My Experience With Mindvalley’s The Habit Of Ferocity Quest

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The Habit of Ferocity quest is challenging. Steven Kotler says that on the first day, and it’s true. When I went into the quest, I was hoping for a quick fix. My intense desire to be someone who gets up and makes the most of each day is what got my hopes up that this would be a quick 35 days of change where I would come out a productive superstar. Here’s what I learned: This quest is not something that is going to change you overnight. Instead, during it, you develop the plan and learn the skills that need to be cultivated and practiced on a regular basis, and that’s what being ferocious in life boils down to – doing what matters on a regular basis. Steven Kotler teaches you how to be ferocious in your life and do things that matter each day, but you really have to be willing and able to do the work.

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This Mindvalley Quest Reminded Me That Excellence Has A Cost

Steven Kotler makes it clear in the Habit of Ferocity that the people who are out there killing it in life are not luckier than most. They just do things that others are not willing to do.

  • They use their time in a way that most people won’t do.
  • They face challenges and problems head-on, which most people won’t do.
  • They have a passion and purpose in life, which most people don’t have.
  • They do things in line with their passion and purpose.
  • They have automated important things in their lives.
  • They push themselves and go a little further each day.

In short, I came out of the quest understanding that to develop this ferocity in life, you must have some clear and definite goals. And, you must have the passion and motivation to keep moving forward towards those goals.

Also, you have to become ferocious daily. YOU must become FEROCIOUS in life. This is not a once a month thing. This requires a complete change in mindset and habits so that you can get the life you want in a way that most people are not willing to take on.

Lastly, you need to make time to pursue mastery in your life. This means you may need to give up an hour or two with your family in the evening or stay up an extra hour or two.

For me, that’s pretty easy to find the time because I work from home, but listening to Steven talk in the quest, I realized that I needed to give my husband the time during the evening to do what he needs to do. He works at a job all day and, while he tries to stay up after I go to bed to pursue his dreams, it’s not ideal. It’s cutting the amount of sleep he gets short, and I would rather we miss a few hours a day watching TV so that he can be productive and work towards what he wants.

The Habit of Ferocity Quest Felt A Little Slow At The Start

the habit of ferocity screenshot day 9

I found myself saying, ‘Come on, let’s get down to it!’ at the start of the quest. I felt as though the content was focused on warm-up stuff instead of actual nitty-gritty lessons.

But, now I realize that Steven Kotler is building knowledge at the start of The Habit of Ferocity that will be used as a platform later to stand on as you work through the quest.  If you don’t have that platform, the rest of the quest is useless to you.

So expect to spend some time on:

  • Getting clear on where you are.
  • Getting clear on where you want to be.
  • Learning a little bit about motivation and curiosity.
  • Discovering the hurdles that will keep you from developing the habit of ferocity.
  • Finding your curiosities and passions in life.

These are all things that will help you develop the habit of ferocity and Steven explains why as you move through the quest.

This Quest Requires A Lot Of Self Work

While Steven does a good job of explaining everything, he can’t do the work for you. And, there’s a lot of homework to do in this quest. You will find yourself writing things down, contemplating things, rewriting, contemplating some more, and then doing some research around what you find out about yourself.

I would say that for the first few weeks of the quest you need 30 minutes to an hour a day to do this quest and get the most out of it. Maybe more, depending on how much you’ve looked at your life and what you want out of it.

There are a few integration days, which now seems to be a trend in all of the latest Mindvalley quests I’ve taken. Integration days allow you to think about the previous lessons or even go over any previous lessons you haven’t done. I would say that the Habit of Ferocity is a good quest to have integration days in because most people need the extra time to contemplate what they are trying to find out about themselves.

The Content In The Habit Of Ferocity

Massively Transformative Purposes (MTPs) – They give you a reason to get out of bed in the morning. More importantly, they give other people a reason to get out of bed in the morning.

The first few weeks are about stacking up your knowledge and motivators. You come up with some massively transformative purposes (or just one) and some goals in line with those MTPs.

Then, in week three, you start to learn what you need to help you get down to business. In my experience, these are all habits or traits you have probably heard of if you have spent any amount of time trying to be more productive.

For instance, willpower is discussed and how to ensure that you have it when you need it. We all know willpower is important in this world of distraction and quick pleasures, but it’s also necessary for a successful life.

the habit of ferocity screenshot willpower

Other things discussed include mindset, perseverance, mastering fear, weaknesses, facing fears, and recovery. All of these topics are important to developing the habit of ferocity, and I think Steven does a really good job of explaining why they are important and how you can master them.

