My Experience With The Main Bioenergy Code And Wealth Product

I am really into energy medicine right now, specifically chakra work. I had a Reiki session done not too long ago, and it gave me relief from an ovarian cyst pain that I had non-stop for over a month. I strongly believe that I had some sort of stagnant energy in me around my two lower chakras and it needed to get the heck out before I could start to heal up. I had never heard of the Bioenergy Code until recently, but I was drawn to it when I heard about it. So, I bought the main Bioenergy Code product as well as the Wealth Bioenergy Code product to try out.

The Main Bioenergy Code Product

The main thing you get are meditations to help you clear negative blockages in your chakras. The theory is that when you clear these blockages, you can manifest want you want into your life, including wealth, healing, and relationships.

It’s interesting because a lot of people believe that things like Reiki and chakras are pure crap and that the only reason energetic treatments work is because of the placebo effect.

I’ve had a lot of experience with energy medicine and chakra work over the years, such as with Donna Eden and her courses and books as well as the Chakra Healing quest with Anodea Judith.

But I’ve been interested in this stuff all my life. I remember when I was 18 (25 years ago 😬) and I picked up a kundalini book and was fascinated by it. I’ve always believed in more than meets the eye when it comes to our bodies and how they function, and the placebo effect is one of the things that I fully believe in as something that can heal you.

This is mostly because I’ve seen the placebo effect work in my dad’s life constantly. I’ve talked about it before, but I’ll just reiterate the main thing that happened. My dad has Lupus, and one day he met a doctor who specialized in lupus. She told him outright that he didn’t have Lupus. My dad believed her. He thought he had cured himself. And he was a different man. He didn’t look sick or act sick. He wasn’t sick! He was a normal person – and I hadn’t seen him like that since I was 12. He had been sick every day of his life since he was diagnosed. Being Lupus-free lasted for a few months. Then when he went into his regular jerkoff doctor who is all about money (he’s a plastic surgeon), he was told that was she said was ridiculous. “Of course you still have Lupus!” the jerk said. My dad believed him because he had been his ‘doctor’ for over 20 years, and my dad has been sick as hell ever since that day.

So, whether the Bioenergy Code works to clear negative blockages in your chakras or works because of the placebo effect, I still fully believe it works. Honestly, I believe it works for both reasons.

The Main Meditation

The main Bioenergy Code meditation is a really good meditation. It moves you from chakra to chakra. You open up your chakras, fill them with their respective colors, focus on what each chakra contributes to your life, visualize it working well in your life, and then go on with your day with balanced energy in your body.

The idea is that when your chakras are open and the energy current is running smoothly, you are able to manifest more of what you want into your life, including better health, wealth, and relationships.

Bioenergy Code Screenshot

It feels so good. It feels cleansing. It feels like you are doing something good for your body.

Years ago, I used to open up my chakras before I went to bed. I had read about it in a book somewhere, and it felt good to do it. It helped me relax and seemed to help me let go of worries and stress. I had completely forgotten I used to do that until I started with this BioEnergy Code meditation.

You also get a beautiful audio version without the guided meditation. You can use it to do your own meditation at your own pace and it includes some secret ingredients that are meant to boost the effectiveness of the meditation. (Reaad about them in the BioEnergy Code manual.)

5 Minute BioEnergy Healing Sessions For Each Chakra

You also get 7 short meditations – one for each chakra. They help you focus in on a specific chakra if that’s what you want to do. Obviously I’ve been focusing on my sacral chakra as imbalances in it can contribute to ovarian cysts.

Each meditation includes affirmations related to the charka at hand, which I love! I know that affirmations have a huge influence over life, so I love that they are included in these meditations and I know that they are affirmations I need to adopt into my life because I have a lot of resistance towards their messages. That’s likely why I’m having so many problems in that chakra.

The BioEnergy Code PDF

The manual that comes with BioEnergy Code is essentially a book on chakras. It says that you don’t need to read it, but I would say you do.

I think a better understand of the chakras and how you can heal yourself will benefit you in the long run. I think their point is the meditations, and all their complements, are enough to help heal energetic blockages in your body. But, knowing how chakras work contributes to the placebo effect (which will boost healing in my experience as what you truly believe comes to fruition) and helps you understand what things to do that are known to heal your body.

