This site is a review site. It is part of my online business as a writer and blogger.

I’m passionate about helping people discover whether or not something will serve them, but I still need to keep food on the table and a roof over my head. Writing about my life and experiences in it is my chosen job. And, this review blog is a part of my job – a job I really enjoy, but still, it’s the way I make a living.

The blog posts on this site may include affiliate links to products and courses that I review. If you decide to buy through one of these links, I will make a commission – if the company is fair and gives it to me. Your price doesn’t change. Nothing changes on your end. I just make a commission.

I participate in the Amazon affiliate program, as well as affiliate programs for other companies whose products I mention. I earn from qualifying purchases with these programs.

I have tried everything that I review. I’m not just making this stuff up. This is a review site based around what I do, experience, and try in my life. Therefore, I only do reviews on things I’ve had experience with. If a course is 30 days long, then I put 30 days of learning in plus hours upon hours of writing a review.

I’m just starting to let other people post on this blog. Their post is based on their opinion, experience, etc. Use your own judgment as you explore them and their posts.

If the author’s name is not Kari, then it wasn’t written by me.

None of my reviews are influenced by anyone, including product owners, strangers, my family, my best friend, my husband, or anyone else. I have some pretty strong opinions and I’m perfectly capable of sharing them.  I review things that I take or do in my life. If I like something I’ll let you know why, and if I don’t like something I’ll let you know why.

Lastly, I also have ads on this site. The ads are provided by Google and, as far as I know, they are served to you based on what Google deems that you would find interesting.