3 Mindvalley Courses That Can Help You Be More Present

If you are looking for a popular course that helps you get out of the past or future and be more present, then I can help you with that. I’ve reviewed nine Mindvalley courses on this site, and I’m currently taking two more courses. As someone pointed out in the comments the other day, a few of the Mindvalley courses offer some similar lessons but teach them with unique approaches. Because I’m a huge fan of living in the moment, it got me thinking about being in the moment and how different teachers on Mindvalley approach being more present.

3 Mindvalley Courses That Will Help You Get Into The Moment More

Mindvalley Courses To Help You Be More Present

What I’ve found is that every Mindvalley course helps expand your awareness in some way. And I’ve found that when your awareness expands, you naturally start to become more present.

But, there’s still stress, limiting beliefs, family problems, world problems, and health issues that can hold you back from practicing with your new awareness and keep you stuck in things like regret or worry, which keep you from being present.

To be more present, it’s important to learn how to deal with those issues AND gain techniques to become more grounded and aware. I think the following Mindvalley courses do that really well.

1. Unlimited Abundance

If you haven’t heard of Unlimited Abundance, you need to check it out. The program was created in 2011, but it’s relevant today and it will be relevant 30 years from now.

In short, Christie Marie Sheldon helps you take a look at your current beliefs in life (in all areas of your life) and blow up the lies that aren’t working for you. You start to weed out the limiting beliefs by deleting, uncreating, and destroying them through both gaining new awareness and an energetic clearing session she does each lesson.

In the program, Christie teaches a simple technique to get grounded and present. I have used this technique countless times over the past 4 years since I first took the program. She calls it ‘connecting to the light’ and it helps you connect to the light above and below and expand your awareness out to as far as you can imagine it will go.

Now, I get it, connecting to the light may seem a little out there for some people, but once you do it a few times, and you truly feel yourself more grounded and aware, it’s hard not to like the technique even if you don’t understand how it’s working.

I find that when I connect to the light, I my awareness feels huge. I’m aware of myself, my thoughts, and other people around me. It’s a great way to get out of overthinking and stress.

I also use her technique to be more present as I ask for guidance and try to listen to my intuition. It’s a great way to get out of your head, feel more confident, and stay grounded in the present moment.

Interested in the program? You can read my review of Unlimited Abundance here.

2. Duality

Jeffrey Allen is an interesting guy. I’m currently taking his quest called Unlocking Transcendence (which I’m finding is also really good for expanding awareness and being more present, so it may make this list after I finish it). But, I’ve already fully taken his other Mindvalley course called Duality.

Duality is about energetic awareness. It’s not about leaving your physical body behind, though. It’s about discovering a balance between your physical and energetic self, and using that balance to help you function better in the world.

In Duality, he has a technique that is similar to Christie Marie Sheldon’s, but it’s a little bit different. You do connect to a light, but you also surround yourself with a light in a way that her technique doesn’t do. You end up with more of an energetic waterfall around your body than an energetic expansion into the universe and beyond.

In short, her technique helps you expand your energy and your awareness out while his technique helps you feel all warm and fuzzy and protected by a tighter bubble.

I use Christie’s technique when I want to be grounded and connected to everything around me.

I use Jeffrey’s technique when I want to be grounded and present in my own little space. It helps me disconnect with the commotion going on around me and feel as though I have my own space that nobody can get into, no matter how loud they are or how desperately they try to get into my space.

If you are interested in this Mindvalley course, you can read my Duality review here.

3. Silva Ultramind System

This Mindvalley course helps you get more control over your mind, which helps you alleviate negative emotions and live in a more grounded place. You learn how to pay more attention to your body, thoughts, and feelings, which is a great way to be more present.

One of the first things I learned about being present was that if you pay attention to the senses, such as smell, touch, hearing, and sight, you will be more present. But, I now know that it goes beyond that. Paying attention to your thoughts and feelings can help you stay in tune with what’s going on at the moment and be present.

In the Silva Ultramind System, you learn about being in an alpha state of mind. I found that being able to tap into both your alpha state of mind (where you are in a meditative or daydreamy state) and into a low level of beta frequency (which is associated with reasoning and alertness) helps you to feel grounded and get things done.

While I don’t think of it in a technical way, I guess you would be at around 12Hz, which is the low end of Beta and the high end of Alpha. But, that’s not what matters to me. What matters is I’m calm, cool, rational, and present.

The Silva Life System has different exercises that help you get more control over your mind, which helps you feel more grounded and present. You are able to better solve problems, be more creative, feel more relaxed, and use your intuition.

If you are interested in this Mindvalley program, check out my Silva Ultramind review here.

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