Review Of Nir Eyal’s Becoming Focused And Indistractable Quest

A new quest popped up on Mindvalley recently called Becoming Focused And Indistractable. It’s by Nir Eyal. I hadn’t heard of him before this quest, but he’s a very well-spoken guy who can clearly convey how to be more focused and less distracted using psychology and special hacks. Because I’m part of the Mindvalley Membership, I got full access to this quest instantly so my husband and I took the entire quest in two days. Here’s my review.

Become more Focused And Indistractable

I Liked The First 14 Days Of The Quest The Best (And Day 17 and 18)

I found that I liked the first weeks of Becoming Focused And Indistractable the best. Nil Eyal explains what drives our behavior – good or bad – as well as the root cause of distraction, how dissatisfaction can make things better in our lives, and how important our mindset is to become indistractable.

My husband liked the first few weeks too. Actually, I watched the first video alone and then told my husband he would probably like it. He did.

Nir Eyal has some interesting knowledge to share about focus and distraction and we were surprised because it was more information that we thought you would get in a course on becoming more focused. It was more in-depth and offered more insight than we thought it would. He takes a scientific approach to the topics of being focused and eliminating distractions, which was really interesting.

Day 17 and 18 were two of my favorite days. Nir Eyal talked about holding yourself accountable and gave some tips on how to do it. This was something I needed to learn. I work online and holding myself accountable can be hard sometimes. In fact, sometimes I can go a week or more without actually getting any work done because, besides not sticking to my goals, there really is no outright consequence, besides feeling crappy about myself.

I’ve already implemented some things that Nir Eyal recommends and it’s working.

You Learn Things To Help You Understand Distraction And Eliminate It

External and internal triggers were discussed and there were tips on how to eliminate them. Some of these things my husband and I had already heard about, but there was a lot of good information given that we hadn’t thought of before. Nir Eyal explains everything so well.

In fact, Nir Eyal takes you through a process where you can get to a point of understanding what distracts you and then dealing with it. The lessons build upon each other to help you see the bigger picture and become more focused and less distractable.

You need to understand and work on the things he talks about in order to come to a state where you can be more focused and less distracted. It’s kind of like peeling the layers of an onion. You need to work on your external and internal triggers, and then you can implement some strategies to help you maintain focus and avoid distraction.

He also makes it clear that mindset is important and helps you understand how to develop a mindset to be more focused and less distracted.

I personally liked the lesson on making tasks seem fun. Not just seem fun but be fun. I remember working with a woman years ago who emphasized the importance of play at work, and she really enjoyed work because of it. This is something that Nir Eyal talks about and teaches in the quest.

In short, if you don’t know why you get distracted or how to fix it, Becoming Focused And Indistractable can help you discover why and give you the tools to fix the issue.

You Learn How To Structure Your Day Better

If you wake up without a plan, then Becoming Focused And Indistractable can help you out. Nir Eyal has some tips on how to organize your time so that you stay as focused as possible.

He also talks about how to structure your day so that you can balance work and home life.

You Learn Hacks To Be More Focused And Less Distracted

Nir Eyal includes hacks to be more focused and less distracted whether you work from home or work in an office.

It’s interesting how his lessons related to both my husband and me (I work from home and my husband typically works in an office). My husband was nodding his head and Nir Eyal talked about the workplace and how easy it is to be distracted there. And I could relate to the distractions of working online and gained a few tips to make my computer less of a distraction and more of an effective workspace.

Becoming Focused And Indistractable Focused On More Than Just Work

Besides being more focused and less distracted at work, Nir Eyal talks about being more focused and less distracted in our relationships. This was relatable to my husband and me on some level, but we pretty much have this one down.

In fact, we’ve realized that we need to leave our phones in the car when we visit people or else it’s too tempting to look at our phones and check stats and other things. It takes away from our ability to be present with others.

Then on Day 23, he starts to focus on raising indistractable children including understanding their triggers, how to help them manage distraction, and how to help them follow through with tasks and goals. My husband and I have no children and this wasn’t really that interesting to us. But, I could see this being interesting to a parent who wants to help their kid gain more focus. Day 23 to day 27 (the last day) is focused on kids.

I Recommend The Becoming Focused And Indistractable Quest And Nir Eyal If You Want More Focus

The quest was good. It was a lot more in-depth than I thought a quest on being focused would be. He has a lot of insight into why we do what we do and how to hack our lives to become more focused and less distracted. It’s an interesting topic that everyone can benefit from, especially people who have goals and want to make the most of their days. If you are part of the Mindvalley Membership, it’s worth taking.

I also found Nir Eyal on Twitter and saw this tweet.

If you click on the link in the tweet, you can get a free indistractable workbook that has pretty much all of the information the quest has. It just doesn’t come with the teaching behind the information that Nir Eyal focused on in Becoming Focused And Indistractable. Even helping children become more focused is in that workbook.

You can take the free masterclass with Nir Eyal here. He has a lot of good advice just in that masterclass.

You can also check out the next start date for this quest here.

And, you can also buy Nir Eyal’s Indistractable book off Amazon. I haven’t read it, but it says that the book will allow you to get control over your attention and time and live how you want… that sounds more focused and less distracted to me.


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