The Top 5 Mindvalley Courses That Still Impact My Life

Last Updated on July 27, 2021 by Kari

I’ve taken a lot of Mindvalley courses, in case you haven’t noticed from my million Mindvalley quest reviews! But, some are definitely more impactful on my life than others. I’ve carried more lessons and developed more habits from some of the quests than others. I had a question yesterday from someone who asked me to rate the top 5 Mindvalley courses that have had the most impact on my life. So here they are.

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1. Lifebook With Jon And Missy Butcher

Lifebook is something I think about and work with every single day. It affects my thoughts, habits, and decisions. The goals and visions I’ve put out in my Lifebook are constantly on my mind and I’m constantly thinking about how to work towards them.

Lifebook taught me why it’s important to get clear on goals and how to go after them.

Lifebook also taught me that I have a lot of control over my life, and it’s very important to take action so that other people don’t control my life.

Also, the Lifebook Membership is useful. It keeps me focused on different aspects of my life and helps me create challenges each month to improve something (or a few things) in my life.

Once a month I drive out on a solo trip and I always listen to the podcasts from Lifebook Membership for the topic of the month. Jon Butcher has a lot of great advice in his talks.

I also enjoy the webinars with Jon and Missy. I like their insights and honesty. They are truly good people doing something good in the world.

So Lifebook would be the Mindvalley course that impacted my life the most, without a doubt.

2. Superbrain With Jim Kwik

Superbrain is a Mindvalley course to help you improve your memory. I took it almost three years ago and I still use some of the techniques I learned there and have developed some of my own thanks to inspiration from the course.

There are so many ways that Superbrain helped me. Just to name a few:

  • I remember everyone’s name that I meet. (And, since being able to do that, I’m surprised at how many people don’t remember my name!)
  • I remember numbers people give me very well.
  • I can remember lists when I don’t have a pen and paper (or device) around.
  • I can catalog things I want to talk about with other people without having to constantly be in my head while they are talking.
  • I retain information when I read a book or watch a video.

Jim Kwik’s quest helped me in every area of my life. My memory is so much better, and it impacts everything from relationships to my business.

3. Unlimited Abundance By Christie Marie Sheldon

Unlimited Abundance was one of the first Mindvalley courses that I took, and I truly believe this course should be taught in schools.

What I learned in that course helps me spot limiting beliefs when they arise and overcome them.

I still use one of her techniques to help me get unstuck from a low vibration and connect to something bigger than myself.

There has been a ton of doubt, fear, resistance, indecision, and so much more cleared from my life using Christie’s tools.

The course helped me get into a habit of seeing what beliefs are holding me back so that I can overcome them.

4. Lucid Dreaming By Charlie Morley

The Lucid Dreaming quest is one of my favorite Mindvalley courses. Since I was young, I’ve been a huge fan of remembering and interpreting my dreams, and I love having lucid dreams. So Charlie Morley’s quest on Mindvalley was so exciting for me.

He taught me everything to do with lucid dreaming that I didn’t already know, and I enjoyed every second of it. Well, not the part about death, but every other second.

The reason the lucid dreaming quest has impacted my life so much is that I believe that my dreams give me insight into my subconscious mind and waking life. They help me see where there are problems that I may not be able to see when I’m awake. And, in a lucid dream, I can really explore the insights and problems I have.

While I learned a lot of techniques to help me lucid dream more, the biggest thing I took away from the Mindvalley quest was how to use my lucid dreams better.

I have more intention in my lucid dreams now, and I’ve had a couple that has helped me figure out issues in my life that I wouldn’t be able to do in just a dream. The control over the theme of the lucid dream is what helps me get to the point quicker – before I lose lucidity.

5. Energy Medicine By Donna Eden

This is where things start to get hazy. The above four Mindvalley quests really are listed in order for how they have impacted my life. Trying to choose a fifth one was hard because I feel like many other courses could fit into this fifth spot.

For instance, I loved Duality and Unlocking Transcendence by Jeffrey Allen and still use a lot of the energy techniques that I learned in those quests in my daily life. They help me to ground myself and connect with my energetic self more.

I also use a lot of the techniques I learned in Everyday Bliss for stress relief.

And I think about and interact with money completely differently thanks to Money EQ.

There are many other Mindvalley courses that have impacted my life through the lessons and techniques that I learned. I use bits and pieces from everything except for a few of the courses. This is why I always recommend the Mindvalley Membership. Almost every quest has impacted me in some way. So it’s hard to pick just one for the fifth Mindvalley course that has had the most impact.

But, if I had to pick, I would pick Energy Medicine by Donna Eden. I find a lot of value in the techniques that she taught, and I find myself searching for energetic techniques to help me heal before I try anything else. She taught me the value of our energy systems and how they impact our health, and how I can use various techniques to help me heal is constantly on my mind.

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