My Review: Mindvalley’s Becoming Limitless Course By Vishen Lakhiani

Last Updated on February 13, 2022 by Kari

Update: This course has been upgraded to a quest on Mindvalley called Be Extraordinary.  After reading through the enrollment page for the new quest, I can see that it looks pretty similar to the Becoming Limitless course. I will be taking it when it is first released on February 17th, 2020, so I will write a review on how similar it is to the Becoming Limitless course. If you have taken the course, you should be instantly upgraded for free like me. If you haven’t, this is a good time to take it because you will be able to attend the live Q&As with Vishen. You can check out the free masterclass for the new quest here. Note: I’m two days in and I can say this new version of his course is so much better. There are some of the same ideas, but he’s delivering everything in a much better way.

Here’s what one of the intros say you will learn in Be Extraordinary.

  1. Question the rules.
  2. Use the power of your intuition.
  3. Develop the ability to bend reality.
  4. Elevate states of happiness.
  5. How to be Unfuckwithable.
  6. How to give back to the world.
  7. New structures for growth.
  8. Levels of consciousness.

Update: I’m 24 days in and I can say that you will gain everything you gained from Becoming Limitless in this quest. There are the same tools and techniques talked about in Be Extraordinary as there is in Becoming Limitless. So, the following review of his older course is still pretty relevant as to what you will get out of the program.

The structure of the quest is different, but, I think Be Extraordinary is set up better. Vishen is teaching the material in a better way as far as I’m concerned.

Done! Read my Be Extrodinary review

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I’m surprised that there are not more courses created by the Mindvalley founder, Vishen Lakhiani. But as far as I know, there is just Becoming Limitless. Because I love Mindvalley and have watched a ton of excellent videos by Vishen, I wanted to try out Becoming Limitless to see if it would be an epic program. He is someone who has spent a ton of time on personal development in so many different types of areas, so it should be good, right? Was it as epic as I thought? Here’s my Becoming Limitless review.

Becoming Limitless Review Training Session Video Clip

Screen shot from the training session video in module 2 of Becoming Limitless

The Slight Name Inconsistency

While it’s called Becoming Limitless on the sales page, Vishen calls it ‘Become Limitless’ in the program. I’m assuming that was the name he wanted to use first and then, along the way, he changed it to Becoming Limitless. I’m not really sure, to be honest.

What Vishen Lakhiani Says About Becoming Limitless

In the first module, he says that Becoming Limitless is all about him putting together – in an elegant framework – the most powerful ideas he’s learned in 10 years of being an organizer of some of the greatest personal growth products.

That’s exactly what I thought the course should be about.

What Becoming Limitless Does Well

Vishen says that there are four states of awareness, including:

  1. A victim state where things are being done to you.
  2. A state where you understand that you have some control over your life through your thoughts.
  3. A state of limitless, where you will feel a strong reason behind life and your purpose in it.
  4. A state of immersion with God, where you feel like a higher power because you become one with it.

This program was created to motivate people to get to a state of limitless – hence, Becoming Limitless.

How aware am I? Do I feel like a victim? Do I feel like I have some control over my life? Do I see how my actions and intention impact myself and others? These are things that you will think about as you take the course.

Becoming limitless can help you to increase your awareness to a point where you feel like you are living on purpose, connected to everything around you, and serving more than just your basic needs.

In other words, Becoming Limitless helps you to a state of feeling limitless.

The Course Can Help You Do A Few Things

The course can help you find a mission in life and get on a path towards it.

It can also help you get rid of some limiting beliefs that are holding you back in life.

And, best of all, you will start to believe that you have a lot of power over your life – and you will learn how to use techniques, which Vishen teaches in Becoming Limitless, to help you exert that power.

In fact, when you check out the Masterclass for this course, you are told that you are going to start to learn about altering your current reality to match the visions in your head… so just know that the masterclass and course combined do that really well.

If you don’t already practice creative visualization, you will want to start. Vishen goes through a technique that helps you attract what you want most in life through visualization. (This was the most impactful part of the course for me as I was able to strongly visualize some things I wanted and then actually attract them! I’m talking about personal things that I hadn’t been able to manifest into reality before.)

You will learn to tap into your natural intuition and use it to make better choices for yourself.

And, the course will help you feel more grounded and present in life. You won’t be so stuck in the past or worried about the future.

In short, Becoming Limitless can give you more power over your life and increase your satisfaction.

Realizing The Power You Have Over Your Life Is So Important

Speaking from experience, it sucks to feel powerless and out of control. But it feels amazing to know that you have some power over things that happen to you and that life is not just about waking up, working at a job you dislike, and dying – which is what so many people are doing right now. That’s one of the reasons this course could be so beneficial to you.

How Becoming Limitless Is Set Up

I won’t go into too many details about this because it’s so user-friendly that you will be able to figure this out quickly.

