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I try to read a lot, but it doesn’t always work out because I’m taking so many courses every month.

But, when I do read something, I will review the book or magazine I read and throw it will appear below.

I usually read non-fiction books geared toward self-improvement or on the topic of something I’m interested in, such as veganism, writing, or creativity. If you are like me, then these book and magazine reviews may be of interest to you!


My Review Of Limitless: The New Jim Kwik Book

A new Jim Kwik book came out and I didn’t hear about it until I heard him talking in Mindvalley University about the concept of being limitless. In that talk, he referenced his Limitless book about …

Rewire Your Anxious Brain: Book Review

Rewire Your Anxious Brain has been sitting in my house for over three months to read. I’m not kidding. I picked it up when I decided I wanted to tackle some anxiety I was having around …