4 YouTube Channels That I Always Enjoy Watching

My biggest timewaster is YouTube, without a doubt. I work online, so it’s very easy for me to be pulled towards YouTube and check in on a YouTuber’s latest post. There are some YouTube channels that I enjoy watching more than others. I figured since I watch them so much, I might as well share these channels because they are obviously entertaining to me and may be entertaining to you as well.

1. Primink

For the most part, I try to avoid gossip or get too engaged with it. But I like listening to Primink talk about people’s stories. He does a lot of research for his videos and puts them together in a way that is informative. So if you don’t know about the person before, you will at the end of his video.

He has a good sense of humor and maturity level to make these kinds of videos. I don’t know what he looks like or how old he is, because he doesn’t show his face. A lot of people want a Primink face reveal, but I think his YouTube channel will do well even if he never shows who he truly is.

One of the YouTubers that I couldn’t – and still can’t – stand was DaddyoFive (a family where the kids were abused and used to make money). Primink did a good job of covering that story. In case you don’t know about that story, here’s Primink’s coverage of an update. Everyone should know these parent’s faces because they should not be online – anywhere.

2. Slapped Ham

I’m extremely scared of the paranormal, but I cannot get enough of Slapped Ham. There are a lot of weird and paranormal curators on YouTube, but Slapped Ham is the best one in my opinion.

Kalen (I hope that’s spelled right) is the guy who (I think) puts together the videos and (definitely) narrates them.

He has a nice voice, unlike some other narrators out there, and he puts together the curated videos in a way that is interesting.

He does research, has backstories if needed, and explains everything very well.

And, he shows the clip enough so that you don’t need to go back and re-watch it and he highlights anything that needs to be highlighted.

There has only been one of his YouTube videos that I didn’t like, and that’s only because it touched on a huge fear and disgust of mine. But, other than that, all his videos are interesting and a perfect way to waste time when you need a distraction or just want to do something that doesn’t take a lot of brain effort!

3. Mic The Vegan

I’m vegan, and there are a lot of vegan YouTubers out there that I like to watch – some vegan YouTubers more than others – but I watch Mic the Vegan the most. Why? Because he knows what he’s talking about. He approaches veganism (and other topics) from a scientific perspective. He covers a ton of issues related to the vegan diet, including the impact eating animals has on this world.

But the biggest thing I like about him is his ability to debunk myths around veganism. If someone who is vegan decides not to be vegan anymore, for example, Mic the Vegan can go ahead and break down the reasons why the person gave to no longer be vegan and give counterarguments that just make sense.

I would hope that anyone who wants to be vegan would not listen to someone just spewing off reasons why veganism is no good and would, instead, check out someone like Mic the Vegan who can help you understand the effects and advantages of a plant-based diet.

For instance, here’s his response to Jon Venus no longer being vegan.

4. Special Books By Special Kids

This YouTube channel is special. Chris is special. All his guests are special. It’s a good, heart-warming channel on YouTube that deserves way more subscribers than it has. I think everyone should be subscribed to this channel.

Special Books by Special Kids isn’t about books. Chris interviews adults and kids who have been diagnosed with various things. Some of these things are extremely rare and some of them are more common, but the stories that come from each of these individuals are what counts.

This YouTube channel showcases that we are all just humans, despite our diagnoses, who want to be loved, respected, and have fun.

Chris has a kind, big heart. It’s obvious in every video he makes and everything he does. He’s just trying to give everyone a voice to be better understood in this world.

Unfortunately, when YouTube started canceling comments on various YouTube channels, Special Books by Special Kids was one of the channels affected. It makes no sense to me.

This is the type of YouTube channel that can make a difference in a world and the comments are where people can show their love and appreciation for the person in the video. Taking away the comments was cruel for this channel. They have found a way around it for now, but it would just be easier if everyone could comment on their YouTube.

If you are interested, you can sign a petition to reinstate their comments here. It’s been up for a while, but you never know – it may produce a change.

Thankfully, they can still earn money on YouTube, so I encourage you to watch their videos, listen to other people’s stories, and support everything about this channel and the people on it.

Here’s their latest YouTube video.

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