Mindset Health: Mindset And Nerva Review

I found Mindset Health a few months ago when I was struggling with health issues and anxiety. At first, I found it for IBS. My bowels were acting up and nothing was working to fix them. I am a huge fan of hypnosis, so when I read that their program Nerva could help you manage your IBS with hypnosis, I was in. Then I saw that they had a mental health hypnosis aspect too, and I was sold on that as well.

What Mindset Health Offers

Currently, Mindset Heath has two programs available – an irritable bowel syndrome program and a wellness and self-care program.

They also have a menopausal hot flash program coming soon. (What a coincidence for me!)

Both Mindset And Nerva Remind Me A Lot Of The Hypnosis Bootcamp Sessions

I’ve taken a couple of hypnosis bootcamp sessions by Inspire3, and that’s what these programs remind me of.

Both Mindset and Nerva need to be taken through the app, which kind of bums me out because I do a lot at my computer and like being able to access stuff from my computer rather than my phone.

But it does come in handy when you want to go for a walk and listen to a session or when I’m out traveling for the day and want to listen to a session.

The Mindset App

There are 6 programs in the Mindset app. They offer a program for cognitive distortions, depression, anxiety, focus, goals, and self-awareness. I’ve only taken three of the programs so far – cognitive distortions, anxiety, and depression.

Depending on the program, there are 5-8 hypnotherapy sessions that you listen to.

With Mindset, you listen to these sessions over and over again to deepen their impact on you. It can get a little repetitive, and I’ve found myself wishing I could hear something new, but the sessions do contain good insights that help to shift your thoughts and beliefs, so I understand the concept.

The more you listen to a session, the more it penetrates your subconscious and affects your life positively.

There is the initial stage, the embedding stage, and the deepening stage. You are listening to the same hypnosis sessions in each stage. Again, this is meant to embed them into your subconscious and then deepen that embed.

There have been some real gems in the sessions for me. For example, one of the lessons talked about in the anxiety program is the power of planning and how a good plan can help to ease negative emotions. Hallelujah! I first heard this lesson when I was in the bath and all I wanted to do was get out and plan. The second time I heard it, I planned harder. And the third time I heard it, I got out my Lifebook and really went to work on my vision and all the categories of my life.

Each day you can easily find your next lesson in the app. And you can switch between programs easily by clicking on the drop-down menu at the top.

And, Mindset also has a thing called moments, which is simply small individual sessions for various things, such as getting energy, sleeping soundly, and distancing yourself.

The recordings are done by Dr. Michael Yapko, a clinical psychologist. I like his voice and find it very soothing to listen to. He uses some sort of technique where he flips pages in the background. I’ve never heard this before. I think this is meant to refocus you or draw your attention back to the session. Maybe it’s to reinforce what he’s saying. It’s very noticeable and I do seem to pay attention to the words being said more when he does it.

In short, I find Mindset like a therapy session without having to talk. I get some great ideas (gently) thrown at me, and I come out of the sessions feeling better.

In fact, there have been a few days where I’ve woken up downright miserable and listened to these sessions and instantly felt better because of one insight in the session.

I really like the Mindset app and it has definitely played a part in me feeling better mentally. I prefer to listen to it on my walks or before bed.

The Nerva App

This is what first drew me to Mindset Health. I kept seeing this Nerva app in ads, probably because I kept looking up IBS! I was having so many unwanted and uncomfortable issues. To say the least.

Turns out part of my pain was from an ovarian cyst, but I still had a lot of bowel problems once that cyst went away that I thought was either diverticulitis or IBS. Either way, this Nerva app sounded like it could help me out.

The Nerva app is supposed to help you help your mind interpret pain and stress signals differently. It’s the mind-body connection, which I know all too well is real. If I’m stressed, my gut goes haywire. In fact, since I’ve been releasing a lot of stress lately, I’ve been noticing a lot of issues improving, including my hair growing back from my ophiasis alopecia.

The mind-body connection is ultra-important to me.

There are 6 weeks in the Nerva program. But, along with the hypnotherapy sessions, you also get little articles throughout the experience. Essentially, it’s like a course on the connection between the mind and gut.


Nerva Hypnosis

Since I’ve started listening I have been experiencing better gut health, BUT I also got rid of my cyst, as well as most of my anxiety and stress, so it’s hard to say if this alone was the cause.

I wish I could say that I tried Nerva without changing anything else, such as trying to reduce my anxiety and stress, but I needed to calm the hell down because it wasn’t good for me.

I have also been eating better lately, which could be a big part of my gut health improvement.

That said, I like the sessions and do think that they help you think differently about your gut problems and create a mindset that helps you deal with your issues when they arise better.

Each session has you visualize something and relate it to your gut health.

There is a woman who does the sessions in Nerva. I think her name is Dr. Simone Peters. I know that she created the Nerva program, but I’m not totally sure if it’s her doing the sessions. In any case, the woman has a nice soothing voice. So much so, that it’s easy to fall asleep to the sessions listening to her. I highly recommend sitting up if you are going to try it.

I’m Glad I Got Mindset Health’s Programs

If you’ve read some articles on this site, you know I value hypnosis and positive affirmations and insights.

I know we can influence our minds in a positive way.

I know we can change our limiting beliefs through valuable insights that flip a switch.

And I know that by embedding these insights and beliefs into our subconscious with affirmations or repetition, we can change our lives.

This is what Mindset Health’s programs do. They help you think differently about things, and when your mind shifts gears, things change.

You can learn more about them here.

If you have any questions about the Mindset or Nerva app, please ask in the comments below.

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