Ophiasis Alopecia Update: End Of May To End Of August

It’s been almost three months since I wrote my first article on my experience with Ophiasis Alopecia. My hair had finally stopped falling out when I wrote that article, but I was on the fence as to whether or not it was going to hang in there. It has. And there’s been some growth too!

The Back of My Head Is Filling In

It was amazing how much hair fell off the back of my head, but it was totally consistent with the Ophiasis Alopecia pattern. I didn’t really realize how much hair had filled in until I looked at May’s picture compared to August’s. Quite a bit of hair has filled in within the past three months. I have little patches of new hair everywhere.

Alopecia Ophiasis Hair Growth Back

It’s Growing In At The Front

I had beautiful little hair grow in at the front of my hair. It doesn’t look like much, but it’s filled out that front quite a bit. It’s brought my hairline forward a bit at the front, and I’m so grateful for that.

Alopecia Ophiasis Hair Growth Front

The Right Side Of My Hair

Ophiasis Alopecia takes the sides and back of the hair, and my hair was no exception. My right side is trying to grow in a bit! It’s coming in at the top and the sideburn area mostly, but I’ll take it! Especially on the top because that hair helps me cover up the rest. I only had a thin line of hair that I was able to part and (mostly cover up) any bald spots. However, on my front right, I had a bald spot close to the front that was impossible to cover up. That’s filling in now. 🙂

Alopecia Ophiasis Hair Growth Right

The Left Side Of My Head

Just like on the right, I have a little line of hair growing in from the top of my left side and it’s making it look like I kind of hair there! Looking at the pictures from May, I can see that there’s been a lot of hair growth on the backside of my head that I didn’t notice.

Alopecia Ophiasis Hair Growth Left

I’m Happy With The Hair Growth Progress

While you can see a lot of baldness still, it covers up pretty well when my hair is down.

The new growth is adding some thickness to my hair. Before, there was nothing there, and my thin hair part couldn’t cover up things very well. The new hair growth helps fill in the blank spots a bit.

Considering that I thought Ophiasis Alopecia has a less favorable prognosis than other types of alopecia, I’m pretty happy. I had to come to terms with the fact that my hair was going to fall out just in case it did, so having hair growth is wonderful!

Ironically, most of the new hair growth has been coming in brown. I’ve had white hair growing in for over 15 years, so I have no idea how the new hair growth is brown, but I’ll take it!

What Have I Been Doing To Grow Some Hair Back?

Nothing special. A lot of praying and hoping.

I have been taking CBD oil a bit, as I’ve read it can help with inflammation in the body and anxiety. I do feel like my body was going through a ton of inflammation the first half of this year, and I was thinking the stress could’ve played a factor in my alopecia, so it may be something that helped, but I can’t say for sure.

I was taking a lot of Biotin in May and June, but my TSH blood work (for my hypothyroidism) kept coming back wonky and I found out that high doses of Biotin can skew TSH results, so I stopped taking it completely because my thyroid needed to be in balance more than my hair needed to grow. Now that I feel better with my thyroid, I’m probably going to start taking it again.

Other than that, I’ve just been trying not to stress about it.

I’ll update again in three months, at the end of November. Hopefully, there will be a ton of new growth by then.

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