The Paul McKenna Everyday Bliss Quest: My Experience And Review

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I took the new quest on Mindvalley by Paul McKenna called Everyday Bliss. Paul Mckenna focuses on teaching you how to enjoy less stress and more bliss and serenity through various techniques and lessons. I would say it’s a stress quest – a quest that helps you reduce stress and feel happy even when there is nothing to feel happy about.

A lot of what is taught in Everyday Bliss are signature NLP and hypnotherapy techniques from Paul McKenna. In this Everyday Bliss review, I’ll talk about my experience with the quest, what it involves, and who will want to take it.

The Paul McKenna Hypnosis Session: The Daily Recharge Session I Craved

Paul McKenna Everyday Bliss Hypnosis Session

Screenshot Of The Hypnotic Trance Audio Session From Everyday Bliss

With Everyday Bliss, you get a hypnosis session by Paul McKenna that you are supposed to do daily throughout the quest. I love this hypnosis session. I even find myself craving it!

It’s called the Hypnotic Trance Audio and you get access to it in the warm-up sessions before you start Everyday Bliss. I didn’t listen to it before I started the quest, but I wish I would have.

Paul McKenna has the best voice ever. I can be easily annoyed by voices, for some reason. The wrong tone or speed can actually hurt my ears. I’ve always been like that. Even noises, such as whistling, can be grating on my ears if they are in an unpleasant tone or speed. Paul McKenna has a very nice, low voice and it was actually pleasing to me years, which was so awesome.

Apparently, Paul McKenna used to be a radio broadcaster before he jumped into the world of hypnotism and behavioral science. It makes sense because his voice is so clear, and his tone is so great.

The hypnosis session is just over 23 minutes long. Paul McKenna says that each time you listen to the audio session, the effect becomes stronger.

The session is basically positive messages that help you destress and feel good. I would relate them to affirmations, even though that’s not exactly what they are. But they are similar in a way that they enter your mind and affect your current thoughts and beliefs. The positive messages Paul McKenna sends in this hypnosis session override unhelpful thoughts and beliefs.

You need to use headphones for the session. During the hypnosis session, he uses a hypnosis technique where he’s speaking into both ears at one time. It’s an interesting sensation. I found myself trying to listen with my right or left ear only sometimes to hear the different suggestions and stories being said. But most of the time, I just relaxed and let it all soak in.

I wouldn’t recommend listening to this hypnosis session at bedtime. I tried that and at the end of the session when he tells you to be wide awake, I always woke up and had a heck of a time falling asleep.

I listen to it mid-morning after my morning routine. And, as I said, I crave it. It gives me a break to recharge and refocus, and it just feels so darn good.

Everyday Bliss Teaches Something Useful EverydayEveryday Bliss is a 21-day quest. You do one session per day.

There are two ‘Review and Integration’ days where there is nothing to do. Those days are meant to summarize the previous week and give you a break or allow you to catch up. But they also allow you to watch a webinar with Paul McKenna that includes questions from students and answers. These are packed with useful tips and tricks.

Other than those two days, Everyday Bliss taught a useful lesson in the session every day. Between understanding how and why stress arises and learning techniques to help you reduce worry and stress and feel good, you get a lot of information that you can implement into your daily life right away.

Paul McKenna teaches you ways to tackle things like worry, unpleasant memories, and energy drainers. These are all actionable things that you can do right now to help you deal with something that is stressing you out or that you are worried about.

I found that sometimes the understanding of how stress and even joy happens helped me shift the way I felt without a technique. It was just the awareness of the situation that helped.

Pre-Recorded Webinars For Extra Information

Everyday Bliss Paul McKenna Live Call

Just like all Mindvalley quests, you get a few webinars where Paul McKenna answers students’ questions. There are 3 webinars in total as of this Everyday Bliss review. They are on day 7, 14, and 21. I find that sometimes Mindvalley will add new webinars to the content, so you may have more than one to watch if you are reading this Everyday Bliss review after it has been out for a while. But, honestly, one is enough because it adds a lot to Everyday Bliss as you get information about topics not covered in the quest that students want to know more about.

