My Reviews Are Honest Reviews Of My Experiences

Best Friend Reviews was created to review my life. Things I try. Things I do. Experiences I have had. Who I am.

I spent years freelance writing for a few people who constantly wanted me to write reviews, not based on experience, but based on a sales page or other information I found online, and I finally couldn’t do it anymore. It’s a dishonest way to earn money.  I dropped those clients and started writing solely information-based articles for other clients.

Because of my freelancing experiences, I realized that a lot of people out there were writing dishonest reviews about popular products simply for the sake of getting a review out there as an affiliate – even if they hadn’t used the product. I wanted to be an affiliate for products that I have tried and honestly recommend. So, that’s how this site was born.

I Have A Lot Of Mindvalley Reviews

Today I got an email from a woman. Here’s what she said.

I came across your site when trying to find an honest review of The Longevity Blueprint through Mindvalley. Your review is very positive but I also noticed you have reviewed a lot of their programs, so I am concerned about how totally honest is your review.  I am worried because the course is a lot of money for me. I will try and find the money if you can reassure me it is really worth the $$.

Many thanks……  I am really struggling with the decision based on the cost.

Here’s my reply:

My review is my honest experience with the quest.

Keep in mind that they have changed The Longevity Blueprint to a quest format, which means you will be engaging with the quest every day for the entirety of. When I did, there were two days per week of engagement and five of just integration.

I’m part of the quest all-access pass, so I take and review every program they have. I love Mindvalley and have found value in all of their courses. I’ve actually been taking their courses for years. Way before they actually stepped up their game with quests and how they deliver the content. So, you can expect to see my reviews for literally every single course they have in the future. It’s an awesome way of combining my personal development with my blogging business.

All the courses and quests on Mindvalley have all added value to my personal development in one way or the other. They really do create amazing content. The longevity blueprint is the only workout system I use. I would say that if you want to be an extreme athlete, you are going to tweak the routine and dig more into Ben Greenfield’s thoughts and posts after the quest, but I think it offers a great routine for anyone.

I attached a few screenshots from posts in the Facebook tribe. I haven’t seen anyone dissatisfied with the program yet besides one person who fell into their normal habit of losing motivation to stay in an exercise program.

They do offer a money-back guarantee for 10 days. If you don’t like it or Ben or whatever, you can take advantage of that using their refund page here.

But if the cost is an issue to you and is going to stress you out or cost you from getting necessities, maybe do it later when you have the money? You can follow Ben Greenfield on Facebook and his blog and get a lot of valuable information from him for free.

I hope that helps.


I Realize My Reviews Are Mostly Positive

For the most part, Mindvalley is awesome. There are some things about Mindvalley that annoy me, but they have nothing to do with the actual content being offered.

For instance, Jeffrey Allen is ultra annoying to me, and I’ve mentioned that in my reviews on his courses. But, the material that he delivers is beneficial and I use a lot of what he has taught in my life.

Or, The M Word was frustrating to me because I felt like it wasn’t as complete as her course on her site. Also, her book offers the same material at a fraction of the price. But, I mention that if you are part of the Quest All Access Pass, it’s worth taking.

Also, I think the way they put limited offers on their quests and close down masterclasses for no reason (besides getting people to buy before it’s ‘too late’) is just plain dumb. Their quests are offered year-round and they should market them that way.

But their content is great. I haven’t taken a course where the value wasn’t present.

I Write My Reviews Based On My Experiences

I write my reviews based on my experiences and my thoughts. That’s all I can do.

I can’t make up something negative if it’s not there for me, just like I can’t make up something positive if it’s not there for me.

I take notes during the course, I write down my thoughts, and my review reflects those notes and thoughts, as well as my entire experience.

Just know that if a really shitty program ever hits Mindvalley, you are going to hear about in my review of that program. But, it has happened yet.

I’ve found so much value in Mindvalley’s programs and have grown so much throughout the years that it would be ridiculous of me not to take their programs, be an affiliate for them, and write reviews. I know how much they can benefit other people’s lives because they’ve benefited mine and countless other people who I’ve taken courses with.

Mindvalley is one of the biggest aspects of my life. And this site is based on my life experiences.

So keep asking me questions if you are not sure about whether or not you want to take the course. I can answer them and help you make the decision.

I realize that some people aren’t trusting of reviews and the people who review them. Especially when the person is an affiliate with the product. I understand that. All I can do is tell you that my definition of being an affiliate might be different than other affiliates that you have come across. And, this site is full of honest reviews based on my experiences.

And here’s a tip: All of the programs on Mindvalley are offered by teachers who have a social media presence or websites or books you can get from the library if you need to. So, if something interests you, but you can’t afford it yet, then you will be able to go out and find free or very low-cost information from them until you are ready to take the course.


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