The Vegan YouTubers I Watch The Most

Last Updated on August 13, 2021 by Kari

Someone pointed out the other day that there are no vegan cooking shows on TV. I don’t watch TV, so I’m not sure if that’s true, but it kind of shocks me. I mean there are plenty of people out there, vegan and non-vegan, who watch TV and would enjoy learning how to cook some healthy plant-based meals. But, it doesn’t really matter because there are so many vegan YouTubers to watch that you can get your dose of vegan life and cooking whenever you want. Following are the ones I watch the most.

Rainbow Plant Life

I got the Rainbow Plant Life Instapot Cookbook as a gift last Christmas along an Instapot, and I have been in love with her cooking ever since. Even tonight as I write this, I’m going to try making her latest dal recipe. My husband wanted a bean curry for tonight, and we usually make her incredible best-ever bean curry recipe, but this one looks amazing so I need to break from the regular for one day to try it out. If you want to watch someone make vegan recipes full of flavor that you will WANT to try out, this is the YouTube channel for you.

Eamon And Bec

This adorable vegan couple live in their van and travel around in it. They are so cute and genuine, and they are fun to watch. They are a great example of how to live the life you want, be who you want, and kick ass doing it. And, they are a reminder that if they can make a vegan lifestyle work while living and cooking in their van, we can make a vegan lifestyle work wherever we are. I’ve become addicted to watching these two and keeping up with their journey.

The Vegan Zombie

The Vegan Zombie channel used to be run by a different guy than who does it now. He would always dodge zombies and end up cooking vegan food in his kitchen. Chris came in and took over the channel, and while he still does a few zombie outros and jokes, he usually just does a lot of eating out and vegan food reviews. He also goes to vegan events, which helps you discover new brands when you don’t live in a place where there are a lot of vegan events! His latest video, seen below, was from the Natural Products Expo West 2019.

Jenna And Julien

A lot of people watch Jenna for her humor and silliness. While I enjoy that, I always think ‘vegan’ in the back of my mind. They aren’t loud about being vegan, but everyone knows that they are vegan. I’m so happy that such an influential person is vegan and isn’t afraid to admit it and make some vegan food once in a while. Her ‘Cooking Thanksgiving Food’ video, seen below, was just as popular as all her other videos and – to me, showcased how easy it is to be vegan. Her boyfriend Julien also showcases their vegan eating occasionally on his channel. I love watching these two live a kind and fun life. Note: They don’t make videos anymore because Jenna has gone off YouTube, but you can watch some of their older ones.

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