You learn how Steven goes through his day and get inspired by his ability to train his grit in life constantly, as well as his passion and zest for kicking life’s ass.

You will develop a high-performance routine based on what you learn, including deciding what you won’t do and what you will do on a daily, weekly, and periodical basis.

It’s A Good Quest For People Who Want To Be High-Performers

I would say that this quest is for anyone who wants to be more productive in their days and awesome in their lives.

But, as I’ve discovered, it’s important to realize that it can take a while to find your passions and purpose and/or develop the habits that lead you to be a high-performer. Steven even says that it can take up to a year to find your massively transformative purpose, which is a big part of the Habit of Ferocity. I would say, though, that without the quest, it may take you a lot longer than that to find it.

There are a lot of awesome people in the Facebook tribe for this quest, so if you want to find yourself an accountability partner who is as passionate as you to be awesome, that’s not going to be a problem. There is potential for coming out of the tribe with a mastermind group as well.

What The Habit Of Ferocity Did For Me

I mentioned in my M Word review that I’ve been more focused lately.  I said that I couldn’t tell whether my increased focus was because of the meditation I was doing or the other courses I was taken, which included this one. While it could be a combination of both, I think this quest had a lot to do with it.

Note: The Habit of Ferocity quest is included in the Quest All Access Pass, which is why I was (and still am) taking so many Mindvalley courses at one time.

After the quest, I started implementing small habits and changes because Steven makes it clear that if you bend yourself too hard, you will snap, and that’s not the way to positive transformation.

I’ve noticed over the past month that I’ve been more focused on my goals and the things I need to do to get there. I’ve gotten more done and I have taken more control over my weaknesses that interfere with my ability to do important things  – such as watching YouTube for hours on end or wasting tons of time on unimportant tasks. I have a deep understanding and awareness around how wasteful those things are.

I’m still playing with my curiosities and trying to come up with a huge massively transformative purpose that causes me to jump out of bed in the morning so that I can get to work.

At some points during the quest, I wondered if everyone would have a massively transformative purpose in life as some people just enjoy living for the day and not really working towards anything besides that. For instance, my mom enjoyed her job, didn’t really have anything huge she wanted to do for the world or herself, and has never shown any signs of needing a massively transformative purpose. Or maybe her massively transformative purpose was what she did in her job as an x-ray technician. Maybe helping people discover issues in their body so that they can be fixed was her MTP.

I don’t know the answer.

But I think that anyone interested in The Habit of Ferocity must have a massively transformative purpose hiding somewhere because you have to feel like you want to do more and/or be more than you are now.

I know that when I find my MTP, my energy and lust for being productive will come back. When I first started working online, I had an MTP, but it’s not something I’m working towards anymore, so I need to find that thing that makes me feel alive so I 100% want to implement that habit of ferocity in my life. I know it’s out there. I know that I’m getting closer to it and what it likely has to do with. I just need to find it.

When I do find it, I’m interested to see how much quicker I will be able to implement new habits and mindsets related to getting shit done and making shit happen.

Oh, that reminds me, if you don’t like hearing swear words, then don’t listen to the Q&As included with The Habit of Ferocity quest because Steven swears a lot!

If The Masterclass Resonates With You, Then You Will Enjoy The Quest

In the end, The Habit of Ferocity teaches you how you can become a warrior in life who goes after what you want with a level of energy that most people will never put into their lives.

You learn all the habits that go into The Habit of Ferocity, and you learn why it’s important to automate your habits if you want to be successful. First, though, you learn how to find that huge purpose in life that makes you get out of bed in the morning and want to do amazing things.

Some people had an easy time identifying their massively transformative purposes, which allowed them to implement what they learned from the quest much quicker than others.

The thing I realized is that it doesn’t matter what interests you have, you can be a high performer in relation to your interests. We all have the same amount of time in our days, but there are some things that make some people highly productive and awesome in their lives while other people can barely finish a task that they know they need to finish.

I would say that’s The Habit of Ferocity is really about helping you be the best you can be. It teaches you how to become passionate, and then how to use your time wisely so that you do things that matter to you on a consistent basis.

Still not sure if The Habit of Ferocity is for you? If you resonate with it, you can learn more about the quest here.


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