3 Ways I’ve Used The Money And The Law Of Attraction Cards By Hicks

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I remember when I first found a book about Esther and Jerry Hicks. It was called Ask And It Is Given, and it blew my mind. I had just finished reading The Secret, which had opened up my mind a bit, but Ask And It Is Given seemed to open up a whole new world to me. I felt like a different person, full of wonder around what I was capable of and excitement for what I was going to create. The information resonated with me and made sense to me, and my life has been different ever since I read that book. I’ve followed Esther Hicks over the years and read a few of her other books, but one thing that I’ve really found useful in my life is the Money and the Law of Attraction Cards.

Money And The Law Of Attraction Cards

The Money And The Law Of Attraction Cards

I picked up these beautifully designed cards one day in a crystal shop, which is not somewhere I normally find myself in. I think I may have been led there so I could find these cards.

Inside you get 60 cards with a thought on the front and an explanation of the thought on the back.

For example, the following card – number 51, has the thought ‘I can follow the trails of good-feeling thoughts’ and then has an explanation of that thought on the back to help further expand your awareness around it.

The thoughts and explanations are points you can find in their books. So, with each card, you are technically reading a little point of wisdom from their books.

The intention of the Money And The Law Of Attraction cards is to help you think empowering thoughts about your ability to bring money into your life. It’s about changing your mindset towards money and your ability to attract it.

It’s NOT about reading the card and sitting back and waiting for money to fall into your lap.

My Mindset Towards Money Has Changed A Lot Over The Years

I’ve used these cards off and on for years, and I think much differently about money than I did when I first bought them.

As a kid, I was conditioned to think that money was only attainable to a certain group of people. I wouldn’t say that I saw money as evil, but I definitely had a lot of negative thoughts and beliefs around money. I also had a lot of thoughts and beliefs that were limiting and holding me back from making the kind of money I wanted.

For instance, my parents drilled into my head that I needed a career or I would be broke my entire life. A career meant a ‘real’ job that you get after you go to college for a few years. That led me to go to college three different times trying to find something that I wanted to do as a career that would earn me the most money. It was stressful, expensive, and, most of all, disappointing when I realized that nothing was of interest to me and I wasn’t going to have a career that led to the financial success I wanted. I was actually trying to figure out what I wanted to go back to school for when I started delving into the world of Hicks. Not long after I realized that my personal development was my passion.

These cards remind me that making money is not just guaranteed for those who have a good job – as defined by my parents. It’s for everyone who has the right mindset and motivation in life.

In short, the Money And The Law Of Attraction cards can help you develop thoughts and beliefs that serve you well when it comes to making money and attracting it into your life. You will believe you are capable of attracting money and that will lead you to do some pretty awesome things in line with who you are.

3 Ways I’ve Used The Money And The Law Of Attraction Cards

I’ve had these for about 8 years, and I’ve used them off and on during that time. Here are three ways I’ve used them.

1. Read One Per Day

When I first got them, I did the obvious – I read one card per day for 60 days. I would read in the morning because that’s when I do things like journaling and reading. It would give me something to think about during the day and something to discuss with my husband.

I’ve done this a few times over the years by adding one card per day into my morning routine. Sometimes I go through one by one and sometimes I shuffle and pull a card for the day.

2. I’ve Used The Cards As Topics For Blog Posts

I started blogging about 11 years ago, and my blogs have always been focused on personal development in one way or the other. So, these cards gave me a lot of creative inspiration for my writing.

When I was stuck for ideas, I would pull out one of the cards, read it, and then come up with a topic around that card for a blog post. It helped me focus on the lesson and write a blog post at the same time, so it was doubly awesome for me.

You could do this on social media or on your blog or vlog. It’s a great way to send a positive message to yourself and others at the same time.

3. Use The Thoughts As Journal Prompts

I’ve done this before, and I’m doing it again right now.

I’ve talked about how much I love journal prompts, and after I wrote that post, I decided that it was time to focus on my finances and wealth creation aspect of my Lifebook, so I quickly grabbed these cards and made it my intent to start using them as journal prompts each morning for 60 days.

What I did was shuffle them and then I started pulling one card per day from the top of the pile. I use the thought on the front as my journal prompt, and I write about the thought, how I feel about it, how my life has been impacted or not impacted by it, etc.

It’s helped me get in alignment with those exciting thoughts I used to have when I first read Ask And It Is Given so long ago. And it’s helping me take a look at my money aspect of life and what I need to do moving forward.

How Would You Use Them?

These cards are useful if you are wanting to change your mindset towards money and your ability to make/attract it. If you have these cards or are thinking of getting them, let me know how you would use them in the comments below.

If you are interested in buying the cards, they are for sale on Amazon. I noticed that they are still for sale in bookstores around me, so it’s likely they will be in bookstores around you too.


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