keep them in bullet format under this heading – because these are some big points that I took away from the course.

  • If someone is willing to invest in this program, then their life will get better. They will be able to trust themselves with a new awareness and experience a new way of living that they will never come back from.
  • Love or Above is all about raising your consciousness – getting connected to a place where real freedom is because it’s full of joy and bliss.
  • You have to be happy first to attract more things that you want into your life. So don’t wait to be happy, be happy now and that will help you attract the things you want most.
  • Great stuff doesn’t occur when you are living in fear or anguish. That’s why living at love or above is so important.
  • Christie says that your experiences with the program (when you start seeing some positive results) can vary depending on your current mindset and belief system, among other things. Therefore, you may see results within hours or it may take longer for you. What she does guarantee is that you will see results eventually if you stay committed to what she’s teaching. Love or Above is about permanent positive results rather than instant results.
  • Make accurate choices from your intuition. Stop going with the flow in life and take control of your life by paying attention to your intuition and guidance system.
  • 1 person can move 750,000 other people to a higher vibration. This is something that we need right now. So, if you have a desire to change the planet, you can change the planet by embracing a higher vibration and just being yourself.

The Scale Of Consciousness

There’s a lot of talk about changing your vibration to love or above. If you don’t know what that means yet, then let me introduce you to the Scale of Consciousness.

This is a map created by David R. Hawkins. Everything that energetically or physically exists vibrates somewhere on this scale.

At the time of Love or Above, Christie said that the average human vibration was around 207. I wonder what it is now?

I’ve thought about this scale since I first heard about it in Unlimited Abundance. When I’m feeling bad, I know that I’m on the lower end of the scale and I can visually see that.

Basically, consciousness has a vibration in the exact same way that matter does. Feelings such as fear or anger vibrate at low frequencies and feelings such as joy and LOVE vibrate at high frequencies.

Not only does this affect you, but it affects people around you, which is why operating from a place of love or above can help change the world in a positive way. Love is the halfway mark on the energy scale (in terms of numbers) that moves you towards a better life.

Following is a chart that helps you see what emotion and life view goes along with the level of vibration.

Will YOU Benefit From Love Or Above?

The more you do, the faster it works – and all the tools work together. – Christe Marie Sheldon on her course Love or Above

One of the things that I’m always working on is decreasing the amount of judgment and fear I feel in my life. If you are also trying to do that, then this course will benefit you. It gives you some concrete tools to help work your way up into love or above on the vibration scale.

If you are always looking for answers outside of yourself, then this program will benefit you too. For example, if you find yourself searching for ‘what should I do next?’ or ‘what choice should I make’ on Google or from other people, then this course will help you find the answers in yourself rather than from other people’s opinions.

I also think Love or Above is great for people with kids or people living in a household with more than one person. You will learn how to bless and understand your kids and other people. You will learn why it so important to teach kids the tools found in Love or Above. Christie will teach you how to create a more loving home. And, you will also learn how to create a better world through more awareness and love in your household.

Summing Up Love Or Above

If I was to sum up the course, I would say that you will learn things like:

  • Why we are all vibrating at some level on the energy scale.
  • How to vibrate at a level of love or above.
  • What practices you should include in your daily life for positive change.
  • How to get answers for yourself that will bring you a better life.
  • How to increase your awareness.
  • Why questions are so important to your awareness.
  • How other people’s energy can affect you.
  • How to clear up your energy.
  • How to remove negative energy from yourself or a room for and fill it up with positive energy.
  • What kid-like thing you should do for at least 20 minutes a day.
  • Techniques to help you let go of things that are holding you back from love or above.

About Christie Marie Sheldon

If you buy into the beliefs and programs of everyone around you, you’ll get the life that everyone around you has. – Christie Marie Sheldon

Why trust Christie Marie Sheldon? Well, she’s had Love or Above online (that I’ve seen) since 2010, and Unlimited Abundance since 2011 (at least) and they are both still popular programs. In fact, Unlimited Abundance is the most popular course on Mindvalley to this day.

In short, people are getting results from her and that’s the best sign of someone to trust.

Christie Marie Sheldon is known for her spiritual gifts and ability to help people raise their consciousness and get what they want out of life. She says that what she enjoys most is helping people become who they really are so that they can experience more peace, love, joy, and laughter.

One of the things she has said is that she believes if enough people raise their vibration and consciousness to love, we can restore love on this planet. I hadn’t heard her say that until this course, and I love it. What a great goal to have! Why wouldn’t you want to learn from someone with this goal?

I Was Left With A Few Questions

I’m a hardcore believer in spirituality, energy work, and connecting to something more than your physical body and life. But, some of the things that Christie Marie Sheldon says in Love or Above made me stop and think, ‘How exactly do you know that?’

For instance, she says that most a person can vibrate at on the Scale of Consciousness is 1000, but an ‘Archangel measures over 50,000 in frequency’!

Has she measured an Archangel?

Has anyone?

I guess it’s a matter of taking some things on faith.

But, for the most part, she talks about stuff that just makes sense and resonates as the truth. I think everyone – even the biggest skeptic of spirituality and manifestation – will recognize that moving into a happier state can help you get more of the life you want.

Love Or Above: A Course Worth Taking?

In the end, the program is really about starting with love or above in yourself and in your home. It’s about making yourself a loving person and your home a loving space so that you can get the life you want and affect the world around you in a positive way.

As we all know, you can’t fight hate with hate. It just creates more hate. So if you are someone who wants to see a positive change in the world, you need to fill yourself up with more with love.

Do you love yourself enough to take this course and become more intuitive, aligned with love, and be fully you? Because that’s what I found that it did for me. It gave me tools that helped me become a more loving and intuitive person.

And think of this: If you are vibrating low in fear, guilt, or grief, you are rejecting good things from coming into your life because you attract things that vibrate at a level you do.

Think about that! We all know that’s true. Great things don’t happen in our lives when we are feeling shitty.

That’s why I recommend taking this course and shifting your mindset to one of love or above. It will benefit you and the world around you.

Note: This course doesn’t seem to be on Mindvalley anymore. But Unlimited Abundance still is, and it helps you vibrate from love or above too.


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