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I really enjoy the format for Mindvalley quests. It’s like taking a course but breaking it down into bite-sized daily pieces.

Most of Mindvalley’s quests that I’ve taken are 30 days long, but there is one that is 45 days long.

I have a feeling that Mindvalley will be creating more of these quests because they are so popular. They help you stick with the course, and they help you absorb the information in smaller pockets for a bigger impact.

All of the Mindvalley quests I’ve taken are listed below.

My Review Of Hero. Genius. Legend. By Robin Sharma

My husband took the Hero, Genius, Legend Mindvalley quest months before me. He really enjoyed it. I knew he had developed some new habits and ways of thinking because of it. I couldn’t fully understand how …

How To Insert Mindvalley’s Workbooks Into OneNote

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