Using The Angel Tarot Cards By Doreen Virtue & Radleigh Valentine

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I was cleaning out my storage shelves this past weekend and found my Angel Tarot Cards Deck by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine. I used to use this deck of cards all the time, but I’m embarrassed to say that I let a friend’s judgment about them keep me from using them for a long time.

What happened was that I took them with me on a visit with a friend who is a very religious Christian. I had them for my own use, but she saw them and wanted to know what they were. Then she wanted me to do a reading for her. I did, but even though she ended up agreeing with a lot of it, she told me to be careful because, she informed me, these types of tarot cards can be used by the Devil to trick people. When I got home, I stopped using them as much and then altogether. That was in 2016!

Apparently, Doreen Virtue Stopped Using The Angel Tarot Cards Too

Whoa! I’ve been doing research after writing the introduction to this article, and I can see that a lot has changed since 2016. I’m blown away that I didn’t hear about this in the past three years. Where have I been?!

I remember Doreen Virtue doing a lot of readings through her Angel Tarot cards and other cards. I took a few courses from her about receiving signs, which is what led me to the Angel Tarot cards in the first place.

This is kind of how I remember her.

Well, now she is much different and is on a different path.

She made a video explaining why she no longer uses the Angel Tarot cards or any other cards. For some reason, she has made the video non-shareable, but you can watch it on YouTube here and listen to why she is no longer using the Angel Tarot Cards.

To sum it up, she says that on January 7th, 2017 she had an experience that caused her to read the bible. The passage from Deuteronomy 18:10-12 (see below) caused her to think she was doing something detestable to the lord. She stopped using the cards. She says that she realized that she had been using the cards instead of turning to God. So she is now turning to him and trusting him with the future rather than working with angels or the dead.

Doreen Virtue Angel Tarot Cards

You can find her on Facebook sending a different message than she used to. It seems like her ability to connect with people online hasn’t diminished. She has a pretty good following, at least on Facebook.

She has written a book, called Deceived No More: How Jesus led Me out of the New Age and into His Word.

I’ve been reading different stories from people on thoughts about all of this. A lot of people speaking learned from Doreen Virtue herself, so it’s a very interesting thing. It looks like her son, Charles Virtue, still works with new-age stuff like angels and manifestation.

I would love to know more about what caused the change and how it affects the dynamics between her and, well, everyone, especially Radleigh Valentine who is still very much into angel tarot cards and things of that nature. I think it’s a very interesting turn in life.

I might do more research into what happened and is happening, but for now, I just want to talk about using the Angel Tarot Cards.

I Still Really Like These Angel Tarot Cards

angel tarot cards

In any case, I still really like these Angel Tarot Cards that Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine created. I’m glad I found them.

To me, when I use the cards, I’m connecting with something bigger than my everyday self. Maybe it’s my higher self, spirit guides, angels, deceased loved ones, or God. I don’t know. I just know that I feel connected to something more and get the wisdom, answers, and direction that I need. It doesn’t feel evil. It doesn’t feel bad. If it did, I wouldn’t do it.

These Angel Tarot Cards themselves have been changed from fear-based images and words into more positive images and words. It’s one of the reasons I really like them.

Angel Tarot Cards: The Meaning Behind The Cards

Let’s briefly go over the meaning of these Angel Tarot Cards.

The Major Arcana

These are 22 cards. According to the guidebook, they can represent major events in our lives or different stages of life. Each of the cards has an archangel associated with the message listed in the guidebook. I’ll just write down a few of the meanings, but it goes into much more detail in the guidebook.

0 – The Dream: New phase of life, listen to inner guidance, creative solutions, and unexpected opportunities.

1 – The Magician: Begin new projects, moving forward, and unexpected resources.

2 – The High Priestess – Answers lie in feelings and emotions, trust intuition, take time to get insight, and learn from emotional situations.

3 – The Empress: Great rewards coming, abundance, and great health.

