My Review: Silva Ultramind System Is The Updated Silva Method

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I took a few of the Silva method courses years ago, but this year Vishen Lakhiani put out a new Silva Ultramind System course on Mindvalley and it’s a little different than the Silva Life System. Apparently, Jose Silva came up with the Silva Ultramind System before he passed away, but he didn’t want to put it out there because the Silva Life System was doing so well that he didn’t want to ruin the brand. Now, Vishen has permission from the Silva family to put it out there and teach it, which is exactly what he does in this course.

Silva Ultramind System Certificate

The Silva Ultramind Course is the first Mindvalley course to let you put just your initial as your last name. It’s a small thing, but I like it for an online presence! I’ve always had to use my full name for other course certificates.

The Silva Ultramind System Programs Your Mind

If I were to sum up the course in a nutshell, I would say that a lot of what happens through the Silva Ultramind System is mind programming.

For instance:

  • You program your mind to get into an alpha state quickly.
  • You program your mind to be more intuitive.
  • You program your mind to look for positive expectancy and belief.

The whole course is a process where you program your mind to think and look for positive statements and beliefs, as well as easily memorize and do the Silva techniques taught.

The Silva Techniques Help You Problem Solve, Be More Intuitive, And Heal Yourself And Others

Vishen teaches some Silva method techniques that you ultimately use in your daily life to help you get centered, solve problems, remove obstacles from your day, help heal yourself and others, and get the benefits of meditation.

At the end of this Silva Ultramind System course, Vishen gives you a daily practice suggestion to help you do all these things.

I’ve found that the Silva method techniques are formula-type techniques. In other words, you need to do them in a certain way because they have been researched and constructed by Jose Silva to help you achieve the results you are looking for.

To drive these formulas home, Vishen focused on them multiple times throughout the quest. For example, the centering exercise, which is the core of the Silva Method for relaxation, was done 5 times throughout the 28-day quest.

The 3, 2, 1 method is still used in this new Silva method. I figured that it would be because it’s a big part of the Silva system so before the Silva Ultramind System quest started, I had already painted out a picture with 3 big mountains that, to me, represent the 3, 2, 1 technique. The 3 peaks of the large mountains are what I picture when I do the technique and visualize the numbers.

Silva Ultramind System Centering Exercise

Laura Silva Quesada has a centering exercise used by The Silva Method in a video. It’s pretty much the exact exercise in the Silva Ultramind System, except that one is read by Vishen and it is a little shorter. Also, the theta beats used in The Silva Ultramind centering exercise sound different (less intrusive) than in Laura’s original version.

Is The Silva Ultramind System Better Than The Silva Life And Mind-Body Healing System?

Did You Take The Old Silva Life System Course?

I still have my old Silva programs in my Mindvalley dashboard – the Silva Life System and the Silva Mind Body Healing program.

Silva Quests Mindvalley

The Silva Ultramind System is a tightened-up version of the Silva Life System, but I think I prefer the old versions better. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like Mindvalley is offering those programs anymore.

Old Silva Life System students were not even upgraded to this new quest because, as Mindvalley says, it’s an entirely new program that has a new focus, methodology, and curriculum. I only got it because I’m part of the Mindvalley Membership, which this quest is a part of. (If you are interested in more than one Mindvalley quest, I highly recommend checking out that pass. It’s been worth its cost 10 times over already.)

Most of the important content from the old course is in the new Silva Ultramind Quest, just in a different format. There are some things left out of the Silva Ultramind System, such as how to set an internal clock in your mind, the creation of a mental laboratory, getting to know your counselors, healing the past, or tuning in intuitively to a specific person, time, place, or dimension. These are all things I thought were interesting but are not included in the new Silva method.

And, of course, The Silva Ultramind System is in a quest format, unlike the old Silva Life System. That means you have one lesson per day which is limiting content overload and helps you to really practice and implement what you learn for the day.

But the way to get into alpha level is the same in both programs and there are the same main techniques used. I’m assuming they were what Jose Silva thought was most important for the Silva method.

My Favorite Part of The Silva Ultramind System

The part I enjoyed the most from the Silva methods discussed was near the end where we did a psychic investigation with people’s ailments. There’s a site where Silva graduates can go and submit their ailments for others to try and intuitively see. You can also try to intuitively read other people’s ailments on that site.

For some people that might sound crazy, but I love trying to intuitively know what other people are thinking or experiencing, so this was right up my alley. The last three main days of the quest are focused on the case working with people, growing your waking psychic ability, and taking your casework further.

This wasn’t everyone’s favorite part of this particular Silva method, though. One person in the Silva Ultramind group said that doing this stuff brought up fear for her from the past that she had forgotten about. Apparently, she had experienced some sort of dangerous situation with energy from someone else and she had repressed that memory. So when she started trying to work with energy and intuitively diagnose someone, she was suddenly scared that she was not going to be able to control her energy or the energy she came across. She had to clear that belief before she could even move on with this practice.

