Ophiasis Alopecia Update: End Of August To Middle Of December

It’s been three and half months or so since I wrote my last update on my Ophiasis Alopecia. My hair has been growing back everywhere since I last wrote, and I’m so grateful it decided to keep going.

The Back Of My Head

One of my first bald spots was on the back of my head, lower left. Then, the hair on the back of my head started flying off. You can check out my first Alopecia article to see that. I had hair loss on the back of my head all the way to above the ears.

Now, the hair is filling in nicely. There are still some bald spots, but there is a ton of hair growing in.

I can wear my hair up again and it looks pretty normal.

I have a spot on the bottom right that is taking its time growing back, but it IS growing back. And, I have white hair which can look like bald spots.

I love the back of my head so much. I’m grateful for every hair on it!

The Left Side Of My Head

In the last update at the end of August, my left side was struggling. It was filling in, but it still looked pretty bald when my hair was pulled back. Not anymore. All those little baby hairs have filled in and started growing and it actually looks like I have no bald spots on the side.

Anything that may look bald in the picture is white hair. I’ve been letting my white hair grow out a bit so that I’m not constantly dying my hair and, possibly, causing it to fall out again.

The Right Side

The right side has filled in and I can’t find any bald spots anymore. It’s insane! I have a ton of short hairs, and again white hairs, but I’m so happy with how it’s growing in. I can actually wear my hair half-back now, which I love to do, and not look bald on the sides.

The Front

I still have some missing hair on the front and its kind of thin, but I DON’T CARE! It’s coming back and I’m so grateful.

There’s Still Some To Go, But My Hair Is Growing Back So I’m Happy

Mostly the spots behind my ears, on the front, and some spots in the back still need to fill in, but there is hair there growing, so I’m thinking it should be filled in within three months.

I had some tingling on my head about a month ago. That scared the crap out of me because that was what I felt before I got my first bald spot. But, the tingling went away and my hair hung in there… literally.

My Hair Grew Back Without Drugs Or Shots

I keep thinking about how the dermatologist told me that my Ophiasis Alopecia would only get worse if I didn’t get the drug therapy or shots he was recommending. He was insistent about it.

If I had gotten the shots or taken the drugs, and my hair grew back, I would have credited those things to my hair growing back and likely kept getting them no matter what because I would have believed they were the ONLY way I could grow my hair back.

It’s been almost a year since he told me that I needed to get those shots.

My hair grew back on its own. No shots. No drugs. No nothing, except some extra biotin and some belief that I could grow my hair back if I could reduce my stress.

I’m not saying everyone’s hair will grow back without the drugs or shots, but I think it’s important to consider what’s right for you and not listen to some doctor who reads from a script and doesn’t know you.

I had read about how painful the shots can be and how there can be scarring and other side effects. I also found that a lot of people who received the shots ended up having their hair fall out again after the treatment was over.

It seemed pointless to me.

It seemed like I would be wasting a lot of money and energy on these things.

I decided that if my Ophiasis Alopecia didn’t go away, I would be fine. I would get a wig. I would learn to live with it.

I’m grateful I decided not to get them.

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