You also learn how to make what Paul McKenna is teaching work for you as students ask for clarification on certain techniques.

I was part of the live webinars because I’m part of the Mindvalley Membership and we get to be a part of the first groups of students in quests, which is when the live webinars are held.

There Was One Issue Where A Paul McKenna Technique Didn’t Work For Something

There was one lesson where Paul McKenna teaches a technique that is supposed to help you dissociate from a negative experience. I tried using it for a few different things and it worked, but when I tried using it for one of my most painful negative experiences, it just highlighted that experience for me.

The experience was when my sweet little dog died. It happened just over a year ago. It was so painful for me. I’m a very visual person, so the experience is burned into my mind and when I visualize it, all the extreme sadness I felt during that time comes rushing back in. Even now, just writing about it, I feel heavy in my chest and sad and can’t help but tear up.

When I tried the technique, and Paul McKenna said to visualize the experience, I couldn’t move past that point. It was too painful, and my emotions came flooding back and I couldn’t move forward with the technique despite trying over and over again. I just got stuck visualizing the experience and feeling that intense sadness.

Paul McKenna says that sometimes you will feel anxious after a technique because the anxiety is there to begin with or because once you relax, you get in touch with how much stress you are really carrying. And he says that if a technique causes anxiety, just stop using the technique for that particular issue. Or, if the technique causes anxiety all of the time, stop using it completely.

What I do instead is use another one of the techniques he taught in Everyday Bliss where you can instantly go from an anxious state into a relaxed, calm state through association. And I’ve found that it helps me when I start thinking about that negative experience and don’t want to get stuck in that memory.


My Biggest Use Of A Few Techniques From Everyday Bliss

Since the pandemic started picking up in my area, I’ve been doing curbside pickup and ordering online and avoiding stores and places where I will have close contact with others. I want to be able to spend time with my parents who are high-risk, so it’s important to me to do as much as possible to avoid contracting this virus or any other virus.

Yesterday I had to go out to a doctor’s appointment for the first time since the beginning of the year. There were a few times yesterday that I was stressed to the max. I actually thought I might have an anxiety attack at one point.  I’ve gotten way too comfortable doing everything from home. Our pharmacy even delivers my prescription of Synthroid (for hypothyroidism) to me.

When I got to the doctor’s office, I sat in my car and did two of the exercises I learned from Everyday Bliss. The first technique I chose is directed toward helping people with anxiety, post-traumatic stress, and phobias. Paul McKenna popularised this technique, and in the quest, it’s called Havening Therapy. This helped calm me down big time.

Then I used a motivating technique taught by Paul McKenna is Everyday Bliss, and it is what got me to put my mask on, get out of the car, and just get the appointment done.

There were plenty of other techniques that Paul McKenna taught that I could have pulled from, but these two popped into my mind as I sat in my car stressing out about going in, and they worked.

Everyday Bliss Has A Group On Mindvalley

You get access to a group with other students who are taking Everyday Bliss. The group has tribe ambassadors that can answer questions and help you with the quest. Plus, you can just learn more about the topics at hand or talk to other students.

Paul McKenna Everyday Bliss Group Mindvalley

And you can discuss each day in the quest directly from your class. Just go into the discussion tab found at the top of the day’s lesson. You can even scroll through the posts in the discussion tab while you are listening to the lesson.

Who Will Want To Take Everyday Bliss?

Paul McKenna makes some big claims at the beginning of the quest. He says that Everyday Bliss can help you feel happier, look younger, be more creative, and transform your entire life. I think how this stress quest will impact you depends on you and where you are at in life – as well as how stressed out you currently are.

I love his notion that if we could just relax as a planet, then good things would happen, and that’s what Everyday Bliss is about – relaxing and chilling out.