In the BioEnergy manul, you learn:

  • More about each chakra and how they influence your life.
  • How to identify a blocked chakra. There is a list of ailments and information on how they relate to your chakras. This can help you pick a meditation that is focused solely on the chakra you want to work on. For instance, uterine cysts are in there and I learned that my Sacral Chakra is what I need to focus on to heal it. Moreover, the BioEnergy Code manual talks about what to do to heal the chakra, including letting go of toxic memories and negative thoughts because they can release hormones that cause more pain and damage.
  • How to clear negative blockages through real actionable methods that we all can take, including the guided meditations included with the BioEnergy Code and some secret ingredients that I’ve heard about before somewhere without giving it much thought but now can’t stop thinking about.

You also get 7 PDFs – one for each chakra. They explain the chakra, location, color, element, affirmation, gland, and physical body parts that correlate to it, possible causes of blockages, crystals to use, and more. It helps you focus on the chakra you want to focus on and dig into what’s going on and how you can fix it.

The Heart Energy Activator

This meditation by BioEnergy Code helps you to get rid of blockages in your heart chakra. This is supposed to help the energy in the other chakras flow better because the heart chakra is at the center of all the chakras and it serves as a meeting point between the lower three and higher three chakras. Moreover, fear and anxiety can occur when this chakra is blocked, which affects our ability to take action on many things, including clearing out the other chakras.

You also get a 38-page PDF explaining everything about the heart chakra and how important it is to our lives. It’s truly interesting and I will never look at my heart chakra the same way again.

I understand how important the heart chakra is now and I pay more attention to it than I ever have in the past. Before I even heard of the BioEnergy Code I felt like my crown chakra was the most important, but I can see how I NEED to pay a lot of attention to the heart chakra because fear has been a big part of my life this past year, which I believe played a part in so many physical issues this past year, including a breast cyst, alopecia, and my ovarian cyst, as well as my inability to manifest some things that I wanted in my life.

You will likely also get the importance of this chakra as you work through the BioEnergy Code information and meditations.

BioEnergy Wealth Code

I also bought the BioEnergy Code for wealth. This has been quite a year for us in terms of both health and wealth. My husband lost his job and covid has really done a number on our finances this year. So, the BioEnergy Wealth Code was a no-brainer for me right now as I’m sure fear over wealth issues has played havoc on my energy and health too.

The BioEnergy Wealth Code Is Different Than The BioEnergy Code

For this wealth aspect of the BioEnergy Code, you get 7 meditations to download.

Bioenergy Code Screenshot

This kind of reminds me of Hypnosis Bootcamp where you get 7 days of hypnosis sessions. With each one you get into an alpha state and focus on absorbing information relevant to the topic at hand so that you can go forward and use it to your advantage! Except with the BioEnergy Wealth Code meditations its more about visualization, getting on the same vibration as what you want, and really stepping into the picture which you are trying to paint.

There Is A Lot Of Visualization

I’ve said this before… I love to visualize. I’m good at it. But, I know that some people can’t visualize well. Inside the Bioenergy Code and Bioenergy Wealth Code guided meditations, there is a lot of visualization required.

For example, you will be pretending that certain things are currently happening in your life, visualize yourself go into a room and take a drink, and visualize money popping up around you. There is a lot more visualization, so if you don’t think you can visualize then you may not benefit from Bioenergy Code.

The manual says that visualization helps to cultivate a comforting and positive state of mind to go along with the guided meditation. I found that the visualization helped me realize the possibilities of what was being discussed in the guided meditations.

I Believe The BioEnergy Code Can Get Energy Moving And Improve Manifestation

It would help if you are interested in chakras and how the energy in your body plays a part in both your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual life. You are going to learn a lot about chakras and the energy that flows through your body.

The BioEnergy Code has helped me shift the belief of what’s possible both in my body and in my manifestation. I’ve gotten pretty down the last few months and this is one tool that has differently helped to turn that around.

Every morning I try to do either hypnosis or meditation. It depends on how I feel and what I need most. I can’t get enough of chakras and energy medicine lately, so the BioEnergy Code meditation will be one that I do at least once per week… probably more. I love the visualization of opening up my chakras and making them work as strong as possible.

Also, every night I will do the meditation on my own without the track. It just feels good to do it. It relaxes me, helps me get my mind off my worries, and I seem to fall asleep quicker.

You can get a free meditation from BioEnergy Code on this page. I haven’t tried it, so I don’t know what it’s like.

I recommend the product itself. You can watch the video about it here or you can read about it here. Whatever you prefer.

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