How To Take Every New Quest At Mindvalley The First Time Around

Last Updated on March 28, 2022 by Kari

I’m excited right now. Today Mindvalley announced a new quest starting up in a few weeks called The Mastery of Sleep, and it’s the first time I’ve had access to a new quest coming up as a part of the Quest All Access Pass, now called the Mindvalley Membership.

You can read my Mindvalley Membership review here, but to sum it up, it’s an offer through Mindvalley where you can get access to almost all of their courses and quests for one year with one payment. The cost is the same as about two to three quests, depending on what price they are being offered at. And one benefit of the pass is getting access to new quests as they become available.

Today was the first time since I bought the pass that a new quest has come up, and I’m excited about a few things.

1. The quest is already in my account!

Today was the first day they announced the masterclass for The Mastery of Sleep. And, the quest has already been put into my dashboard. That’s cool. It feels like a cool VIP access where you get access to something just because you are important.

Of course, as you can see, we don’t get access to the content for another 13 days.

I did notice that you can click under materials and get access to all the workbooks and stuff for the entire quest.

But, still, to get access to day 1 of the course, it’s going to be another few weeks.

That’s the only downside to a new quest coming out. With the membership you can access any quest or course instantly, so having to wait for it to start means having to practice some patience. But, that’s OK, because there is a huge benefit to waiting…

2. I get to take the quest with the first set of students

I love taking new courses from anywhere with the first set of students. Especially Mindvalley. Not only do you get the benefit of a ton of people taking the course with you, but you also get the benefit of attending live webinars and giving input into the course that will benefit future students. Fun! Right?

As of right now, it says that there are 880 people attending the first go-around of this quest. Considering that the masterclass has only been open for a few hours, I’d say that’s pretty good.

I’m not usually a fan of crowded places, but when it comes to taking a course online, the more the merrier. More questions get asked. More insights can be found. More sharing, helping, supporting, and encouraging happens in the tribe.

3. I don’t have to buy the quest

Of course, the last thing that feels really cool is that I don’t need to buy the quest. I don’t need to be on alert for a new quest, take the masterclass to see if I’m interested, and then worry about whether or not I’m getting the best price for it. It just pops up in my account as part of the membership.

I realize that I’m still paying some money for it and it’s not totally free (although it kind of feels like it). But as I said in my review for the pass, I was only paying around $66 per course for the courses that I hadn’t taken yet, so adding new quests into the mix lowers the amount I’m paying per course.

How To Take Every New Course At Mindvalley The First Time Around

If you plan on taking more than a few courses per year, and you enjoy the thought of taking all the new courses the first time around at Mindvalley, then I highly recommend getting the membership.

Of course, if you are not interested in taking every course Mindvalley has to offer, you can also learn about upcoming quests in your Mindvalley account. They always introduce new free Mindvalley masterclasses pertaining to the new quests before the quests come out, so if you see something introduced that doesn’t sound familiar, you can take the masterclass and join the quest with the first group of students.

Note: If you are not sure if the quest is really a new quest with Mindvalley or not, come back here and ask me. I’ll know!

If you are interested in taking all the quests and courses Mindvalley has to offer, including the ones as they come out, you can read my review about the Quest All Access Pass here. And if The Mastery of Sleep interests you, then you can take the free masterclass for that here.

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