My Most Energetic Reiki Experience (Used A Qi Gong Meditation)

I took a break from reiki for a few months because the debt was piling up and I figured I shouldn’t spend money on anything outside of our budget. Of course, I ended up spending money on many things that weren’t in the budget, just not the reiki.

In hindsight that was stupid. I feel like reiki is a big part of my self-care. It helps me relax, shift thoughts, and heal, and I’m not too sure why I thought excluding it was a good idea.

Recently, I had a very stressful period, and I started to lose my hair again. The first thing I did was book a reiki appointment.

I Felt Like Energy Was Stuck And Thought The Reiki Appointment Could Help

Mostly, going into the reiki session, I was hoping to get any stuck or condensed energy moving. My body and mind felt heavy, I was going over the same crap in my head repeatedly, and I was hoping that the reiki session would help me get things moving.

I went into this session deciding to open up my chakras and be very present and still.

I told my practitioner that I was having a lot of fear around money, so she suggested I work with some money affirmations.

Now, I write about affirmations all the time and I use affirmations in my life, and I couldn’t wrap my head around what kind of money affirmation I should use. It was almost like I had no idea what she was talking about.

It was hilarious and frustrating at the same time. She doesn’t know that I currently use a lot of affirmations in my life, but it still felt embarrassing that I couldn’t come up with one on my own.

I think that’s how stuck I really was. My mind was just blocked.

She finally had to suggest some affirmations for me. I started off with them during my session and then eventually some of my own personal affirmations came to me.

Today, I’m going to throw those affirmations into Canva and create a little daily affirmation video for me going forward.

The Sudden Release Using A Meditation From The Modern Qi Gong Quest

release reiki session

Recently I took Modern Qi Gong by Lee Holden on Mindvalley. I enjoy the movements and have been using them, but the meditations he taught haven’t come into my consciousness since I finished the course.

During the session with my practitioner, I was uncomfortable. I wore a scarf on my head because my hair was falling out quite quickly, and I didn’t want her to get hair all over her hands. I positioned myself so that my scarf would stay on my head, but then she moved the pillow under my head and pulled back the scarf a bit. It was all I could concentrate on. Not only did I not want her to pull hair out, but I recently got a bald spot on the top of my head, and I didn’t want that exposed during the Reiki session. So, that’s where my attention went for a long time.

For a long time, I said her affirmations and focused on my head.

Then I finally started to relax and found my own affirmations and started to say them.

Then, she got near a spot on my stomach and one of Lee Holden’s meditations hit me like a brick. I suddenly knew I needed to use it.

The meditation is about focusing on an area that’s bothering you and imagining it’s ice. Then, through your focused energy, you turn that ice into water and then into steam and it leaves your body.

I immediately put all my energy into that visualization. She lingered above my stomach for a long time, and eventually, her hands got extremely hot there. I’ve never felt her hands so hot on any spot before with me.

I felt and intuitively saw the steam come out of my body and felt a HUGE release.  Not long after that, she moved on.

When she was discussing the session with me, she asked me if I felt anything around my stomach. I told her the whole story I just wrote about, and she said that there had been a ton of stuck energy in there that she was worried wasn’t going to come out, and then she suddenly felt a huge release too.

Then she said something that is going to affect my reiki sessions going forward. She said, “The things we can do together are amazing!”

While saying affirmations, being present, and relaxing are important, I’m going to focus on working with her as she moves over my body next time.

I’ve said it before… I think that I need someone else to help me get unstuck sometimes, but I also think I have a big influence over my own body. Therefore, during a reiki session, we can work together and make bigger things happen.

I’ll definitely be using that meditation again too.

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