My Money EQ By Ken Honda Review: A Mindvalley Quest

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I started Money EQ by Ken Honda on March 2, 2020. This is also when the coronavirus started becoming a huge worry to me. I didn’t know how important this quest would be to me because I had no way of knowing my husband would lose his job before we even finished the quest. At the start of the quest, I wanted to get on good terms with money, not stress out about it, and have a sense of peace around what is coming in and what is going out financially. That was the impression I got from the Money EQ promos, so that’s fully what I expected to get out of it. I can now say that the Mindvalley quest focuses on releasing the fears and anxiety around money and gives you the tools to relate to money in a happy way. Here’s my Money EQ review.

Money EQ Mindvalley Screenshot

First Off, I’m A Straight Up Gambler With Money

One thing I learned in the Money EQ quest is that I’m a gambler when it comes to money. I thought I was kind of indifferent to money, but it’s not true. I’m actually coming from a place of fear!

I’m a total gambler, and I learned that while that comes with some pluses – such as being willing to take risks and dealing with uncertainty – it’s really not that great to be a gambler.

Gamblers are destined to lose according to Ken Honda. We enjoy winning, but we mostly enjoy the excitement of playing the game, which means losses are bound to come and rack up. Money EQ helped me see what I can do to get out of the gambling mode and ensure that my losses don’t outweigh my winnings.

You will learn what your money archetype is in Money EQ and how you can move forward into happy money no matter what archetype you are now.

Who Wouldn’t Like Ken Honda?

I can’t imagine anyone not liking Ken Honda. He has a very nice, patient energy that radiates off him.

Each day of the quest, he talks about a different topic in relation to money. He has a lot of great insights and stories to share. And he gives you ‘happy work’ to do each day.

One thing my husband and I noticed in the webinars was that he wasn’t in a hurry. He’s the first teacher on Mindvalley that I’ve seen coach people during a quest’s webinar and it was really great to see him approach people’s money problems with his insights and wisdom. I think you should get these coaching calls as bonuses if you end up buying Money EQ.

And, what was totally cool was that he wasn’t in any rush to get people through their questions or concerns. He listened patiently and focused on each person without rushing them or rushing his answers.

There Are 10 Brain Retraining Sessions With Scott W. Mills

Along with Ken Honda, you will learn from Scott W. Mills. This is the guy you want to be around during stressful times. He seems to have a ton of tools in his toolbox for dealing with negative emotions and mindsets and it was great to have him present in this quest, especially when fears and anxieties were high in the world. He’s also been interacting a lot with the Facebook Money EQ tribe, which is awesome!

He takes the lead in a few of the webinars, which is different because a Mindvalley moderator normally does that. But he’s a really good speaker and keeps everything running smoothly.

In the quest, he does a lot of brain training sessions which help you work with what Ken Honda teaches. When he has a brain training session, it is pretty much the ‘happy work’ that you have for the day. He gets you to relax, get into a more suggestible state, and then take in some information or use some tools that can help you adopt new ways to look at things.

There are some video brain training exercises, but mostly it’s just audio sessions.

Scott W. Mills Brain Training Money EQ

There are 10 brain retraining sessions. They are all focused on helping you do different things when it comes to happy money.

  1. Day 1 – Get a perspective shift.
  2. Day 5 – Feel appreciation.
  3. Day 6 – Work with possibilities and timelines.
  4. Day 9 – Two sessions to help you release negative emotions
  5. Day 10 – Release the pain of your parents, both mother, and father.
  6. Day 11 – Forgive.
  7. Day 12 – Evolve beliefs.
  8. Day 13 – Work on self-expansion.
  9. Day 16 – Make what’s unsafe into a known quantity.
  10. Day 19 – Follow in the footsteps of leaders.

There’s not one session that I didn’t like. They are a valuable part of the course, and I’m so glad they were included.

Topics Discussed In Money EQ

So, essentially Money EQ is about having happy money. It’s about money that comes and goes from a place of happiness.

A few things of things discussed include:

  • Your money archetype
  • How to shift your perspective around money
  • How to deal with issues from the past that impact your relationship with money now.
  • How to deal with negative emotions around money.
  • How to grow your abundance.
  • How to live from your gifts.
  • How to expand your wealth consciousness.

There are 21 days in the Money EQ quest along with the usual Mindvalley intros on what the quest is about, how to navigate your quest, and how to maximize your success in the quest.

The Workbook For Money EQ Is Different Than Other Quests On Mindvalley

Normally I have a system for downloading a Mindvalley workbook and working with it day by day. But, in Money EQ, I couldn’t use that system because the days in the workbook bled into each other and didn’t allow you to separate day 16 from day 17, for example.

Money EQ Mindvalley Workbook

Normally the workbooks start the new day on a new page, but not in this quest. I hope Mindvalley doesn’t do this again for future quests because I really like my system of copying and pasting each day’s page into the appreciate day in my online notebook.

There Is A High Level Of Connectivity In The Tribe

Maybe it’s because this quest started as COVID-19 was making a big impact or maybe it’s just because the quest brought about feelings of happiness, but the Facebook tribe for Money EQ is busy.

There are a few members who have started meeting every Saturday on Zoom to discusses insights and dreams and other things with Money EQ students.

So, if you like to interact with people, you will like this tribe.

I’m Glad This Was One Of The Quests I Took During An Uncertain Time

I started Money EQ at the beginning of March and I was taking it at the same time as Be Extraordinary by Vishen Lakhiani for a while. Be Extraordinary ended before Money EQ ended, but I found myself feeling more empowered and present thanks to the combination of these two quests.

After Money EQ:

  • I have a sense of peace around money and what’s going to happen financially in the future.
  • I know that money is meant to come and go naturally, and I feel like my vibration is set to keep that flow going.
  • I no longer want to be a heavy gambler when it comes to money, even though I’m still willing to take risks here and there.
  • I have some tools to release any fears that come up around money.
  • And, I see money in a different light than I did before the quest.

If you are interested in Money EQ by Ken Honda on Mindvalley, you can take the free masterclass here. The masterclass usually offers you the quest at a discounted price of a few bucks, so if you are interested, go for it. You can also learn more about the quest here.

And, if you have any questions for me about Money EQ, please feel free to ask in the comments below.


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