Yes, Lifebook Can Help You Create A Life Of Purpose And Passion

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You want to be happier in life or get your life on track, and you’ve heard that Lifebook is a system to create your ideal life vision and then work towards it. I’m here to tell you that it’s true. Lifebook is popular for a reason. It has helped many people change the course of their life and find purpose and passion.

The Lifebook Online process taught me more about myself – and it made one thing very, very clear to me – you will never stop updating your life book as you grow and change in your life.

Here’s my first-hand Lifebook Online review if you are interested in taking the program.

Note: There are a few different aspects to the Lifebook program, so to make it clear, this is the course I’m reviewing here. It’s where everything begins with Lifebook.

The Past Is A Place Of Learning, Not A Place Of Living

What Is Lifebook To Me?

The Lifebook quest helps you dig into each area of your life and figure out your current beliefs, what you want, and how you can get there.

After you are done digging into each category of life and filling out the information required, you have a vision of life and how you want it inside something called a life book. (Just to be clear because I’ve been asked about this: Jon and Missy call what you are creating a Lifebook – one word like a cookbook – but to me, Lifebook is the name of the course that you enroll in and when you finish the course you end up with a Life Book. But, you call it whatever you want! ;))

Your life book contains a combination of all the thoughts, visions, strategies, and beliefs you have around each area of your life.

It’s a book about your life and what you want most.

I’ve found myself updating my life book at least every 6 months since I took the program.

My life plan has changed since I started Lifebook, so the older visions I had in certain categories are no longer relevant. And, some specific visions in specific categories I’ve accomplished, so I’ve needed to expand the scope of what I want.

And when something big has happened, such as a job loss, I’ve updated my life book much sooner than expected.

Jon and Missy make it clear that you will be working on your life book for the rest of your life. But, after your initial experience with Lifebook you will have a book about your life that you can refer to as you move through your life. You will have a life vision that is more relevant to you than anything you likely have now.

I’ve found my life book is a great motivator when I feel like giving up on certain things. Reflecting on what I wanted when I was excited and motivated can help bring back that excitement again. And, updating certain things can reignite the fire to go after what I want.

Lifebook Online Will Help You Redefine Your Goals

It’s obvious that this year has a lot of people rethinking their priorities and taking up new interests.

The pandemic, protests, and strong emotions are shifting the way people interact with the world. They are also shifting the way we look at ourselves! This is why Lifebook Online is great for 2020 and beyond!

Lifebook Online will help you get a hold of your thoughts and what you really want from your life. It will help you to break away from the news and what people are telling you should be and get a hold on yourself and what you really want.

Things may have changed a lot since the beginning of the year for you, and that’s OK. Lifebook can help you figure out what you want to embrace, despite any changes that have happened, and help you redefine your goals.

How Lifebook Online Works: Evaluating The 12 Key Categories Of Life

There are 12 Lifebook categories covered in this course. Some people call them 12 dimensions, but they are just 12 areas of life that most of us deal with and need to work on in order to have the life we want.

The 12 categories of life that Lifebook focuses on are:

  1. Health and fitness
  2. Intellectual
  3. Emotional
  4. Character
  5. Spiritual
  6. Love relationship
  7. Parenting
  8. Social
  9. Career
  10. Financial
  11. Quality of life
  12. Life vision

In Lifebook Online you focus on two categories of life per week, for a total of 12 Lifebook categories (12 areas of life) covered in 6 weeks. So, for example, in week 5 you focus on your financial life and career.

Lifebook Online Program Week 5 Screenshot

Note: While Lifebook focuses on the main 12 categories of life, there is an official Lifebook category 13. If you move on with your Lifebook journey to the mastery program and Lifebook membership, then you will get that as a bonus in your warm-up session. It’s about sex, romance, and passion, which Jon and Missy Butcher think are very important.

In each Lifebook category, there is a video where Jon Butcher delves deeper into the topic and helps you create a premise, vision, purpose, and strategies. He gives you about 8 minutes per area to fill in your Lifebook template, but I ended up just pausing the video and spending a lot of time working on mine and then going back to the video.

