Review Of How Your Mind Can Heal Your Body By David R. Hamilton

How Your Mind Can Heal Your Body by David R. Hamilton is an exploration of the mind-body connection, presenting a compelling argument for the power of positive thinking and visualization in promoting physical well-being. David Hamilton uses understandable language, just like he does in all of his books, making the complex world of neuroplasticity and the power of the mind easy to understand and relate to.

How Your Mind Can Heal Your Body

I personally found his insights in ‘How Your Mind Can Heal Your Body’ on how visualization techniques can impact physical health, from speeding up healing to managing chronic conditions, quite enlightening. The real-life stories throughout the book lent credibility and filled me with hope when it comes to certain health issues people I love are facing.

I just realized that I’ve listened to or read a lot of books by David R. Hamilton. In fact, the book I listened to before this is his book on the side effects of kindness. His books are all on the HayHouse app, so that makes it easy for me to listen to them. I really like his style of writing (and his reading) and the messages that he sends in his books.

5 Key Points I Took From How Your Mind Can Heal Your Body

  1. Our thoughts have the power to influence our physical health.
  2. Positive thoughts create positive emotions, which have a healing effect on the body’s cells and organs.
  3. Visualization techniques can be used to promote overall well-being and accelerate the healing process of injuries or illnesses.
  4. Our beliefs shape reality – if we believe something is possible, we will be more likely to achieve it.
  5. Mindful living and self-care are essential for physical, emotional, and mental health.

My Thoughts On The Point Of How Being Positive Helps You Live Longer

This is something David Hamilton talks about in this book. He says that the conclusion of research done at Yale University was that people who had the most positive attitudes about aging lived about 7 years longer.

I believe this is likely true in most cases, however, I believe there are exceptions.

I’ve seen some pretty miserable people live longer than some very positive people. So, while positivity matters, I think there are a lot of other factors going on.

My Thoughts On The Point Of How Drugs Work Better If We Believe They Will Work

If you believe a drug is going to do something, the chances are higher that it will. That’s the placebo effect right there, but listening to David Hamilton talk about how this works got me thinking about how you can accelerate healing with a drug or treatment with the power of your mind.

This is something we are trying to get a family member to focus on right now. He is going through radiation, and we want him to believe that the radiation will work, not just hope it will. We have a lot of certainty that if he believes it is powerful and doing a good job of killing the cancer cells, then his body will help create that result.

The problem is that sometimes, for some people, it’s easier said than done. Sometimes we focus too much on the disease and can’t find belief in the treatment. We can only muster up hope or even skepticism at best.

That’s where books like ‘How Your Mind Can Heal Your Body’ come in. You can listen to them and hear the stories of people who have believed they could heal or that a certain drug or treatment would benefit them and boost your own belief.

Unfortunately, we can’t get this person to read or listen to this book.

How Your Mind Can Heal Your Body Is A Great Book On The Power Of The Mind In Regards To Health

All in all, How Your Mind Can Heal Your Body is an insightful book that encourages you to look beyond traditional medicine and tap into your own inner power to create optimal health.

I guess the only downside to the book is that while visualization techniques are powerful and the power of the mind is valid, the book might give the impression that it’s a cure-all solution, which could lead to unrealistic expectations or poor treatment plans for serious health issues.

If you are going through a health issue right now, or if you know someone who is (that’s about all of us, right?) then I recommend reading or listening to this book. The research and stories included in the book are powerful reminders of how big a part our minds play in healing… and in sickness.

Plus ‘How Your Mind Can Heal Your Body’ offers or boosts hope. I listened to the book twice because of this. I need to feel hopeful, and this book definitely helped me do that.

For instance, there is a story about a woman who had cancer and ended up opting out of treatment because the therapy only offered something like a 6% more chance of success than doing nothing at all. Ten years later she was still alive and writing a book about her experience. This story stuck out to me and helped me find some hope as we are currently dealing with cancer in the family.

There were plenty of other stories that involved medical treatment combined with the power of the mind that boosted my hope as well.

In short, I came out from listening to ‘How Your Mind Can Heal Your Body’ feeling more hopeful for my loved one and even myself. It helped shift my mind from negative ‘what ifs’ to more positive ‘what ifs’, which feels so much better as I go through this time of health issues with someone I love.

You can read more reviews and buy the book on Amazon here. 

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