My Life Visioning Mastery Review: Michael Beckwith’s Quest

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There was a course on Mindvalley by Michael Beckwith called Life Envisioning for a long time. When I got the Quest All Access Pass, I tried to take that course, but, because it was in the old Mindvalley course format, each video was about an hour-long. I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t sit there and listen for an hour to Michael Beckwith talk about such a deep subject. I guess I’ve gotten into the habit of taking quests with short lessons each day. So, when they announced to us that they were putting out a new quest by Michael Beckwith called Life Visioning Mastery, I was excited. And, it turned out to be easy to listen to as it followed the one lesson per day rule that Mindvalley does with all of their quests.

Michael Beckwith Quote

I Can’t Say If The Quest Is Different Than The Course

I don’t know how the course and quest compare because the course is gone from my list of Mindvalley programs. It used to be under My Premium Courses. I know that some of the premium courses have turned into quests, like Duality and Energy Medicine, but they were not taking out of my list of courses.

Mindvalley Premium CoursesThey must have completely replaced it with the quest. I’m not even sure if the course had the same looking cover picture that you see in the following screenshot of my completed courses.

Mindvalley dashboard completed courses

So, the fact that they seemed to replace it completely tells me that it is probably the same content from the course just spread out over 35 days.

But Michael Beckwith obviously came back to record this new quest. Everything is shot in the short daily videos and he has a greeting and closing for each video. Also, the camera work is so different than it used to be. In the quest format, the background is always very nice and keeps the tone of the speaker and content. And, it’s just better video work than it was years ago.

Life Visioning Mastery Screenshot

Vishen Lakhiani Must Have Taken A Lot From Michael Beckwith

If you’ve taken Becoming Limitless by Vishen Lakhiani, you know that he talks about moving from the victim state to being in an immersion with a higher power state.

Well, Michael Beckwith talks about this concept of moving from a victim state to a connection with a higher power as your four stages of spiritual growth. It’s talked about in the beginning of Life Visioning Mastery because it’s the structure that outlines the entire quest.

I also noticed that Michael Beckwith talked about a term he coined called Blissipline. In Becoming Limitless, there is a whole module on Blissipline, and I had always thought that Vishen coined the term.

I’m not saying he stole the ideas. I can’t remember if he gave Michael Beckwith credit or not, but I do know many of Michael’s concepts were important parts of Vishen’s course.

So, I guess Vishen was inspired by Michael Beckwith. Which makes sense. He does sit down and do all the masterclasses with the teachers and likely does a lot more in-depth interaction with them, which results in him learning and adopting a lot from them.

I know I tend to teach the people around me concepts I found fascinating from people I’ve learned from.

In any case, I often found myself thinking, this is stuff Vishen has talked about before. Now, I’m assuming the concepts and teachings stemmed from Michael Beckwith.

Life Visioning Mastery Is More Than Just A Quest For Manifesting The Life You Want

I first saw Michael Beckwith in The Secret. That was years and years ago. He was one of the people who stood out most to me out of all the people being interviewed or featured on that show. The concept and practice of manifestation has been a part of my life since I first saw that movie and read the book.

Michael Beckwith does talk about the manifester consciousness and how to live in that state.

He talks about:

  • Our thoughts and how powerful they are.
  • How to view money in a way that removes fear from it. This was a big one for me. I’ve never been one to be upset about spending money. If I feel like I need something, I will go out and buy it. My husband, on the other hand, likes to keep money where it is. What Michael Beckwith teaches in his wealth consciousness session helped me be even less scared of spending money when I need to because I see it in a completely different form now. My husband didn’t take this quest with me, but I told him about the concept, and he agreed with it – yet, he is still holding on tightly to his money. I can say, though, that there is nothing he really wants or needs right now. I find myself wanting and needing things all the time whereas he only wants or needs something a few times a year.
  • The four windows of manifestation.
  • How to affirm truths about yourself before you even believe it and why doing so is so important.
  • The nature of abundance.

But Life Visioning Mastery goes beyond the topic that you can manifest stuff you want into your life. He covers things like:

  • Living your life’s purpose and how to align yourself with what you want in your life.
  • Focusing on various life structures that need to be stabilized in order to fulfill your life’s purpose.
  • Being free to be yourself and, therefore, being able to gain awareness around how to achieve the life you want.
  • The foundational qualities you need in order to reap the rewards you want.
  • Channeler consciousness – Where you let go of control and allow.
  • Being consciousness – Where you realize you are one with power, presence, and love.

He talks in-depth about all the things that cause you are holding yourself back from moving into the life you want, including:

  • Victim consciousness – The belief that something is being done to you outside of yourself.
  • Race consciousness – Collective beliefs of society regardless of whether or not they are true.
  • Mentations – Habitual thoughts that we unconsciously have.
  • The types of questions you are asking – I love this one. It’s probably why Lifebook benefits so many people’s lives. They haven’t been asking themselves the right questions and Lifebook helps you do that. Michael Beckwith says that there is a law that states any question you focus on, you will get an answer to. Think about that for a second!
  • Attachment to outcomes.

