Why Woo-Woo Works Book Review: My Thoughts And Bookmarks

I heard David R. Hamilton Ph.D. speak on a podcast and he mentioned his book called Why Woo-Woo Works. When I got the HayHouse Unlimited App, I was happy to see that the audiobook of Why Woo-Woo Works was there. I’m a huge believer in alternative therapies, so this book’s premise resonated with me big time.

My Thoughts On Why Woo-Woo Works

Why Woo Woo Works Review

He spends most of the book talking about the science and studies behind alternative therapies and ideas that are not mainstream… yet. For instance, the science behind why reiki works or how nature impacts our well-being, or even how telepathy and distant healing can work.

Even though he’s enthusiastic about this stuff, I found it hard to pay attention to all the studies and research that he talks about. There are a lot of studies mentioned, which is the point of Why Woo-Woo Works – backing up the woo-woo. But it was hard to focus on and remember all of them as he was talking.

You get the point even if you don’t fully listen to each study he talks about, though. The point is that there is research that backs up certain things and explains why other things are likely working.

If you are interested in alternative therapies and want some proof that they are working or could work for you, then you will like Why Woo-Woo Works.

I found I listened the best when he talked about things that I was interested in, such as reiki and crystals. I actually listened to the reiki section as I was walking to my reiki appointment and found it boosted up my excitement for going to my appointment and belief in what it could do for me.

I came out of Why Woo-Woo Works with even more confidence in things I use regularly like reiki, hypnotherapy, visualization, and energy work.

I also strengthened my belief in the placebo effect, which I have long believed in as a powerful tool for healing the mind and body.

If I believe something I’m doing could work, then there’s a good chance that it will.

Even things like prayer and telepathic communication were discussed, and these are things I’m interested in. I came out with a stronger belief in how my connection to people and things around me influences my life.

Things I Bookmarked In Why Woo-Woo Works

Here are a few of my bookmarks in Why Woo-Woo Works.

  • People who are skeptical are not skeptical because they actually understand what’s going on, they are skeptical because they don’t understand what’s going on and the subject matter doesn’t make sense to them. In other words, they are not experts in the matter, but the lack of plausibility in their own minds keeps them from believing what experts tell them. I instantly thought of vaccines when David R. Hamilton mentioned this because that’s a hot topic right now. But there are many other things in life that this applies to.
  • When a doctor is emphatic with a patient, they can heal their patients better than a doctor who is not empathic. Not only do patients feel better around these doctors, but they are more willing to do things that are good for their health. This resonates with me big time. I’ve had nothing but horrible doctors for years, and as I sit and wait for weeks to find out the result of a CT I just had from a doctor who barely remembers who I am and doesn’t listen to me every time I mention something important to me, it has become crystal clear how important an empathic doctor would be for me.
  • When times are rough, go with the flow. There is science behind this. It’s important to trust that we are where we need to be.
  • The belief that stress is bad for you is worse for your health than the stress itself. In fact, it can increase the risk of premature death by 43% when compared to believing that stress is good for you. HELL YES! I’ve been telling myself that I’m losing my hair again because of stress, and I might actually be manifesting that by that hardcore belief. As soon as I heard David R. Hamilton talking about this, I instantly switched how I viewed stress. I will no longer tell myself that stress is hurting me.
  • Time passes quickly when you are higher up as opposed to lower down by the earth. I mean, the difference between being upstairs to downstairs is not a lot, but it’s there. David R. Hamilton even talked about how your head ages faster than your feet. This is just fascinating to me. My husband and I have been sleeping downstairs for a few months now. We have a master bedroom upstairs with a huge bed, but we’ve opted for sleeping in a double bed downstairs because we often feel better down there – as if we are more present and time moves more slowly. I couldn’t help but think of that when I listened to David R. Hamilton talk about this stuff.
  • Be kind because improves a lot of things, including the immune system and telomere length. Telomeres are long when we are young and they shorten as we age, but practicing loving-kindness could help slow that down. I took this seriously. I know that I need to add more loving-kindness into my life. I’ve been practicing it more since I listened to this point.

You’ll Take What You Need From Why Woo-Woo Works

Obviously, this is just a shortlist of what was talked about in Why Woo-Woo Works. There were a lot of things discussed that I found very interesting.

I think that if you are interested in alternative therapies, are involved with alternative therapies, or work in an alternative therapy practice, you will like Why Woo-Woo Works. It will help bolster your beliefs and even give you some information to back up your current beliefs.

Again, I listened to Why Woo-Woo Works in audiobook format through the HayHouse Unlimited App, but you can find the book in all formats on Amazon too.

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