My Review Of A Journey To Infinitheism By Mahatria Ra

Mahatria Ra has a quest on Mindvalley called A Journey To Infinitheism. The quest, in my opinion, is about relationships. The relationship with yourself, others, and a higher power – or creator as Mahatria Ra says. It’s one of those courses that makes you think and makes you feel good.

Change Is temporary. transformation is permanent. - Mahatria Ra in A Journey To Infinitheism

Mahatria Ra Talks Very Slow In The Course

Just as something to note, because it kind of drove me crazy. I’ve watched a few things of his outside of the course, and he doesn’t seem to talk that slow, but there were many times in the quest that I had to make sure my video hadn’t paused because he took so long to talk. I eventually had to speed him up to 1.5x because I don’t have the attention span to sit there and wait a minute for the next half of the sentence.

My Favorite Lesson In A Journey To Infinitheism By Mahatria Ra

A Journey To Infinitheism By Mahatria Ra

I liked all the lessons in this quest. There wasn’t one that was bad, but some stood out more than others.

I really liked the lesson on Deep Positive Emotions (Lesson 8) where Mahatria Ra talked about the subconscious and how to create deep positive emotions. Mahatria says to communicate anything negative in one sentence and anything positive in five sentences.

I’m someone who tends to go on and on and on about something negative, which obviously keeps it stuck in my brain for longer than it needs to be there. I feel like it’s my way of working through it. But, after using this exercise, I can see how unnecessary it is. Trying to fit everything I have to say about something negative into one sentence has been a challenge, but worth it.

Mahatria Ra says that negative emotions are inherently deep, so this is why we need to do the work to deepen our positive emotions and program our subconscious minds to focus on the positive.

I really liked this lesson.

My Second Favorite Lesson In A Journey To Infinitheism By Mahatria Ra

Lesson 14 A Journey To Infinitheism

This is pretty much a second first favorite lesson… in other words, it’s tied with the lesson above.

Lesson 14, titled ‘Make Your Love Visible’ taught me one way to handle responsive emotions, which is something I really needed.

The big lesson I took was to show someone you love who is feeling upset or negative how loved and respected they are. This means you don’t get caught up in their negativity, but, instead, you keep your emotions in check and do what you can to make them feel good.  That’s what you focus on. That’s what you habitually do FOR someone who is struggling, rather than getting on their level and joining them in the negativity.

I have always respected people who are able to do this. It’s a great character trait and emotional response to have.

I find that doing it makes me feel enlightened, which may sound a bit arrogant, but it’s better than feeling miserable as I react to someone who is feeling miserable.

Things Covered In A Journey To Infinitheism By Mahatria Ra

You can read everything that is covered in this quest in greater detail on the sales page here, but let me just name a few things I think are important.

A few things you will learn in the quest:

  • To appreciate and celebrate yourself
  • Cut blame out of your life.
  • What personal growth is all about
  • To embrace change.
  • The importance of visualization
  • How to improve your relationships
  • When you shouldn’t make decisions
  • How to manage your expectations in relationships
  • The key steps towards emotional maturity

If you are struggling to develop your faith, this quest also has some points that will help you embrace it more.

Mahatria Ra doesn’t focus on one religion or another or entity or another. He focuses on an infinite intelligence, which I think is relatable to everyone who has any sort of spiritual inclination.

But he does talk about that intelligence being a presence and not a person, which may conflict with some religious beliefs I suppose. He basically says that a higher power cannot be a person, it can only be a presence because forms are bound in time and space, so a higher power can’t be bound in time and space.

That’s a comforting thing to think about. That means that the higher power can always be with you.

Mahatria Ra also shares the Infiniprayer, which is a prayer that we can all do, regardless of our beliefs (as long as you believe in a higher power).

And at the end of the quest, Mahatria Ra talks about how to start and end your day, which I liked.

There’s A Lot To Put Into Practice In This Quest

The quest is nice to sit back and listen to, but it teaches new ways of thinking, interacting, and being – which requires action. You may like the ideas in this course, but implementation is key to making them stick.

At the end of most days, there is a ‘Your Next Steps’ section that talks about how to implement what you learned, and it goes far past the last day of the quest.

I would recommend taking this quest with someone else if you can to go over the concepts talked about. It would make it much easier to stick in your mind and implement into your life.

The Quest Was A Great Quest For Personal Growth In Your Relationships And Connection To Yourself, Others, And A Higher Power

If you are struggling to feel good about yourself, others, or your spiritual side, this quest can help you. It’s full of lessons to help you reconnect and embrace.

Mahatria Ra is a very genuine teacher who obviously loves deeply and believes in what he teaches. I actually believed that he loved me at the end of the course, even though we’ve never met. I feel like he just loves humanity as a whole, which must be an incredible feeling to have.

The quest is 25 days long (25 classes) and about an average of 15-20 minutes each class.

There are some meditations included with the quest, explained and demonstrated by Mahatria Ra.

You will see more beauty in yourself and others, and you will feel a deeper connection to those around you as well a higher power.

You can check out all the details here for the quest.

But, as of this review, you can’t buy it as a stand-alone course. It’s a part of the Mindvalley Membership, so you may want to look into that.

If you have any questions, please ask in the comment section below. 

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