At The End Of This Silva Method System, You Will Have A Daily Practice

On the last day, Vishen talks about how to use the Silva method techniques in your daily life. But this is kind of common sense and you will likely be using them daily already if you’ve gone through the entire Silva Ultramind System. This is because you realize throughout the quest that you can use these techniques daily in your life to reflect, remove obstacles, get your game plan on for the day, get the outcomes you want, and get guidance when you need it.

The Lesson And Discussion Are In The Same Place

Before, Mindvalley tribes were on Facebook, but The Silva Ultramind System is the first fully immersed tribe into the Mindvalley platform. What’s really cool about this is you can go through the day’s discussions tab while you are listening to your lesson in the ‘lesson’ tab. So in the following screenshots, you can see the Day 22 lesson tab open and then the Day 22 discussion tab open. You can switch back and forth between the two easily.

Here is the lesson tab open.

Silva Ultramind System

And here is the discussion tab open.

Silva Ultramind System Chat

I blocked out names because it’s a private group


You can also click on the ‘Go To Community’ link in the top and you will be taken to the full group on the Mindvalley platform. There, you can find all the group’s information, a current conversation, and a bunch of other stuff pertaining to the Silva Ultramind group.

Silva Ultramind System Screenshot

What Might Affect Your Experience Negatively With The Silva Ultramind System

First off, Vishen is becoming more and more annoying to me. Lately, it seems like he’s often ‘on’ or acting. Maybe that’s just the way he is, but sometimes he’s almost too dramatic and theatrical – as if he’s trying to be someone he’s not.

For instance, one time he did this dramatic pause with his fingers pursed to his lips as he tried to think of what he wanted to say – even though it seemed like he had what he wanted to say in the barrel and ready to shoot.

I’ve also seen a few other people complain about this in the various Mindvalley groups I’m in, and while a couple of people agree, most don’t. Most people think he’s wonderful and full of wisdom and a great teacher.

I don’t know the guy personally and maybe being dramatic is just the way he is. I’m just saying that to me, sometimes it just seems like he’s trying too hard to be someone that he thinks he should be and it’s distracting to me occasionally as I pay attention to his energy rather than what he’s talking about.

Second, the Silva Ultramind System is about mind control and the power of your mind, just like all the Silva method courses. It requires a lot of imagination and visualization as you practice doing things like projecting your awareness into objects, animals, and people. If you don’t believe in that kind of stuff, don’t even bother to sign up because it won’t resonate with you. You will likely feel weird as you do the exercises, such as projecting yourself into a plant, and you won’t benefit from the exercises.

Bonuses With Silva Ultramind

Silva Ultramind System bonuses

Mindvalley hasn’t included a ton of bonuses with their programs, so I was shocked to see this one. They included the entire Creative Visualization guided meditations from Lisa Nichols with the Silva Ultramind System.

These were once offered in a course on Mindvalley that I never took but wanted to. It disappeared from the available courses before I could take it, so I was really happy to see it as a bonus with the Silva method quest.

Lisa Nichols says that you can use the power of your mind to create your ideal life. She says that your future experiences will start in your mind first, and her creative visualization meditations help you cut out limiting thoughts and rise above your fears so that you can create and have success.

In short, the meditations help program new positive beliefs and expectations in your mind. So, just like the Silva Ultramind System, you are being programmed for bigger and better things.

Do I Recommend The Silva Ultramind System?

I do, but…

I think if you’ve taken any of the Silva programs before, this might not feel as big of a course. It incorporates the important parts of the Silva Life System, but it just feels different. That said, the Silva Ultramind System was created by Jose Silva and Vishen is just putting it out there with his voice, so if you respect Jose Silva and like his work, then you may be interested in what he thought was an advanced form of the Silva Method. A lot of people in the tribe say that this version of the Silva system was awesome.

If you haven’t taken any Silva method programs before, you need to know that this program focuses heavily on the power of the mind and might be a little too ‘out there’ for you.

For instance, in this Silva Method Vishen gets you to project yourself into various metals and use your senses in those metals. If that makes you roll your eyes, then you may not want to take the quest. But, if you are interested in doing that and how it can make you more in tune with the things around you, then you will likely be interested in the rest of the quest as well.

At the very least, the Silva Ultramind System will give you good practice for getting into an alpha state where you can think more deeply, heal, and relax.

At the most, the Silva Ultramind System will open your awareness and help you tap into the power of your intuition in all areas of life and your psychic and healing capabilities. It will also help you receive the guidance that you need to create the life you want and boost your creativity as you turn problems into projects.

You can learn more about the Mindvalley course here.

If you have any questions about this particular Silva Method, please ask in the comments below.


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