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My husband took the Hero, Genius, Legend Mindvalley quest months before me. He really enjoyed it. I knew he had developed some new habits and ways of thinking because of it. I couldn’t fully understand how much he had developed from it until I took it and now I can fully see why he was talking and acting in certain ways.

Note August 2021: This quest is no longer available on Mindvalley. But, the material can be found in one way or another through Robina Sharma’s books.

Hero. Genius. Legend. The One Course That Stood Out To Me

Hero Genius Legend by Robin Sharma Review

When I was trying to do too many Mindvalley courses at one time, Hero, Genius, Legend, was my favorite, so I continued on with it and moved most of the other ones for future dates.

Hero, Genius, Legend is a 66-day course that I finished a little bit quicker thanks to my Mindvalley Membership. The pass opens up entire courses and allows me to go day by day or however fast I want in any course available on Mindvalley. Except for when a brand-new course is added – then I have to go day by day or wait for all the classes to open up.

I haven’t been feeling very well physically and mentally for the past few months and, because of that, I haven’t been doing as much as I want to do when it comes to work, personal development, or my personal life.

Feeling physically sick has led to feeling drained and even fatigued. So, I’ve kind of been horizontal in front of a TV more times than I care to admit.

I think that’s why I was so drawn to Hero, Genius, Legend. I saw the shift in my husband’s desire to get up and go, so I figured it offered some habits and insights that could help me get up, even if I’m not feeling good.

Hero. Genius. Legend. It’s Good Information That Can Help You Rise To The Top

The sales page says that many people who have a lot of success live by what Robin Sharma teaches in this quest, even if they don’t realize it. I can see that.

He talks about things like beating procrastination, being brave, delivering excellence, being amazing, and becoming a hero. I think that the routines, maxims, and mental mastery tactics taught in Hero, Genius, Legend obviously all contribute to making someone into one of those people who get out and create the life they want to create.

In the quest, he goes through a few lists of things, including:

  • 5 routines of the masters
  • 10 maxims (or truths) to live by
  • 8 mental mastery tactics to live by

I put all of these into little flow charts through Canva. Obviously, I can’t show all my flow chart notes in detail or that would be giving out the information in the quest and I could get in trouble.

But just know that in each class you get a bunch of pre-written key points, so even if you don’t take notes, you can easily have the biggest points visually in front of you without having to skim through your notes. The pre-written notes do sum up what he talks about very well. I barely took any additional notes.

key points hero genius legend

Hero Genius Legend Mental Mastery

And these key points are what we go forward with. In Hero, Genius, Legend, we are supposed to mull them over, dissect them, and implement them into our lives.

I’ve mulled them over, I’ve dissected them, and I’ve started implementing them.

I’ve already adopted all 5 of his routines of the masters, which includes getting up at 5 am. I didn’t think I was going to be able to do that, but I pushed myself a few mornings and before I knew it, I was waking up at 5 on my own with no issues.

And, I already had implemented a few of the other habits before I took the quest. I’m sure you will find the same thing.

For instance, on Day 44 he talks about a mental mastery tactic where you give obsessive attention to detail. I do this. I do this while cooking, writing, creating, or doing pretty much anything that I do. If I’m helping someone out, for instance, I pay attention to the details that most people wouldn’t think about so that I can be of the most help to them. I think I’ve always somewhat been like this.

Here’s a short video of him talking about this from a few years ago.

But there are many things he talks about throughout the Hero, Genius, Legend quest that I know intellectually, but don’t necessarily implement in my life. This quest helped me realize that and how important it is to get on the things that I know will move me forward in life and will make me feel like a better human being overall.

That’s why my husband speaks differently and acts differently than he used to. He’s really adopted a lot of these techniques for living your best life. I remember him saying while he was taking the quest, I really should do ‘this’ or I want to start to do ‘that’. And now I get it. He wanted to implement the routines, truths, and mindsets that Robin teaches in Hero, Genius, Legend.

Robin Sharma says that it takes 66 days to implement something new. My husband took this much longer than 66 days ago, and I can see the habits and mentalities that have stuck and empowered him in his life.

