More Labs Sent Me The Lifehack Pack To Review (Then I Got A Bill)

More Labs. The Lifehack Pack. These are things I never heard of before someone from PerformCB contacted me through email about the More Lab’s products and how promoting them would be beneficial to my audience as a blogger. I got busy and didn’t reply, so the person from PerformCB sent me a second email telling me that More Labs would be a great fit for my demographic. It sounds like they knew what this blog was about and had an idea of who I am, right?

I checked it out and noticed that More Labs offers drinks that boost focus, dreaming, and recovery after a night of drinking. They also have immunity packets, probiotics, and merch.

Obviously, I’m interested in dreaming and focus, and I’ve been known to drink too much, so I thought it would be a good product to try out. I wrote the person from PerformCB back to tell them that I only review products that I try, and when I received an answer back from them, I should have stopped engaging with them then.

To Make Sure You Qualify For A Free Sample…

Here’s the email I received after I told them that I always try products before I write reviews and that they could send me some of the More Lab’s products to try if they would like.

Thanks for getting back to me! More Labs would love to provide samples. To make sure you qualify for samples, could you please provide the following information:

  • Where are you planning on promoting More Labs (website, email campaign, social media, etc.)?
  • What is your average Monthly Unique Visitors to your website, social, etc.?
  • What is your target demographic?

Thanks again – Looking forward to working with you!

I shouldn’t have replied to this email. The first email I received from them told me that they thought my site was a great site to promote More Labs, so I figured they had some idea of what my blog was about. This email made it clear that they didn’t.

Unfortunately, I wrote back anyway telling them what my site was about and answered their questions. I made sure to mention veganism and personal growth as that’s what I’m into and this blog is based around my life.

They sent me back an email saying that the Lifehack Pack had been sent to my address and they were looking forward to working with me.

I Received The Package Then Got Sick

Lifehack Pack From More Labs

I can’t remember when I got the Lifehack Pack delivered, but I do know that I got sick on February 2nd and it was around that time. I’ve been dealing with all kinds of pain since then. I thought it was diverticulitis, but it turns out it is an ovarian cyst.

Regardless, I didn’t try their Lifehack Pack products because I wasn’t feeling well.

I’m not an alcoholic and I don’t feel like drinking when I’m sick, so there was no need for me to try their Morning Recovery drink.

Furthermore, I wasn’t putting anything into my body that I thought would upset my digestive system, especially things I’ve never tried before.

In short, I haven’t tried More Labs’s Lifehack Pack, which is fine because this wasn’t a paid sponsorship where I needed to talk about their products within a certain time frame (I actually don’t do those on this blog at all). This was a free sample to try and review.

I Got A FedEx Bill

More Labs SHipping Bill

This is what blows my mind!

On March 20th, my husband brings in the mail and there is something from FedEx. I open it up and it’s a bill for $29.01 from the FedEx Lifehack Pack delivery.

More Labs Bill

It’s total insanity to me. I’ve never experienced anything like this in my life.

That’s like sending someone a gift of something you like to see if they would like it, and THEN sending them the shipping bill! They didn’t ask for the gift. YOU decided to send it to them. But still, you send them a bill!

It is the hands-down weirdest and one of the most annoying things I’ve experienced while blogging.

Update: Since writing this review, they have reimbursed me for the bill. More Labs didn’t bother to contact me directly. The guy from PerformCB did. But, from the PayPal note, it looks like More Labs reimbursed me.

I’m Not Even Sure These Lifehack Pack Drinks Are Vegan

To top everything off, looking through the ingredients, I can’t even drink these things I paid for but didn’t ask for because I can’t tell if they are vegan or not.

There is L-carnitine in the Liquid Focus drink, which may or may not be vegan, but it doesn’t actually say on the box, so I’m going with NOT.

There is Glycine in the Dream Well drink which has something to do with gelatin… not vegan in my books.

And the Morning Recovery seems to be vegan, but, I’m still not feeling great and I’m not going to be drinking too much anytime soon.

So I can’t say if any of the drinks in the Lifehack Pack from More Labs are good or not.

They do contain a lot of natural ingredients, which I like, but I can’t speak to how well they work.

Maybe I’ll give the Lifehack Pack to a friend to try and they can give me their review.

Do I Really Need To Clarify Whether I’m Going To Get Charged For A Product A Company Wants To Send Me?

So I’m going to suck it up, pay the bill, and never deal with PerformCB or More Labs again.

This all taught me a lesson I didn’t even know I needed to learn. But, going forward, I guess I need to clarify whether I’m going to get a shipping bill for a product people want to send me to try and review? It’s insane.

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