Everyone Will Benefit From The Super Reading Quest: Except My Dad

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I’m so glad that Mindvalley and Jim Kwik created the Super Reading quest. I haven’t been reading too much in the last decade, despite constantly creating the New Year’s goal of reading at least 1 book per month. But, now, I’ve made a goal to read 52 books in the next year starting this week. Here’s my Super Reading quest review.

The Super Reading Quest Is For Everyone – Except My Dad

This is another one of those quests on Mindvalley that will benefit almost everyone. It’s not spiritual and it doesn’t rely on belief in energy’s place in our lives like many other Mindvalley quests. (But it will help you read those spiritual and energy-focused books faster if that’s what you want to learn more about!)

We all read. Whether you want to read fiction, non-fiction, articles on the computer or in a magazine, posters, informational pamphlets, or anything else, the Super Reading quest can help you read more, better, and faster.

Super Reading is very practical, just like Jim Kwik’s other quest, Superbrain. It’s 21 days of learning techniques to help you read faster and comprehend more.

  • You spend many days practicing reading and doing reading drills to strengthen your brainpower and ability to read faster.
  • You unlearn what you learned about reading in school.
  • You learn how to warm up your brain for reading.
  • You learn how to use your body to make your mind work better.
  • You learn how to boost your comprehension and retain the information even after you finish reading the book.

I was telling my parents about the Super Reading quest and my dad talked about the two books he’s read in his life. He talked about how in one book he had read a few chapters and then discovered that he must have missed some important information from earlier in the book so he had to start over again.

I was about to tell him that Jim Kwik talks about that in the Super Reading quest, but before I wasted my breath with him, I asked him if he wanted to read more, and he said ‘Nah’.

My dad would rather watch TV than read a book, so Super Reading doesn’t interest him at all.

If you are like my dad and would rather do anything else but read, then Super Reading won’t interest you either.

But, anyone else who wants to read more so they can make decisions, learn, grow, excel or just entertain themselves, will enjoy the quest.

My Reading Speed Improved By 3.5 Times

On day 1, I was able to read 187 words per minute.

On day 21, I was able to read 690 words per minute.

So, I improved by just over 3.5 times.

These words per minute are with full comprehension.

Also, keep in mind that during the second week of the Super Reading quest, I read almost a whole book in about two hours with full comprehension, so I can’t even guess what my words per minute were when I was reading that. But, I know that it was the perfect time of day for me to read, I was interested in this book, and I was able to really focus and grasp all the information because I was reading so fast using Jim Kwik’s techniques. I had tried to read that book much slower for a long time, and I couldn’t retain the information.

Jim talks about this in the Super Reading quest. Reading faster can equal greater comprehension because your brain doesn’t have time to think about other things. It’s focused on the words you are reading and it doesn’t get bored or off track.

This is probably why I listen to almost every course at 1.25 or 1.5 times. I retain the information when they are talking faster and my mind doesn’t have time to wander and think about something else.

Everyone who took the quest with us improved their reading speed. One person posted in the Facebook group that their reading speed improved to 3234 words per minute. I have a really hard time believing it. Over 3000 words per minute? That’s insane!

Super Reading Quest Facecbook Tribe

A Few Tips For The Super Reading Quest

Try to take the quest at a time when your energy is high. My husband and I did ours in the evening when my energy is at its lowest, and that could be why I had such a difference in words per minute at the end of the course compared to how fast I read that book.

I don’t calculate my words per minute when I sit down and read in the morning or afternoon. I only did that on each day of the quest when we were practicing with Jim Kwik. But, I’m pretty sure the number is much higher than 690 words per minute when I’m at my best.

Each day of the quest, schedule in about 20 minutes for the lesson, 12 minutes for practicing on your own, and 10-30 minutes for reading per day. So, expect to spend about 42 minutes to just over an hour on the quest, practicing reading (building your speed and comprehension), and actual reading.

We found this time super enjoyable. We wanted to read. We were excited to improve our reading skills. It wasn’t hard to make the time.

Schedule in an hour on your weekend to watch the Q&As – Each week there is a Q&A with Jim Kwik. It’s about an hour long. The first Q&A was awesome and motivational. But, they all offer insight into reading faster and comprehending more, and they showcase how passionate Jim Kwik is about Super Reading and personal growth in general.

52 Books in One Year Thanks To Super Reading?

Starting this week, I plan to read one book per week for the next year. I will review each book I read on this review site, so it will be painfully obvious whether or not I accomplished my goal.

I’m feeling pretty confident though. I finished Stress Less, Accomplish More very quickly thanks to the Super Reading quest, so I know that I can do it if I put in the time and effort to practice improving my words per minute.

I think that if you take the Super Reading quest, you will be inspired to read more. You will unlearn bad reading habits and adopt new ones that help you read faster and comprehend more, which will make reading much more fun to you.

Whether or not you end up reading more will be up to your ability to make reading a habit, which Jim Kwik also covers in the quest.

You can take the free masterclass by Jim Kwik here or you can learn more about the quest, including the next start day, on Mindvalley here.

Also, keep in mind that this quest is part of the Mindvalley Membership, which is why I had access to it.


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