4 – The Emperor: Need logic in life, make wise choices, and stability.

5 – Unity: Expand your circle of friendships, experts or mentors, and have faith in others.

6 – The Lovers: Romantic relationships, important decisions, and a need for balance.

7 – The Chariot:  Stay calm and grounded, willpower, and promotion.

8 – Justice: Carefully consider decisions, do what’s right, and take responsibility.

9 – The Hermit: Spend time alone, self-discovery, and spiritual quests.

10 – The Wheel: Positive changes, old blocks disappearing, and re-evaluation.

11 – Strength: Stronger than you realize, turn challenges into opportunities, and have courage.

12 – Awakening: Review plans, life changes, and have patience.

13 – Release: Move on to different phase, positive changes, and face your fears.

14 – Balance: Moderation, balance, and wait for better timing.

15 – Ego: Focus is on material things, can’t face the truth, and addictions.

16 – Life Experience: Wake-up calls, freedom, and change.

17 – The Star: Have faith, feel a sense of purpose, and challenges behind you.

18 – The Moon: Psychic ability, unseen events, and illusions.

19 – The Sun: Success, recognition, and good health.

20 – Renewal: A job change, moving in a different direction, and starting over.

21 – The World: Completion, awareness, and moving to the next level.

The Minor Arcana

This consists of four different suits, including fire, water, earth, and air. Each suit has 14 cards, from an ace to a king.

The Minor Arcana represents day-to-day aspects of life as opposed to major life transitions.

In the guidebook, cards numbered 1-10 have explanations as well as additional means of the card.

For the Page, Knight, Queen, and King explanations, it is broken into explanations for situations and people. There are also additional meanings of the card.

The Meaning Of Each Suit

Fire: The meaning behind the fire suit is related to ideas and inspirations. It relates to risk-taking, self-development, and career.

Water: The meaning behind the water suit is related to emotions. Things like love, desires, and dreams.

Air: The meaning behind the air suit is related to intellect. Things like communication, thoughts, and ideas.

Earth: The meaning behind the earth suit is related to the material world, such as money, environment, and home.

An Easy Reading With The Angel Tarot Cards

I asked a question that had been heavy on my mind for a while.

My husband lost his job at the start of the pandemic. He’s been trying to start an online business focused on his love of playing guitar.

He enjoys being home, and I want him to be home too. He worked outside of the home for so long and knowing how rewarding it is to work from home, I want him to be able to experience that as well.

So, I cleared my deck’s energy and asked the question, “Is my husband going to be able to stay home permanently?” Here’s the reading I got.

I Did The One Card Draw

The simplest way to use these Angel Tarot Cards is to draw the top card. It is supposed to be the answer to your question. It offers guidance about what steps to take. While going over it, you are supposed to connect to any other feelings or guidance you get other than what is on the card, and the picture is supposed to hold meaning too. All of his helps you find your answer.

I drew the three of Earth. Earth in this Angel Tarot Deck represents the material world. It makes sense since I was asking about him making a living from home and his work.

angel tarot card

And, the definition in the guidebook that comes with the Angel Tarot Cards says this:

The guidebook also says that this card means that you are creating something that is beautiful and high quality and that you are teaching others a skill, being an artist, or moving up in your career.

I’d say that aligns with my husband very well as he is currently trying to teach guitar online! Playing guitar is his passion and he is an amazingly talented artist.

Also, the picture on the card, to me, signifies him turning into the beautiful butterfly (what he’s always wanted to become) and taking off in flight. It also tells me he is being guided down the right path.

It gives me a lot of faith that his business is going to take off and succeed.

Here’s Another Reading With The Angel Tarot Cards

I’m trying to do some video for this site, so I did a reading with my Angel Tarot Cards the other day with a 6-card spread I came up with. Here it is.

I’m looking forward to doing more readings with my Angel Tarot Cards! You can still buy your own on Amazon here. It looks like Radleigh Valentine’s name is the only name on them now.


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