Going Day By Day Or Taking More Than One Class At A Time?

Should I go day by day or take a few classes together? I get this question on almost every quest I take.

I see a lot of other people say that you should absolutely go day by day, but it’s not always necessary.

Each day of the quest you have to check off things to do. Hero, Genius, Legend has the most things to check off out of any Mindvalley class I’ve taken. There are about 8 things to check off per class as you build the habits and go along. This includes aspects of routines that he taught and homework for the day. This is where going day by day can be valuable if you need help to build up the habits talked about in the class or have the patience to wait and find out what the next thing coming is.

I want to learn everything and put it into my routine myself because I have a lot of things I do on a daily basis already. Plus, I want to see the big picture as quickly as possible. It’s just how I am.

Some of the classes in Hero, Genius, Legend are only a few minutes long and you are not going to master the lesson taught in one day anyway, so here’s what I did.

  • I listened to the class.
  • I did the homework.
  • If it’s something I needed to contemplate, I worked on it for the day.
  • If it wasn’t something I needed to contemplate, I went to the next lesson.
  • I stopped when my studying time was over for the day or whenever I felt like stopping.
  • I built up flowcharts of habits, mentalities, and maxims that I want to pay attention to going forward.

I personally don’t see the difference between reflecting on one thing for days and many things that tie together for days. I find it easier to look at things as a whole as well as piece by piece, and then implement the things that I think will benefit me the most first.

But everyone is different.

So, if you want to do one class per day, every few days, or when you have the time, that’s great. It may help you implement things better for yourself. I just found it better to do it faster. I’ve seen that a lot of other people find it better to go day by day.

Try something on for size and if it doesn’t fit, switch it up.

I do, however, recommend giving yourself some time to learn every day. So, even if you can’t take a class today, read a quick article or study on the topic of what you learned the other day to keep the momentum going.

This Is Another Great Quest To Help You Stop Being A Victim

I think all of Mindvalley’s quests are meant to help you take charge of your life. Hero, Genius, Legend is no exception. They help you open up your awareness from a victim state to a state where you understand you have a lot of power over your life. In this quest, you learn how to be a creator and someone who stands out and takes ownership of your life.

Victims give away their power to external conditions. Leaders ask themselves what it is about themselves that is creating the situation. – Robin Sharma in Hero, Genius, Legend

I Love His Teachings, But I Probably Won’t Go To One Of His Seminars

I like learning online for many reasons. One of them is that you don’t have to do uncomfortable things that are, to me, embarrassing.

A few of the classes in Hero, Genius, Legend are from a seminar he did, and he was always making his audience respond to him or give feedback or do something silly.

In one of them, he asked them all to hold hands and sing kumbaya and I decided right there that as much as I like what he’s teaching, I’ll probably never go to one of his events. Stuff like that distracts me from learning and it wouldn’t be beneficial to me.

I’m just SO glad we have online courses by people, like Robin Sharma, who you had to go see in person not too long ago.

Hero. Genius. Legend. It’s About Creating The Habits and Mentality To Become Your Best Self

This quest is worth it.

Robin Sharma gives you the routines, ways of thinking, and life’s truths (he also calls these brain tattoos) to be your best self. That’s the bottom line of this quest.

You might be able to find all this information on the internet, but the quest puts it all together in a day-by-day format with Robin’s top tips. So, at the end of the quest, you can fully understand which routines, habits, and ways of thinking will most benefit you, throw them into a flow chart as I did, and stare at them as you start to implement them into your life.

And if you don’t know what your best self would look like, he helps with that too. You learn how to figure out your goals in the Robin Sharma way.

If you want more of that, both Lifebook and Habit of Ferocity can help out you figure out your goals and what you want most out of life. Although, I would recommend taking Lifebook first, then Hero, Genius, Legend second, and Habit of Ferocity third. They will build on each other and give you a solid six or more months (definitely more than 66 days) of really focusing on your life and what you want most.

But, if you have an idea of what the most awesome you would look like, then this quest is going to help you start setting up the physical and mental habits to help get you there.

If you have any questions about Hero, Genius, Legend, please ask in the comments below.



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