My Review Of Jeffrey Allen’s 60-Day Unlocking Transcendence Quest

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Since last year, I have been working on my spiritual self. I’ve noticed that I suddenly need a connection to something bigger. When I listened to Jeffrey Allen talking about Unlocking Transcendence in his Masterclass with Vishen, I decided that I wanted to improve my spiritual fitness. I didn’t really know what that meant at the time, but it sounded like something that was in line with my need to have more of a connection. Turns out it wasn’t exactly how I thought it was going to be, but it did help me strengthen that connection. Following is my Unlocking Transcendence review, including thoughts about Jeffrey Allen and the quest, as well as what I experienced and think the quest is good for.

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The Quest Played Well With Others…

I started taking Unlocking Transcendence at the same time I start The Quest for Personal Mastery.  Unlocking Transcendence was 60 days long and Personal Mastery was 45 days, so there were 15 days where I was just taking Unlocking Transcendence.

I’ve never taken two Mindvalley courses at once before, but I feel like they worked together really well. Because of that, I will likely always be taking two courses at once from this point forward.

I found that the concepts you learn in one can complement the concepts you are learning in another. It seems to boost your understanding of something and help you implement it into your life faster.

Even now, I’m taking My Lifebook Online as I retake the Superbrain Quest because I realized that that memory and brain health concepts would really help with Lifebook’s deep dive into your life and what you want to achieve in it.

Unlocking Transcendence Is About Improving Awareness

Jeffrey Allen talks about upping your spirituality in all dimensions and getting aligned while pursuing your goals, but what I found is that the quest is really about improving your awareness in order to understand what you need to do and get the answers you need.

Unlocking Transcendence covers all aspects of awareness. You will explore things like mental awareness, listening awareness, time awareness, location awareness, energy awareness, emotional awareness, impact awareness, and physical awareness.

How does awareness apply to spiritual fitness? Jeffrey Allen says that there is a base level of awareness you need in order to pick up spiritual training. You need to have body, mind, emotional, spiritual, and impact awareness. Without this awareness, you feel like life is happening to you, but with it, you can pick up information easily and apply it to your life. You feel more connected, you are more open to new ideas, and you can be more in control.

My two favorite awareness aspects were time awareness and mind awareness.

  1. Time Awareness – Being present is so important to me. I look back on all the times I wasn’t present in my life and feel regret over it. Because of that, mindfulness is a practice that I must have in my life. In Unlocking Transcendence you learn to see yourself in the moment, as well as the past and future. You learn how to look forward instead of backward. You learn how to put your energy into the timeline you want to be on. And you learn how to stand in the time that you are in. The affirmation I got from all of this is that ‘Time is on my side’ whereas I used to think that time was totally working against me. Time awareness is an interesting concept that I think everyone will benefit from. When you have that awareness, you can end anxiety and feel relaxed and present.
  2. Mind Awareness – As Jeffrey Allen says in the quest, an organized mind is clear and able to function in the present moment. It helps you do everything better. I wrote about some of the mind rooms that you create during the Unlocking Transcendence quest. These are just separate rooms you create in your mind for thinking, working, planning, and your relationship. But, you create another one later on with Jeffrey, and I found that I created even more rooms to help me allocate space for every aspect of my life. I love this technique of being able to find a quiet space in my mind and turn down the mental chatter. Jeffrey teaches you how to clear out mental fog and find issues in your mind and clear them out. I’ve found myself using a few of the techniques often when something is bothering me.

I’ve been able to reduce and eliminate pain thanks to my heightened body awareness

After doing the body awareness aspect of Unlocking Transcendence, I woke up one night with a huge pain in my shoulder. That’s not unusual for me to have pain, especially around certain days of the month. I usually do energy healing, but this time I moved my awareness into my shoulder, which is something you learn to do in the quest, and tried to understand the pain. I was half asleep, so I’m not really sure what I was thinking. But, suddenly my shoulder jerked up and to the left and instantly felt better.

I was shocked! My pain never goes away that quickly.

It was like my awareness knew exactly what needed to be done to heal that pain and make things better. I was blown away by it and while I’m not exactly sure how it works, I’ve been using it ever since because it has been working. I simply move my awareness into the spot that is giving me problems, ask what I can do about it, and listen to my intuition. Usually just moving my awareness into the area helps alleviate the issue. It’s kind of awesome.

Both Video And Audio Are In Unlocking Transcendence

Most of the quest is made up of practice meditations. In fact, 7 out of 10 days are audio, where you listen to him introduce the subject and then go into a guided meditation to help you learn more about the subject.

Unlocking Transcendence Audio Days

But there’s also video days. Unlocking Transcendence is broken up into 6 10-day segments. On day 1, day 5, and day 9 of every 10-day segment Jeffrey does a video. This is when he talks about a new concept, or on day 9, talks about everything you learned and some practice ideas and tips. You also do a meditation during the video lessons. So you are doing a meditation, where you close your eyes and Jeffrey guides you through an exercise, every single day except the 10th day. On that day you can do your own meditation (explore your own thoughts) or catch up on anything you’ve missed.

