Jeffrey Allen’s Unlocking Transcendence: Creating Rooms In The Mind

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I’m currently taking the Unlocking Transcendence quest by Jeffrey Allen. On day 24 of the 60-day quest, Jeffrey guides you on a journey of creating some separate rooms in your mind for your work, relationships, and planning. At this point in the quest, you have already created a thinking/relaxation room, so on this day, the other three rooms get mentally connected to this first room. I had a great experience with this, and I’ve found it to be very beneficial for being more present during whatever activity I’m doing.

Jeffrey Allen's Unlocking Transcendence

Unlocking Transcendence’s Focus Is On Awareness

I’ve found that awareness, especially self-awareness, is essential in life. Self-awareness helps you see yourself as a unique individual and get unstuck from other people’s mental models in life. It also helps you make changes in your life that create more success and happiness.

For instance, when I can have the awareness that what I’m doing is not working for me, I can take a deeper look at it, figure out why it’s not working (and what I’m doing wrong), and look for alternate ways of doing things that may work better. In other words, I can change the course of my life.

That’s huge! I see so many people get stuck on doing something that is not working for them or even hurting them, but they don’t have the self-awareness to see that or see how their own actions are contributing to their negative state of being. So, I’m very grateful for the level of self-awareness that I have.

But, it’s not perfect by any means!

From what I’ve taken so far, my awareness around my location, time, physical body, energy body, and my mind has expanded. So, I’m excited about what’s to come. We are going to be working on intuition awareness, emotional awareness, and impact awareness in the future.

Creating Separate Mind Rooms Is Great For Being Present

All of the techniques Jeffrey Allen teaches, and your new awareness that comes as a result of practicing them, helps you to get grounded.

The other day I wrote about some Mindvalley courses that can help you become more present. Unlocking Transcendence is definitely one of them. I haven’t finished the course, so I can’t give a full review on it yet, but I know that it’s helping me be more grounded in every way.

So far, though, day 24 has been my most favorite day in terms of getting present in the moment and being able to focus without a ton of random and distractive thoughts. On this day, you create little rooms in your mind.

Unlocking Transcendence Jeffrey Allen Mind Rooms

My initial mind rooms: A planning room, thinking room, work room, and relationship room. I am not a very good artist, so it’s hard to accurately draw what it looks like in my mind. It’s much prettier in my mind!

As you create each room in your mind, you see exactly what it looks like, what’s in it, and get a sense of how it feels. After you create the room, it’s there for good. You can easily visualize it and, even better, step into it!

You can create as many mental rooms as you want, and I’ve found this to be extremely beneficial to switching gears – not just physically, but mentally as well.

For example, my romantic relationship room looks like an apartment, but with no windows. It’s very romantic with flowers everywhere. And it has a game table where we can spend time together playing games. It has a kitchen for cooking our favorite foods, a living room for hanging out and watching movies, and a bedroom – where sleep is optional. It’s full of comfortable couches and chairs and warm colors. It even has a hot tub, which has always been my favorite part of the romantic hotel room getaway. When I mentally move into this room, I break away from my work mind, worry mind, etc. I feel connected to my husband (even if he’s not physically around), and I’m reminded that our relationship feels safe and warm. In short, I feel fully present in our relationship.

I’ve found this sense of presence in everything I do since creating the mind rooms.

For instance, when I’m planning, I’m both physically planning, but I also spend time visualizing myself in my mental planning room where there are no distractions from work, friends, family, or anything else. It keeps me grounded and focused on what I’m doing. And, it helps me have a clearer vision when planning.

Unlocking Transcendence has really helped me be present both in body and mind in whatever I do, but creating these rooms has been Jeffrey’s top tool so far for me. The more I practice it, the more I discover how it benefits me.

You can read my review of this 60-day quest here. 

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