Conscious Parenting Mastery Review By Someone With No Kids

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I don’t have kids. I know what you’re thinking. Why did you take the Conscious Parenting Mastery quest from Mindvalley if you are not a parent? Well, if you’ve been on my website at all, you know that I have the Quest All Access Pass from Mindvalley, which allows me to take all of the new quests that pop up on Mindvalley. So, when Conscious Parenting Mastery popped up, I took it because I want to get my money’s worth from the pass. Plus, I could write a review about it on this site from a perspective that most people who take the quest won’t have. Even though I didn’t relate to having kids – I related to a lot of other things that Dr. Shefali talked about.

The Conscious Parenting Mastery Quest Encourages You To Put Someone Close To You In A Child’s Place If You Don’t Have Children

Pretty much every day disclosed that if you don’t have children, you can reflect on what Dr. Shefali talked about with the person closest to you. So, my husband was the focus of the Conscious Parenting Mastery quest for me. 😏 And it worked out really well for me.

Conscious Parenting Mastery No Children

Dr. Shefali teaches you in the quest how to be a more conscious human being yourself and then interact with your kids and other people from that state of consciousness.

So, if you don’t have kids yet, then this quest will help you become a conscious human being who is more ready to deal with your kids from a place of awareness and the present moment rather than from a place of tradition or fear or worry.

And, if you don’t have kids and don’t plan to have kids, then this quest will help you see relationships through a different lens. You will see the isness of things in your relationships and, in turn, deal with things in a different way than you likely ever have.

BUT, this quest isn’t going to solve all your problems and make the world a place full of rainbows and lollipops. We are human. We still resort to ways of being and doing that might not always come from a rational place.

Even Dr. Shefali struggles with her daughter still.

The point is to learn to cultivate this awareness and way of being and then live from that place as often as you can.

You Will See Your Parents In A Different Light

Whether you have kids or not, Conscious Parenting Mastery is going to help you see your parents and how they raised you in a different light.

You may find yourself forgiving some things that you couldn’t forgive before.

Or you just may find yourself seeing things from your parent’s point of view and letting go of some things that you may be holding onto.

I did both.

As you learn what a conscious parent looks like, you will see that most likely your parents were not parenting from a place of consciousness and then be able to understand why they did what they did.

Learn How To Connect Better With Your Kids And Other People

In the warm-up of the quest, I wrote down one sentence that pretty much sums up my experience with the course: Become more conscious in order to better connect with your children, etc. 

Part of this is because you are going to find yourself breaking traditional paradigms that affect your relationships. These are paradigms that create anxiety/stress and cause you to control and manage relationships.


You will find that a lot of the material in Conscious Parenting Mastery is focused on moving away from fear and towards connection. And, you do this by discovering all the fear-based paradigms that you have in your life.

Dr. Shefali will help you see that you have a lot of them. We all do. Because most of us were raised or influenced by people who have fear-based paradigms.

She teaches how to get to the root of fear and transform it into something more valuable to your life and your relationships.

You learn a ton of things that will help you connect better with your kids and other people, including:

  • How to be more empathetic
  • How to be more present
  • How to understand the feelings beneath the behavior
  • How to speak in a way that communicates love
  • Why self-compassion is so important to your relationships
  • Why self-awareness is so important to your relationships
  • Why we judge and why we should stop
  • Why we feel the desire to control and how it impacts other people
  • Why causing pain to others is not a teaching tool
  • How expectations kill the connection

Obviously, Dr. Shefali relates all of this to the parent and child relationship, but I kept thinking that she could teach a course on being more conscious in your intimate relationships, with friends, with siblings, etc.

The underlying message throughout the entire quest is focused on being more of a conscious person and acting from that place in your relationships. It’s applicable to all your relationships.

It’s just that in the Conscious Parenting Mastery quest, she really lays out how not acting from a conscious place and acting from a conscious place impacts your children and your relationships with them.

This Was The Best Course I’ve Ever Taken On Becoming More Conscious

conscious parenting mastery connect the dots

Screenshot From Day 34 Of Conscious Parenting Mastery Workbook

Dr. Shefali is an awesome teacher. She’s has a way of teaching deep and impactful concepts in a clear and easy-to-understand manner.

Her daily videos are awesome, and her Q&A sessions rocked. There was so much valuable information inside of them. She was able to answer the hardest questions. And, she was relatable to me.

She’s down to earth and doesn’t pretend like she’s perfect.

She talks a lot about her struggles with her daughter.

She discusses how she recently separated from her husband.

She struggles with ego and bouts of craziness and all those things that I, and probably you, struggle with.

But she always comes back to a place of consciousness where she can step back and look at herself and her thoughts and actions and give her head a shake as she realizes that she’s being silly or unreasonable or whatever the case is. And she teaches how to do that in this quest.

On one of the days in the quest, she reverberates the truth that most people are asleep. They are acting from a place of tradition or habits and they haven’t woken up to have a deeper awareness around who they are, how they interact in this world, and what they want out of this world.

She mentions that all change occurs in the present moment. And I would guess that most people are not living even 1% of their lives in the present moment.

I strongly believe that the more people take the leap and become more conscious in their lives, the better the world will be. We will stop acting off old beliefs and ways of doing things and see things in a completely different light that will benefit everyone and everything.

Especially if we teach the young people in our world to live from a place of consciousness.

And I feel like that makes the Conscious Parenting Quest so important for parents.

I’m Glad I Took The Conscious Parenting Mastery Quest

I did debate taking the quest even though I have the Quest All Access Pass and want to take everything on Mindvalley. I don’t plan to be a parent, so this quest was the only quest I didn’t think would really resonate with me. In short, I wasn’t sure if I should put my time and energy on other things. But I’m glad I decided to take it. This is one of the best quests I’ve taken on Mindvalley, and I’ve taken a lot.

I found every class interesting and applicable to my own life, even though I don’t have a child and don’t plan on having children.

I now view my parent’s poor parenting habits in a different light. I can even see how they’ve followed my grandparent’s traditions and habits when it comes to parenting adults, despite saying that they would never do that. It’s because they lack an awareness that allows them to see things differently and do things differently.

Dr. Shefali says that just listening to the course changes you and opens up your awareness. She’s right. You will find yourself reflecting on how you interact with people and how it is influencing your relationships with them.

If you are a parent, I know this quest will help you be a more conscious parent who will be able to help your children experience more happiness, love, fulfillment, and self-esteem – among many other things. If my parents had come from this kind of place, there would be been a lot less struggle between us, struggle in my life as a child and adult, and a lot less self-doubt on my part.

If you are ready to take the quest, then you can learn more about it here. You can find the next start date for the quest on that page as well.

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