Unlocking Transcendence Video Days

Note: This is a quest on Mindvalley that used to be a stand alone quest for sale, but now it is included in the Mindvalley Membership. In other words, instead of just paying for this quest and being done with it, you get access to this quest and 70+ other things, including quests, meditations, and videos.

There Is A Lot Of Visualization In Your Meditations

I use my imagination all the time, so it was very easy for me to visualize what he was talking about during the meditations. I had no problem with any part of the visualizations. But some people were having problems visualizing anything, which was obviously frustrating for them.

Other people were saying that he moved too fast during the meditations and they were not able to keep up. They would just barely come up with an image and then he would be moving to something else.

Jeffrey Allen said that you don’t need to do it perfectly in order for it to work for you and that if you keep trying it will come to you. I think that the realization that you don’t need to get it perfect can help you let go of trying desperately to see something during the meditation and instead just allow whatever pops into your head to come into your head.

I don’t know if that will be the case for you, but just know that Jeffrey Allen takes you through a guided visualization each day except for the 10th day of every segment. So there is a lot of visualizing going on.

Jeffrey Allen Is The Most Active Teacher I’ve Seen In The Facebook Group

I noticed that Jeffrey Allen was a good moderator in the Facebook group. He had really detailed stuff in the units outlined in the Facebook group, and he answered some people’s questions or commented on people’s comments, which I haven’t seen many other course teachers do.

Even today, while I’m writing this Unlocking Transcendence review – a few days after the quest has finished – he’s still responding to people.

His Intentions Are Good And The Information Is Valuable For Your Life

His intentions are crystal clear in Unlocking Transcendence- he wants to help you expand your awareness and he gives a crap about you. That’s why, despite the fact that he annoys me sometimes (see below), I would take another quest by him if he put one out.

The stuff he teaches is valuable and if you use just a few of the techniques and concepts he teaches, you can improve your life. I’ve realized that increased awareness can help you avoid stress and anxiety and instead calm down, find answers, and take action.

You learn during the quest that higher awareness in the areas he teaches can do many things, including:

  • Boost your happiness
  • Help you have more success
  • Help you communicate better
  • Help you feel more connected to people of opposite beliefs than you and like them a little more – or at least accept them for who they are
  • Help you accept new ideas into your life that can turn into habits and change your whole life course completely
  • Lower stress and anxiety
  • Help you be more present and mindful
  • Fix what’s not working in your life
  • Help you listen to your intuition better
  • Create more momentum in your life
  • Allow you to worry less about others and what they think
  • Allow you to feel more connected to yourself/your body/your soul
  • Help you release judgments about yourself and others
  • Manifest better opportunities
  • Get rid of unconscious thoughts that are limiting you
  • Clear your mind and have it function better in the present moment
  • Get clearer on what you need and want to do in and for this world

There are so many more benefits of this quest. I found that you end up being more present in your body, mind, and soul. You are able to see the bigger picture better and let go of stress and anxiety.

I Bring All Of Me Wherever I Go

After a few weeks into Unlocking Transcendence, I found that I started to bring all of me, not just my body, wherever I went. So I guess I’m combining my body, mind, and energetic awareness when doing something.

For instance, when I want to plan out my week, I take my body upstairs to my planning area. But, I also go into my planning room in my mind, shut the door, and pay attention to planning. I also stay in the flow and pour all my energy into the planning.

It’s very interesting to be present in mind, body, and soul. It’s something I want everyone to be able to experience, and Unlocking Transcendence is definitely the key to making that happen. I’ve never developed something like this from any other program.

Learn How To Tap Into Your Spiritual Self

The Unlocking Transcendence quest has a section called spirit awareness, but it’s not about religion. It’s about intuition and connection.

Jeffrey Allen says it’s about learning what it’s like to be a spirit. You connect with your spiritual self, get access to information that only your spirit can connect with, and learn how to connect with everything around you in a spiritual/energetic way.

I thought I was pretty good at listening to my intuition, but on day 32, when Jeffrey talked about making intuition easy, I realized that I wasn’t listening to my intuition because of something that happened the next morning.

That night was a meteor shower. I love meteor showers. On day 32 of Unlocking Transcendence, the peak of a shower was happening and my intuition told me to stay up and watch it late into the evening. Instead, I went to sleep and planned to get up and 4 am. The lesson about intuition wasn’t something I was thinking about. When I went to bed it was a clear sky, when I woke up at 4 am it was cloudy and I couldn’t see a thing. I realized my intuition had tried to help me see the shower during the only time I would be able to see it, but I chose to ignore it.