Financial Lifebook Online Screenshot

In each Lifebook category, you get a template to fill in, as well as quotes and pictures to help you create your life book. I thought this was totally cool and found the quotes inspiring and a lot of the pictures fitting for my life book.

Lifebook Online Template Download Screenshot

I used the Word template that Lifebook provided for the first few weeks, but then I noticed a lot of people were using Canva and I thought I would give it a try. I found it easy to use and I could create a visual life book that I liked looking at easily.

Love Lifebook Online Relationship On Canva

Quotes and a picture on Canva inside my relationship chapter of Lifebook Online.

Other people were writing their life books out by hand or even drawing their life books.

What I learned quickly is that it’s up to you how you want to create your life book. There are no specific rules when you are making a book about YOUR life.

A Quick Peek Into The Actual Lifebook Course On Mindvalley

Just a quick video to show you what the course looks like.

Does Lifebook Really Work?

Every year I’m amazed at how people have changed their lives through Lifebook.

When I first started with Lifebook, my review was one of the only real reviews online. Now, when you take the program, you will hear a ton of people giving their testimonials during the live sessions with Jon and Missy. You probably won’t find their reviews online because they are not bloggers or writers or YouTubers, but believe me, Lifebook has worked for them and changed their lives.

If you take Lifebook, you will see and hear the stories and be inspired by them and there will be no doubt in your mind that Lifebook works to change your perspectives, habits, and life.

Why I Think Lifebook Online Should Be One Of The First Programs You Take No Matter What Month Or Year It Is

Both Jon and Missy Butcher (Jon Butcher does the Lifebook material, but they both are present in the Q&As) help you do something that can really change your life in Lifebook. They help you get clear on who you are, who you want to be, and what your ideal vision of life would look like.

They also provide a structure that has worked for them and all the Lifebook students they have brought in, and that structure is what helps you move through each Lifebook category and build your life vision.

That’s priceless. Because, when you get clear on your life vision, you can follow up with targeted programs or books to help you move toward your life vision.

For example, if you don’t know what limiting beliefs you hold around relationships, and you don’t have a strong purpose behind getting a good relationship or even a vision of what a good relationship is for you, then programs or books on relationships may or may not be of much interest to you, let alone help you. But, if you take Lifebook and realize that you have a limiting belief (or two or three) around relationships and it’s holding you back from the relationship you want, then you can go out and take programs or buy books that help you overcome that limiting belief. You can work on it.

My point is that Jon Butcher’s Lifebook Online helps you understand the gap between your current beliefs around each area of your life and what you want to believe in each area of your life. Lifebook has a perfect structure in place for you to discover it.

And once you realize what you want and what’s holding you back, you can go ahead and start taking courses and reading books and doing things that help you create the life you really want – the life you have outlined in your Lifebook.

The Pace Of Lifebook Online Was Perfect For Me

Some people were saying that Lifebook Online was moving too fast for them. But, a lot of people were OK with that. They were doing the program at their own pace, knowing that they would have access to the program later on.

For me, I enjoyed the pace and was able to keep up. I would say that each week I spent about 3 hours listening to the two videos, 2 hours working on my life book, and around 1.5 hours watching the webinar with Jon and Missy. So, in total, about 6.5 hours per week actively engaging in Lifebook Online.

Plus, I spent a ton of time thinking about the Lifebook categories each week.

I reflected a ton on my life in this program… much more than I did in the condensed Lifebook quest the first time around.

Lifebook Online Goes Deep

I think the reason I spent more time reflecting on this program than I did in the condensed Lifebook quest is that it’s much deeper. You spend more time defining your beliefs around each category and thinking about what’s true for you and what’s not.

Plus, the Lifebook tribe on the Facebook page was so active with a lot of deep questions and insight. It was awesome to be able to interact with people who were so involved in the same program as you are.

