Tag: Online Business

For many years, I was a freelance writer. Now, blogging and website creation is my focus when it comes to working online.

I love blogging for many reasons. It gives you the opportunity to work from home and do something that is in line with your values and desires. It gives you the freedom to be what T. Harv Eker calls a spiritual millionaire.

I love sharing my views, writing reviews, and, hopefully, inspiring other people to a better and happier life. There is nothing better than living your life and then writing about it in a way that could help other people in their lives.

Here are my reviews and articles on having an online business.

My Experience With YouTube AdSense Payments So Far

I’ve had AdSense on numerous websites throughout the years, but YouTube AdSense is a brand-new thing to me. In December, I made some videos on something that had my interest, and I started getting followers. I …

Canva’s Audio Editor Is Getting Better!

Canva’s video editor is stepping up its game. I use it to create YouTube videos mostly, especially because I can use the audio from Canva in my YouTube videos and it doesn’t affect my ability to …