One My Most Psychic Dreams About An Ex-Friend

I’ve had some pretty scary dreams in my life that I worried would come true. In fact, I still worry about a recurring dream I had when I was young that I got in a horrible car accident and was thrown from the car. I’ve had dreams about my loved ones dying. I’ve had dreams about unwanted life events. And it’s hard to say if any of them will come true or not. But one of my dreams actually did come true, in a way, and it shows how connected we are to the people in our lives, even after they are no longer directly in our lives.

Dreaming About An Ex-Friend’s New Life

I had a best friend from the age of 18-27 or so. We lived together, worked together, and did pretty much everything together.

Eventually, I ended the friendship as it wasn’t necessarily a friendship anymore to me. It seemed like our extremely close friendship was gone, and I was holding onto something that wasn’t there anymore. So, I let it go.

Years and years later I had a dream that I was hanging out with her. I had previous dreams of hanging out with her, but we were always in the house that she lived in when our friendship ended, or we were somewhere else that was mutual to us. But in this dream, we were in a house I didn’t recognize.

She was showing me around the house. I looked out a window and up a hill and saw a big, beautiful brown house. It was obvious she was living in a very nice home if her neighbor’s home looked like that. I looked out another window and saw a big, beautiful lake.

Also, she was living with an ex-boyfriend. They were fighting in the dream. (In real life, she had dated this guy when we were younger, but she had been married to someone else when I last talked to her.)

The dream had a different vibe than other dreams. It wasn’t random. Things didn’t change around randomly. The dream made sense. It had an order to it as she showed me around the house and we talked. It wasn’t a lucid dream, but it wasn’t a scattered random dream either.

Finding Out My Dream Was Real Through Facebook

Not long after, I searched my ex-friend on Facebook. The dream had kept her in my mind and, so, I did what we do in this day and age to look up someone – check out their social media.

I had looked her up before, but her profile was always closed. This time, though, it was different.

There was a picture of her with her ex-boyfriend (the one that was living with her in my dream). She was sitting on a motorcycle with him and there were comments about what a cute couple they were.

I was blown away. That part of my dream was obviously true. She must have left her husband and gotten back together with her ex.

Then, I started scrolling through her pictures and saw that she and this guy had bought a new house together, and it was exactly like the house I had been in my dream. It was on acreage, and there were other houses up and down the hill she was on. She had a view of a lake from her height on the hill. The houses all around her were the same look and color that I had seen in my dream.

I was totally blown away that my dream about her was spot on.

I Still Haven’t Talked To Her

I think we connected on a soul level. Even though we aren’t friends in this life anymore, we likely have a connection beyond this life, and so our souls got together to see what was going on. Once in a while, I peek at her Facebook profile, but she has it closed to people who aren’t her Facebook friends.

It looks like she married her ex-boyfriend and still lives in the house I was in during the dream.

I haven’t had a dream like that about her since.

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