8 Things Eric Edmeades Says Are Essential Physical Needs

I’m currently on Day 5 of Mindvalley University online, and I’m loving it. I wouldn’t rate all of the lessons 5 out of 5 so far, but some of the lessons have helped me have a breakthrough in an area of my life. One of the first classes was by Eric Edmeades. He’s the guy behind WildFit on Mindvalley. His lesson on the essential physical needs of humans was a reminder for me to keep focused on what matters most in this time of stress and illness.

8 Essential Physical Needs According To Eric Edmeades

I had never seen Eric Edmeades talk before this class. He’s very enthusiastic and personable and it’s obvious he has a lot of insight into how to keep the body healthy. His lesson was focused on staying healthy during this pandemic and always. He talked a lot about health during the class, but the following 8 things are what he says is the ultimate checklist to keep your body healthy so that you can have a fulfilling life.

  1. Air. Duh, right? That’s what I thought, but now I realize it’s an important thing to concentrate on because we don’t tend to give our breath a lot of thought. One of the other lessons so far in Mindvalley University was focused on breathwork with Dan Brule. It was really interesting to pay attention to your breath in the way that Dan taught during the lesson. As Dan says, practicing breath awareness is important. Breath awareness helps you to breathe in the most beneficial way possible. Eric says to focus on the quality of air, as well as how you breathe because it can affect your hormones – namely cortisol, which we all know affects fat and health.
  2. Water – I think every Mindvalley University student who listened to Eric Edmeades talk is drinking way more water. Eric says it’s good for your immune system, which is what we need to be focused on right now in pandemic times. Personally, I’ve found myself being thirsty a lot lately, and that worries me because Eric says if you are thirsty, you’ve let it go too far, so I’ve been doubling up on my water intake in the past few days.
  3. Sleep – Eric Edmeades says that sleep has everything to do with the strength of your immune system. If you want to learn how to get a better night’s sleep, I highly suggest taking the Sleep Quest by Michael Breus because he covers all the things that can help you improve your sleep and make it work for you.
  4. Nutrition – He has a lot of advice about nutrition. It’s obvious that the students who took his WildFit program on Mindvalley are loving what he teaches about nutrition. There were a few of them in the lesson who spoke up and talked about how they loved his program. Again, I probably won’t take his quest and review it, but I know that it’s not about dieting or exercise, it’s about eating in a way that Eric Edmeades says is best for your health.
  5. Movement – When Eric Edmeades was talking about this point, it made me appreciate Ben Greenfield’s Longevity Blueprint even more. Eric talks about how movement helps your lymphatic fluid flow, and just the other day I had a breast ultrasound and was told that one of the things they noticed was that the lymph nodes in my breast were draining well, which would have been an issue otherwise. So, hearing about that from my doctor and then hearing it from Eric obviously made me focus on it even more. I haven’t done a lot of research on lymph nodes and lymphatic fluid, but when I’m doing my exercises now, I’m picturing my lymphatic fluid moving around and my body being strong and healthy.
  6. Sunlight – Eric Edmeades says that it’s disinfecting to your body and raises your vitamin D. I have never been one to stand in the sun. I always move to the shade if I can, or, better yet, stay inside. I’ve never liked the sun. I feel like it drains me of energy. But, since listening to Eric talk about the sunlight and the benefits the sun has for health, I’ve made sure to get a couple of minutes of sunlight per day.
  7. Nonenergy nutrients – Here’s where he talked about amino acids, fibers, and vitamins. He did mention that if you want to be vegan, you need to do a lot of research in order to make sure you are getting all the nutrients you need in your diet, and I totally agree. When I first went vegan, I did a ton of research and had a few pages of diet regulations consistently on my fridge to make sure that we were getting all the nutrients we needed. If you are vegan, you can check out this site to learn how to get some essential nutrients into your diet.
  8. Touch – I didn’t expect this one, but it makes total sense. Physical touch has been shown to reduce symptoms in various diseases, such as Alzheimer’s, and help manage symptoms in other diseases, such as fibromyalgia. I think pets are great for this. Having a pet on your lap or just hugging your pet (in my case usually for too long) feels good.

I enjoyed learning from Eric Edmeades in his class. It was a great way to start off Mindvalley University during pandemic times. It was so relevant to what is on all of our minds – staying healthy and being able to fight off illnesses.

Eric is quite passionate about living a healthy life and has a ton of insights that I found valuable during his talk. His WildFit program has long been the highest-rated Mindvalley program. Vishen Lakhiani has said that Eric helped him to lose weight quickly without changing his exercise routine or dieting.

If you are interested in learning more from Eric Edmeades, you can take his free masterclass on Mindvalley here.

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