Just like all the other courses on Mindvalley, your member’s area for Becoming Limitless will look pretty much like this (I couldn’t screenshot the whole screen) and you just click on whatever module you are in to be taken to the module’s videos etc. There are 8 modules total.

Each module has its own video training session with audio transcript, group coaching session with audio and transcript, and resource section.

Update November: Vishen had said that he will update the course if need be. Therefore, if he learns anything new or has something else to add to the program, he will add it into your account for free as part of the course. Since I’ve taken the course, nothing was added. But, just the other day he added a new module which is a live webinar he did not long ago as module 9. In it, he talks about things he’s realized since creating Becoming Limitless – including an updated model for goal setting and merging. All the information he talks about relates to bending reality/creating your reality.

Note: You can see in the following screenshot that the training session says the video is 2h, but that’s not the case. It’s about 46 minutes. I think what they’ve done is published the number as the total content (video and audio) available.

You also get access to the private Facebook page for Becoming Limitless. You can find the code to join the private group in the ‘Community’ section of your Mindvalley account once you purchase Becoming Limitless. As of this Becoming Limitless review, there are only about 359 members in that group. This is supposed to be a place to ask questions and discuss topics in the course, but as of this review, I’m not seeing a lot of interaction from a moderator or Vishen.

Update: Since I wrote this review in February, the Becoming Limitless Facebook page has grown to 1,369 members. Obviously, there is a lot more interaction on the page now with questions, stories, and inspiration.

Update November: Now the Facebook page has grown to 3,738 members. Plus it has a section called ‘units’ where you can easily find each module’s posts by the administrator and see the comments on them or leave comments on them.

My End Thoughts On Becoming Limitless

Some of the content found in Becoming Limitless can be found in videos on YouTube by him. In fact, a lot of the ‘homework’ he gives in certain modules is just going to those videos and watching them.

I love Mindvalley and the courses I have taken have had a big impact on my life. And I know that Vishen Lakhiani has some extraordinary experience and knowledge that can benefit so many people. But, I’ve been working on the things he lays out in the course for years, so there weren’t a ton of aha moments for me.

I do feel that Becoming Limitless can help you find a mission, remove limiting beliefs, give you more power over your life, boost your intuition, and help you feel more grounded. Those are all things that I have a good handle on, though, thanks to a lot of other courses and personal work in my life.

There were a few new concepts that had a bigger impact on my life. For instance, the creative visualization part helped me get clear on what I wanted to appear in my life and get a few of those things. Visualization had not worked out for me so well before, but it did with the technique that Vishen taught in Module 6 of Becoming Limitless. I was constantly visualizing what I wanted with his technique and I was actually checking things off my list.

I also like the way the course is structured. You learn a concept that will help you understand and utilize the next concept better. So you are going through the material in a logical way that will build up new awareness and techniques to give you that limitless mindset.

Update: My husband took the course after me and this is what he wanted me to say about his end thoughts: Becoming Limitless was his favorite course so far on Mindvalley. He says it reminded him that getting the life you want requires action and not just wishing. It was a kick in the butt to get up and start taking ownership over his life.  He also liked how Vishen used a lot of personal stories, as it gave a very practical perspective of the lessons in the program. It helped him sharpen his vision for his life. And, it was a huge reminder/lesson about the power he has over his own life. So, yeah, he recommends it!

Becoming Limitless Might Be Worth Your While If…

I would recommend Becoming Limitless to people who:

  • Feel like they are stuck in a victim state where all their problems and issues are not a result of them but of someone or something else.
  • Feel stuck in a life that they don’t enjoy.
  • Want to become more intuitive.
  • Feel stuck in a traditional way of living and want to expand to something more personal and satisfying.
  • Can’t find their purpose in life.
  • Don’t feel like they are living in the present moment (stuck in the future or past and can’t get grounded in the here and now)
  • Want to make the most of the time they have here and live the life they want.

If you are willing to go through all of the content and apply what you learn to your life, Becoming Limitless could help you power your life in a new direction.

If you listen to the content, or just some of it, and DON’T apply the techniques to your life, you may develop some more awareness, but you will likely fall back into old habits and limiting beliefs and nothing will really change. In that case, it will really not be worth your while.

If you’ve taken Becoming Limitless, or take the course in the future, please feel free to share your thoughts about it in the comments below.

Update October 1st: I just got an email that says this course has been changed into quest format. The course material hasn’t changed, but the structure has. The biggest change is that you can only access one aspect of Becoming Limitless at a time. This is how quests on Mindvalley work. They give you access to one piece of information at a time (either day by day or week by week) so that you can digest it more slowly. Once you open up al the days or weeks, you have unlimited access to the quest and can bounce around from day to day or week to week.

Update February 2020: As I mentioned at the top of this article, this course has been upgraded to a new quest on Mindvalley called Be Extraordinary. You can check out the free masterclass for the new quest here. You can also enroll in the quest in here.


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