8 Inspire3 Products That I’ve Found Extremely Beneficial

Last Updated on June 16, 2021 by Kari

I write a lot about Mindvalley on this site, but I have used the products from Inspire3 just as much as I’ve sat and listened to courses from Mindvalley. Inspire3 doesn’t offer courses or quests in the video sense, but they do offer a few courses through audio and eBook that are just as highly valuable, even though they are often a fraction of the price. If you are interested in personal growth tools that will help you in all areas of life, then Inspire3 is something you need to check out. Here are the things that I’ve tried from them.

Inspire3 programs

1. Zen12

This is a meditation program from Inspire3 that goes through 12 different levels of meditation – from easy to hard – and each meditation is only 12 minutes. The premise is that the meditations help you to get the benefits of meditation for an hour because they use binaural beats and help you quickly focus and get into an alpha state. I’ve found this to be true most of the time. Sometimes when your mind is extremely busy, it doesn’t matter how powerful meditation is, it becomes hard to focus. But, I can say that Zen12 is the best meditation series I’ve tried out. The great thing is you can pick whatever sounds you want to use with your meditation – whatever is going to help you make the most of your 12 minutes of meditation. Everything in this program is in audio format.

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2. Raikov Effect

The Raikov Effect has been around for a while. Vladimir Raikov showed that you can gain the talents and skills of anyone you want by going through a series of steps. Inspire3 has used his original technique and added to it for an even more powerful plan to get into the head of anyone you want and start to take on their skills. Basically the techniques offer us a shortcut to genius. You don’t have to take on the skills of someone else. I like to take on the skills of my best self – the future me who has my crap together and is doing what I want to do. But, you can definitely take on the mindset and skills of anyone using the Raikov Effect formula from Inspire3.

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3. No-BS Manifesting Guide

This is a guide on what manifesting is and how to implement it into your life. It’s focused on science and reality, not magically making elephants appear in your living room. That’s why they call it the No-Bs Manifesting Guide. I’ve read a lot about manifesting over the past 20 years since I first became interested in it. This is one of the most factual and scientific explanations I’ve read or heard and I know that anyone wanting to manifest a better life will benefit from reading this guide.

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4. Subliminal Guru

The way you talk to yourself matters. It determines your deep-rooted beliefs, which determine your behavior and the outcome you receive from that behavior. Inspire3 has created a ton of subliminal sessions on all kinds of subjects that include positive affirmations that are embedded behind various sounds. The premise is that your conscious doesn’t hear them, but your subconscious hears them. And, the more your subconscious hears them, the more they are going to take root into your subconscious and change your beliefs, actions, and outcomes. All you have to do is throw on some earphones and listen. I’ve been doing this for years and have found that after listening to a subliminal session from Inspire3 for long enough, I start to automatically say new things to myself and look at things differently. It’s fascinating how we can reach into our subconscious and change its patterns.

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5. Subliminal 360

Inspire3 also created software that flashes positive affirmations on your computer. This is great for someone like me who is on my computer all day. It works the same as the audio statements, where it reaches your subconscious mind without your conscious mind needing to pay attention, but you can also use images with the software from Inspire3. And, you can create your own subliminal MP3 tracks with this software, which is a little more work than just getting them premade for you with Subliminal Guru, but you can tweak them however you want. This software is awesome for creating any message you want your subconscious mind to soak in.

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6. Hypnosis Live

Inspire3 has over 200 hypnosis sessions on Hypnosis Live focused on all areas of life. I’ve talked about how one of these hypnosis sessions helped me get out of a deep depression I fell into after my husband was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. But, these hypnosis sessions have helped me in many other areas of my life as well. I have more hypnosis sessions than I do Subliminal Guru sessions, by far. I love hypnosis with a passion and think it’s extremely valuable for getting into your mind and making positive changes. Inpsire3 has done a really good job of creating hypnosis sessions that are beneficial.

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7. Hypnosis Bootcamp

Inpsire3 has created some boot camps with hypnosis sessions. It’s like a course, but where you listen to a daily hypnosis session instead of attending a daily class. If you want to really focus in on the subjects of confidence, wealth, brainpower, weight loss, or manifestation, these boot camps will interest you.

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8. NLP Hero

This is probably one of my favorite things from Inspire3, and I like everything from Inspire3. NLP Hero takes you through NLP techniques that can help you get rid of unwanted mind behavior (negative thoughts, worry, negative patterns) and develop more positive ways of thinking. It offers you techniques to help you deal with things quickly and effectively instead of lingering in a negative state of mind where you can’t focus, move forward, or get the results you want. I think NLP is fascinating and everyone will benefit from it. And, I think that Inspire3 teaches NLP in a way that will benefit everyone. It quickly helped me get rid of some negative thought patterns that were impacting my life in a HUGE way. And, it’s something I’m using every day to take control of my mind and how it operates.

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Try Out A Gift From Inspire3

Inspire3 has a gift page where you can get a free gift that relates to one of their products. There’s no commitment involved, but it’s a great way to try out something from Inspire3 and see the quality of products that offer. Get your free gift here. 

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