I would say that if you relate to a few of the following things, then you will find Everyday Bliss helpful in your life.

  • You want to learn about why stress comes into your life.
  • You want to learn how to feel good through various techniques that you can use whenever you want.
  • You want to feel calmer in an instant.
  • You deal with a lot of negative internal dialogue and want to learn how to distance yourself from it.
  • You worry a lot and want to learn how to deal with it in a more effective way.
  • You want to decrease the emotional intensity of various memories.
  • You want to spend more time living in happiness.
  • You want to experience bliss on demand, despite what is going on around you.
  • You want to be more motivated for things that you normally avoid or would like to avoid.

If a few of these things resonate with you, I think you are going to like Paul McKenna and what he teaches you inside of Everyday Bliss.

You Really Need To Practice The Techniques That Paul McKenna Teaches

Often, I learn something and move on, but in this quest, I needed to practice the techniques in order to remember them because there were so many of them and some of them use little movements or gestures that go in a certain order.

For instance, there is ‘tapping into feeling good’ technique that isn’t just a little tappity tap here and there. It’s a step-by-step process that involves more than tapping, so if you actually want to use it, you will need to practice it and memorize it.

The order in these techniques is important, according to Paul McKenna, so you need to get it right.

Therefore, if you are going to take this quest, make sure to have extra time and set aside some time to practice and memorize the techniques. You don’t want to get to the end of the quest and forget everything and have to go through it all again.

Well, you might. I know that some people want to take it again. One person actually said he needs to go through courses like this twice in order to pick everything up. But, if you want to take the quest and move on, then make sure you put in the homework – practice and memorize the techniques taught by Paul McKenna.

You Are Not Going To Eliminate Worry And Stress Completely

Everyday Bliss is not going to get rid of worry and stress altogether.

Paul McKenna talks about the scale of worry from 0 being apathy and 5 being panic. He says that you should stay somewhere between level 2 (interest) and level 3 (concern). A healthy sense of interest and concern helps you stay on top of things and solve problems before and when they start. But you shouldn’t be living in a state of constant worry and panic. That does nothing good for you.

And stress is a part of life because ‘shit happens’… like pandemics. But you shouldn’t be constantly stressed all the time. I’ve been there and done that and I know that it can be harmful to your health. That’s why Paul McKenna teaches you how to deal with it when it comes up and move into a more positive state, even if you still need to deal with the issues at hand.

What Paul McKenna Can Do For You

Paul McKenna says that your ability to control your stress will lead to changes in every area of life. That’s the whole point of Everyday Bliss – getting the ability to control and reduce your stress.

In Everyday Bliss, he teaches why and how the body reacts to stress and how to interrupt the stress response, even when you are in the midst of chaos. For me, the techniques I tried did help me reduce stress during extreme stress that I was having when I went to the doctor and possibly saved me from a panic attack. And I just used a couple of the techniques he teaches to do during stressful situations.

If you want to understand your stress better and reduce it, then Everyday Bliss can help. Paul McKenna can help. You will learn a bunch of techniques from him in this quest that are meant to relax your mind and body and move into a feeling of contentment, happiness, and bliss. And these techniques help with all kinds of stress, including past issues and memories you find stressful, worry, and sudden (or gradual) stressors.

Beyond techniques to move from stress to bliss, he also teaches how to live your life to reduce stress. This means fewer instances where you feel the need to try and reduce stress. In fact, Paul McKenna teaches a technique to instantly relax and have more background happiness, even if nothing amazing has happened to put you in that state.

I would love for him to make some new quests on any of these topics and get some hypnosis sessions included. He has my favorite hypnosis voice by far.

You can also learn more about Paul McKenna and how Everyday Bliss can help you reduce your stress levels on this page. And read about how many other things you can with Mindvalley in my Mindvalley Membership review here.

Lastly, if you have any questions about Everyday Bliss, please ask me in the comment section below.


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