My Review Of The Experience Lucid Dreams Quest By Charlie Morley

I have been studying my dreams since I was in my teens. I’ve kept a dream journal, interpreted my dreams, and used my dreams to influence my waking life. I also have had a few lucid dreams, some very intense and others more fun where I could play around with them. This is why I was super excited that Mindvalley brought on Charlie Morley for a quest called Experience Lucid Dreaming. So, with all my experience with dream interpretation and even lucid dreams, did I like the quest? My husband and I took this one together. Here’s my review.

Charlie Morley Is The Person To Learn From When It Comes To Lucid Dreaming

I’ve read one of his books in the past, but that’s nothing like seeing him talk about dreaming and lucid dreaming in person. He’s very genuine and excited about the topic and it’s fun to learn from him.

He explains everything so well and has many examples to go along with what he’s talking about. It’s hard not to get as passionate about he is when it comes to lucid dreaming and dreaming in general.

I can say this because my husband really enjoyed him and what he was teaching. I was already excited about learning more about lucid dreaming (although, I wasn’t sure how much more I would learn considering I’ve been studying dreaming forever), but my husband – who was interested but not excited about the quest – really ended up being passionate about his dreams.

He goes to bed every night thinking about his dreams and about the possibility of having a lucid dream. And he’s remembering his dreams every night now. He even interpreted his dream from last night spot-on. Without going into huge detail, it was a dream about him bringing a dog home to a woman and her disdain towards him and then her inviting him to her house for supper. He realized the dog was the same color as the company logo he has an interview with tomorrow and that the dream was about his fears and hopes towards the interview and the company itself.

Also, he ended up having a lucid dream in the first week of the quest! And he didn’t even know it! He just thought he was visualizing his ‘dream plan’, which is something Charlie Morley teaches in this quest. But, when he described it to me, it became apparent he was having a lucid dream.

My husband has remembered a handful of dreams in the 16 years that we’ve been together. That’s it. Most of them were nightmares. Therefore, for him to have a lucid dream so quickly was amazing and enlightening.

Charlie Morley Teaches The Most Important Things: I Learned A Lot In The Quest!

I actually learned a lot in Experience Lucid Dreaming. Of course, I felt like I already knew a lot too. I kept telling my husband ‘I knew that!’ and then giving him examples of my experiences with what Charlie Morley was talking about.

The lessons seemed to clear up and fill in the gaps of my knowledge around lucid dreaming. I’m sure there’s more that I could learn if I were to study it deeper, but Charlie Morley taught the most important things in this quest that you need to know, and I found almost everything fascinating.

If you are new to lucid dreaming (and even if you are not), you are going to learn a lot of techniques and gain a lot of insights that are going to help you plan, prepare, and have a lucid dream.

Then you are going to learn techniques that help you stay in your lucid dream when you have it. These are important because, speaking from experience, it can be very exciting to have a lucid dream and that excitement can cause you to lose lucidity and either wake up or go into a dream where you are not lucid – which sucks.

I like that Charlie Morley highlights the importance of nightly dreams as well. As someone who has kept a dream journal forever, I know that those seemingly random dreams that you have no control over are often very important to your waking life.

The ONLY Thing That I Did Not Like In The Experience Lucid Dreaming Quest

I didn’t like day 26. Not one bit.

It’s about how lucid dreaming can prepare you for death, and I just don’t like the connection between going to sleep and dying. I don’t want to think about that kind of thing as I go to sleep.

I don’t think it was necessary in this quest. It actually pissed me off that he threw that in there because that night I had quite a struggle with going to sleep. I kept thinking ‘This is what it will feel like dying,’ and ‘I don’t want to have a lucid dream because I might worry myself to death that I’m dead.’

My husband thought it was unnecessary too. He said that it wasn’t important to the quest at hand. He also raised the question – what is the point of paying attention to your lucid dreams if all you are going to do is sit around and think about dying. Shouldn’t lucid dreams be about living?

He doesn’t obsess about things like I do, though. So he can let it go. But, for me, it’s been a constant thought in my head the last couple of days. I need to work on getting out. I’m sure it will with time.

Ironically, I Haven’t Had A Lucid Dream Since Starting The Experience Lucid Dreaming Quest

Since we started Experience Lucid Dreaming, I’ve been desperate to have a lucid dream, and I think that desperation is what’s holding me back from having one. That and, in part, some health issues I’ve been having.

Every single night I’ve been trying to have a lucid dream and it’s just not happening.

Now that the quest is over, I’ll probably have one. I’ll update my blog with my first lucid dream after this quest and whether or not it was any different from previous lucid dreams. I have a feeling it is going to be different because I’ve learned some new techniques from Charlie Morley that will help me make it different.

In the past, I’ve spent time in my lucid dreams playing around with dream reality and hugging my deceased pets, but I have a much more serious plan in place for the next time I have a lucid dream. It has to do with calling out a healer who can help me overcome the physical issues I’ve been having.

Experience Lucid Dreaming Includes All You Need To Experience A Lucid Dream

Everything you need to experience a lucid dream is in Experience Lucid Dreaming. It really is a comprehensive quest that teaches you:

  • what lucid dreaming is.
  • what you can do to have one.
  • how to utilize your lucid dream best.
  • how to make sure you stay in your lucid dream once you have it.

He also talks about how lucid dreaming can benefit you, including what you can do inside of your lucid dream. After the quest, you will be full of reasons why you will want to have a lucid dream and how it can benefit your life.

And he talks about working with lucid nightmares, which is the most common type of dream my husband has ever remembered. Usually he is being chased by a monster or being buried alive, and he desperately tries to wake himself up. We now know that’s a lucid dream and he can interact with it differently. It’ll be interesting to see if that happens.

Charlie Morley also talks about general dreams and helps you understand how to decode meaning from your dreams. This is something I’ve done for years and I can guarantee that you will never look at your dreams the same way again.

And at the end of Experience Lucid Dreaming, Charlie Morley sums it all up and gives you daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly tasks to help make lucid dreaming and dreaming a big part of your life.

The Structure Of The Experience Lucid Dreaming Quest

The Experience Lucid Dreaming quest is 30 days long. Most lessons are between 10-15 minutes long. But it goes really fast because what Charlie Morley is talking about is interesting.

There are review days on the 7th day of each week. Some Mindvalley quests leave these days blank with no content. Review days are meant to allow you to catch up on any missed days or revisit days. But in Experience Lucid Dreaming, Charlie Morley does a recap through a quiz, a pep talk, a summary of the week, and tells a short bedtime story. ❤️

Also, Mindvalley used to put the Q&A sessions in the quests themselves, but now they are now being put under ‘channels’ in your Mindvalley Dashboard.

And then when you open it up, you get access to the current live recorded calls.

This Is A Great Quest For Making Dreams A Big Part Of Your Life

If you have an interest in interpreting dreams or lucid dreaming, then you will like this quest. I really enjoyed it. It’s one of my favorite quests that I’ve taken on Mindvalley.

I especially love that it helped my husband get on the same page as me when it comes to the importance of dreams. I appreciate that he’s remembering his dreams and contemplating them and excited about telling me about them.

This quest is part of the Mindvalley Membership. That’s how I got access to it. But you can take it on its own too.

You can learn more about the quest, including the next start date, here.

If you have any questions about Experience Lucid Dreaming, feel free to ask in the comments below.

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