I also found that people were really honest in this Lifebook tribe and shared things without worry of judgment – such as not wanting kids in the parenting category or relationship concerns and issues in the relationship category.

You Can Add Your Own Lifebook Categories

All Lifebook reviews talk about the 12 categories of life focused on in Lifebook and how they dug into them. That’s because the 12 categories of life covered in the program are all pretty relevant to most people’s lives. (As well as Lifebook category 13.)

But I found that some of Lifebook’s 12 categories of life were actually not relevant to me.

For instance, if you are not planning on having kids, like me, then the parenting aspect might be something you are not interested in because you already have a pretty clear vision… I’m not having kids. It just didn’t pertain to me, despite what Jon and Missy said about it pertaining to everyone in some way.

I also added in a few categories of my own, such as creativity and contribution. Some other people were doing that as well.

I’m sure as I move through life, I may add a few more categories to my life book.

There Are Weekly Calls To Answer Questions About The Previous Categories

Jon and Missy did live weekly calls to talk about the categories of life covered in the previous week. While this was going on, Jon’s father got sick and they had to travel to the Philippines. Yet, they never missed a call. It just got pushed back by about 5 hours because of their travel plans.

Even when Jon stayed in the Philippines and Missy went home, they were there for the live call. They even showed up when they were on the live call at 5 am (by my calculation).

The point is, Jon and Missy were totally dedicated to being there and answering questions. And the moderator on the webinar made sure that the most popular questions were asked.

Because I took the live version of Lifebook Online, the videos I watched will be the pre-recorded calls that you will be given each week if you take Lifebook Online.

Update May 2020: Now they have 3 pre-recorded calls for you to watch each week, which means over 3 hours worth of Q&As per category. That’s insane. They just keep adding the latest live Q&A sessions into your Lifebook course so that you don’t miss out on anything. In short, there’s a ton of material to go through.

Note: Lifebook Online goes through a live version twice a year and if you join that live version you can participate in the live Q&As. The live versions of Lifebook start in January and July (sign up in late December and June to attend these).

Update October 2020: There are now 4 pre-recorded calls to watch in each category of Lifebook. That’s about 4 hours worth of content! I’m assuming that when they do the next live session in January 2021, there will be 5 calls to watch in each category. What this means is that if you have a question, there is a good chance you will find it in one of the coaching calls. But combing through 4 hours’ worth of content isn’t feasible for most people, so they labeled all the questions with timestamps so that you can easily go straight to it.

Screenshot of Q&A Coaching Call from Lifebook

The Downsides To Lifebook

There are not a lot of cons to Lifebook. But I’ve noticed a few as I’ve gone through the Lifebook program, and I know that Jon and Missy Butcher have mentioned a few things in their webinars. So here are some things to consider.

No Lifebook Binder

First, I get a lot of questions about this (and people get pretty disappointed with the answer) so I figured I might as well add this to my Lifebook review.

There is no Lifebook binder. I think they used to offer their Lifebook participants binders a long time ago, but those days are gone. I know that there are still pictures out there with people holding the Lifebook binder. I think even the Mindvalley staff have a picture with the Lifebook binder. But, it’s not offered with the Lifebook course. If you really want a binder for your life book, then buy one that resonates with you.

Must Commit To Doing The Work

Second, if you don’t do the work, you will lose out on your life.

This program helps you take a step-by-step journey through your life, but if you don’t do the work, it doesn’t matter how many videos you listen to, your life won’t be impacted.

That’s what I found Lifebook Online to be all about – me… or you.

This isn’t something where other people will help you either. You are going to have your own unique visions in Lifebook and you are going to need to do the writing and creating throughout the Lifebook program. I doubt there are any two life books out there that look the same because we all value different things and want different things in life, and this program helps you understand that it’s OK to be unique, want what you want, and go after what you want.

Problems Are Going To Pop Up

I really like this con of Lifebook, so it’s not really a con for me, but it’s something some people may not expect or like.

Jon Butcher says that you can’t bring a ton of consciousness into your life – as you go through the Lifebook process – and not expect problems to pop up. This is so true!