Guilt, blame, and shame have no transformational value. – Michael Beckwith

The Q&As Were Awesome

I took Life Visioning Mastery the first go around, so I got to attend all four live webinars. They were awesome! If I could attend one webinar per week with Michael Beckwith for the rest of my life, I would.

You will probably watch the webinars I watched unless you are signing up for Life Visioning Mastery while it’s being heavily promoted by Mindvalley and Michael is going to do all live Q&As again.

Just know that Alex, the host of every Mindvalley Q&A that I’ve attended for the last year or more, is excellent at asking questions that resonate with a lot of people. During the live Q&As, questions can be upvoted by the attendees, and Alex usually asks the most upvoted questions so that the questions resonate with as many people as possible.

Michael said in the last webinar that you can keep up with him on his Facebook page and website, and hopefully, he will be back to do more Q&As as well as some new quests in the future. That’s would be amazing! I imagine Michael Beckwith has a lot of different topics he could create whole quests on for Mindvalley.

Start With A Beginner’s Mind

Michael Beckwith talks about how we should always start with a beginner’s mind because it helps us grow and learn in new ways. This thought resonated with me and it will be how I go into futures quests and courses.

I have taken a lot of personal development courses in my life, and I tend to go in knowing what I know and shaking my head yes or no when the course creator talks about the subject.

I’m not closed off to new ideas. I am more than willing to adopt something that resonates with me as the truth. But I definitely go into things with the thought that I already know a lot about the subject, and I realize that could be closing me off from allowing new ideas and growth into my life.

For now on, any course I take or book I read will be with a beginner’s mind so that I can see things that I may filter out with my ‘I already know that!’ attitude.

I suggest you do the same for Life Visioning Mastery. Go in with a beginner’s mind. Let go of what you know believe about manifesting and being in the flow and creating your life. Just allow yourself to listen and try on the ideas that Michael Beckwith discusses.

In fact, someone in the Life Visioning Mastery tribe just posted that she’s starting the quest over with a beginner’s mind and mentioned that, just in the first few days, she is surprised that she skipped so much information that would help the integration of the whole quest.

He Teaches How To Implement The Life Visioning Process Into Your Life

Life Visioning Mastery is not all theory. There’s some growth work to do and techniques to practice.

I learned some new practices that I’ve never heard of before and I found really interesting, such as Spiritual Shapeshifting. This is a way to help one area of your life that doesn’t feel up to part to get more positive energy so that it can be more harmonious with the other areas of your life. It’s an interesting technique.

He also teaches 7 steps to visioning and manifesting. It’s not the typical ask, believe, and receive that we are used to hearing when the topic of manifesting comes up. It goes deeper, where you take a look at your life, ask yourself what you want and how you can manifest it through a series of questions and actions.

In short, each day you will be doing some work of some sort to make the most of what you are learning.

I Recommend Taking The Life Visioning Mastery Quest Twice

I don’t always take a quest twice, but I did with the Life Visioning Quest. First, I took it day by day, as intended. Then I sat down for a weekend and took the course all in one gulp – on class after the other.

I got a lot out of the day by day. I was able to reflect on the questions asked and topics discussed. I was able to do the work. And, I was able to implement the work into my life. Michael Beckwith says it very clearly – being on the journey means very little if there is no integration, so it’s important to take the quest slow and integrate what you learn into your life.

But, taking the quest in a few days was awesome. I caught important things that I missed. I had new insights. I reinforced what I learned. It just added something to my integration of the material. I highly recommend doing this after you do the day by day format of the quest.

I Think This Quest Is Important To Your Happiness And The World’s Happiness

Every quest or course you take expands your awareness a bit and you are able to notice things you didn’t notice before because of that. That’s why continuous learning is so important. It expands you. And Life Visioning Mastery is no exception. In fact, it helps you realize why all this expansion is so important!

One great thing is that when you expand, you are helping the world move to the next level of its unfoldment, as Michael Beckwith says. That’s the goal right there.

I found myself doing a lot of deep thinking in this quest. I think that quest is an integral part of helping us reach our highest potential. It helps you see the bullshit that is holding you back and helps you open up space and room for new ideas and ways of life to move in.

I would say that Life Visioning Mastery helps you to approach life in a more gentle, loving way. It helps you see that there is more than what’s around you right now. It helps you let go of some fears and stress that you might be holding on to. And, it helps you understand yourself deeper and gain clarity around what you want to manifest, as well as how to manifest it.

And, if you like Michael Beckwith, you will like this quest. It’s him through and through. His essence, his passion, his kindness, and his wisdom are all present in this quest.

You can take his free masterclass here if you are still on the fence and want to hear him speak on the subject of manifesting the life your soul wants.

You can also learn more about the quest here, including the next start date (you can usually find it nearer the bottom of the page in the section on enrolling in the quest).

If you have any questions on the Life Visioning Mastery quest, please ask in the comments below.


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