Jeffrey goes over a few techniques for using your intuition, and now I use my favorite technique daily. I don’t question it. I don’t ignore it. I listen to my intuition so I don’t miss out on something that will make me happy again.

What I Didn’t Like About Unlocking Transcendence

The course itself was good. It had a ton of lessons and tools to help you expand your awareness, but the teacher was the problem for me.

Jeffrey Allen is a good guy with good intentions, but he can be annoying to me. There are a lot of people in the Facebook groups for his courses that like him and find him charming. For me, though, he reminds me so much of this guy (an old friend’s husband who was always stoned) who used to smile, nod, and act like everything in life was always ‘cool man’.

I wrote about how Jeffrey Allen was a little annoying in my Duality review. In Duality, he was always waving his hand around during the meditations – as if he was affecting the energy in some way, but thankfully in Unlocking Transcendence, he put up a picture during the video meditations so you couldn’t see what he was doing.

But, still, there were a few things that were unnecessary.

For instance, every single lesson he said, “Hello everybody, I’m Jeffrey Allen,” and every single lesson I would think, ‘Yes, I know who you are. Why do you need to introduce yourself every single day?’ It made me cringe at the beginning of every lesson. It was definitely a chance to work on my ability to bounce back and pay attention after something disruptive happened, which was what I was working on in the Personal Mastery quest.


And his obsession with smiling was the other thing. He often tells you to smile during the guided meditations. I understand why he does it. He means ‘don’t take stuff so seriously’, but I don’t need to smile all the time. I don’t need someone constantly telling me to smile either. That’s just not in my nature, even if it is in his.

Again, I suppose it offered the chance to practice moving on from something distracting or annoying. Plus, I had plenty of teachers in high school and college that annoyed me, but I didn’t let that affect my ability to get the knowledge I needed and pass the class.

He Makes Some Weird Claims

Also, there were some things that Jeffrey Allen said during this quest that was hard to believe. I found that in Duality too. He says things that he can’t prove, but he sure believes in.

For instance, on Day 14 during the Healing Your Body session, he says, “You can live as long as you want to live if you don’t shut down your body.” That’s just nonsense to me.

But, Unlocking Transcendence Is Still A Good Quest For Improving Your Life

If you can get past Jeffrey Allen (if you even have a problem with him… you may not) then you will realize how beneficial this stuff is to your life.

I’ve found that improving my awareness has helped me in every area of life.

For instance, I feel more grounded. I noticed that this Christmas was the first Christmas where I was completely present and aware of what was going on around me. I can recite to you what I did from the moment I woke up until the moment I went to sleep. My awareness was on high that day. Normally I’m thinking about what I need to do after the holidays and not paying attention to the moment. And I always regret it later on. So I’m so grateful for my new levels of awareness in various areas of my life. I need to enjoy the special moments with loved ones because the chances I have to do that is dwindling down as everyone ages.

You will also become more aware of your impact on the world, which is something everyone can benefit from. We all need to be more compassionate towards others as well as motivated to do positive things for other people and the world in general. I was able to get clearer on how I want to use my writing and how I wanted to impact people when I go out into the world.

I found that the quest has helped me maintain more of a positive mindset and energy. There is a lesson, I think on day 52, where you can see clearly how you either go in a positive or negative spiral, and I was able to quickly visualize that positive spiral and develop the desire to stay in it more. So, now when I’m feeling grumpy, I quickly remember (I’m aware of) that there is a positive vortex of energy available to me and I don’t need to drag myself down into the negative spiral.

I also feel more at peace in life. Like many people, I’ve been focused on political issues, and once you do that you are led into a world of pain and suffering. It’s really hard to get your focus off that, and if you are empathic like me, it’s hard to feel good when others are in so much pain. Thanks to Unlocking Transcendence, I’ve developed a sense of knowing that things are better than they appear and they are only going to improve. I’ve become aware of how many people are out there doing good things and trying to stop the negative things. And, I’ve become aware that my part in this world has nothing to do with worrying. It has everything to do with being myself and doing the best I can.

Improving your awareness is life-changing. You can move through life easier, understand yourself – what you do, why you do it, and what you might want to do instead – with higher awareness. But, you can also go beyond yourself and impact the world positively when you have a higher level of awareness. Just by being a better version of yourself, you impact the world more positively. When your awareness opens up, you can also relate to the world better and have a better impact on people you directly come in contact with and, through influence, everyone they come in contact with.

In short, Unlocking Transcendence can help you be more aware of who you are and what helps you or doesn’t help you. You become more open to new ideas and practices. You start to feel more connected to your spiritual self. Your desire to do the things you need to do for more happiness increases. Your impact on the world becomes more apparent. And, you will have more desire to make the changes you know you should make and more motivation to maintain those changes.

Learn more about the course here.

This course is part of the Mindvalley Membership. Read my Mindvalley Membership review here.


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