I’ve found that as I’ve figured out what I want in life, there seem to be more obstacles in the way of getting there. I’ve figured out that the problems arise because you are doing more and attempting more and trying more and changing things… and all of that doesn’t come easily. There are hurdles, learning processes, struggles, and decisions to be made along the way.

So, it’s not just like you create your Lifebook, and then life is perfect. You are going to have to take action and run into problems as you go after what you want.

But, I enjoy solving problems. I think it can be frustrating to run into a problem, but it also makes life interesting and helps you grow as you work through the problem. Plus, it’s fun to come up with a solution and overcome a problem in your life. It feels good – as if you won some sort of contest. At least, that’s how I look at it.

Tip: Srikumar Rao, in the Personal Mastery quest, says to imagine that you are an engineer going through life and having to figure out how to build a road through forests, swamps, and mountains as a part of your job. He says that you are responsible for building this road and obstacles (problems) will arise, but there is always a way around, over, or under them.

Some Things That May Affect Your Experience With Lifebook Online Negatively

  1. I noticed that right from the start there were some people who found Jon Butcher annoying or didn’t resonate with him in some way. This was a hindrance to their experience with Lifebook, and I’m sure it would be to yours as well. I found him a little annoying when he was with Missy on the webinar calls, but I was able to look past it because I was so focused on thinking about my life book.
  2. If you’ve done a lot of work into your life and know what you want out of every area of life, then Lifebook may seem redundant. A few people felt that way. I’ve done a ton of personal development work. I even took the condensed Lifebook Quest before Lifebook Online, but I found that I needed this refresher about my life, what I want, and what I’m capable of. Jon and Missy Butcher even talk about that during the webinar calls. They say that they update their life books every so often depending on what is happening and what changes are occurring in their life. I found it valuable to rethink my life and what I want and change some things up.

Lifebook Online Will Help With The Ho-Hums

I’ve talked about this before in my other Lifebook review, and it still applies to this one.

If you are bored with life or not excited about life, then Lifebook Online can help.

If you would rather go back in time than look forward to your future, Lifebook Online can help.

Lifebook helps you to get excited about your life and what you are doing on a day-to-day basis. You start to visualize a happy, fulfilling future as you go through this program, and you get really clear on what that looks like.

Is There An Age Restriction For Taking Lifebook Or Creating A Life Book?

When Jon and Missy Butcher were asked this question in a webinar, they said that Lifebook may not be best for young people. They said that young adults can benefit from it, but people who are too young may find it a bit too much to deal with.

They did say if you have a mature 16 or 17-year-old, then they can probably take Lifebook. But, they figure that 18 is a pretty safe age for someone to take the quest.

I think it’s just about awareness. A younger kid is not going to understand why having clarity around your life is important; moreover, they are not going to have any life experience to draw from that helps them figure out what they want and who they are.

But, those are just my thoughts. Everyone is different and I’ve known some extremely mature teens in my time, so I think you need to use your own judgment.

Jon and Missy Butcher also said that there is no such thing as too old to start creating your life book. This is because Lifebook is about getting conscious about what you want and what you need to do to achieve that, and life doesn’t stop just because you are aging. You always want something and you always need to do something to get what you want.

There’s No Reason Not To Try Lifebook Online

The program is easy to follow, but life-changing if you do the work. With the refund option, there really is no reason not to try Lifebook Online if you are interested.

I’m so excited to move forward with Lifebook, as I’m going to be taking the Mastery program next. The Lifebook Online program had a huge impact on my life, and I believe that the Mastery program will be the cherry on top.

If you have any questions about something I did or didn’t cover in my Lifebook Online review, please ask in the comments below.

Make sure you take the free masterclass as it gives you an idea of what Jon and Missy are about and what they can help you do. If you are on the fence about taking Lifebook Online, the masterclass will definitely help you make a decision.

You can also learn more about the course here, as well as more about Jon and Missy. That page is also the enrollment page.

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