Which Mindvalley Course Helps You Create Dramatic Life Changes?

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I just had an awesome question about which course I would recommend for someone who wants to see dramatic changes in their life. For example, attracting an amazing romantic relationship, increasing their financial abundance, and creating amazing health. Out of the courses I’ve taken, there are a few that I think can create dramatic change in your life if you do the work. But, they all have different approaches to help do it. Following are the top three courses I recommend to create the most change in your life.

Creating Change In Your Life Through Mindvalley Courses

1. Unlimited Abundance

For Tammy, who asked the question, I would probably recommend this course the most. She said she is aware of her energetic side and practices changing her vibrations. Christie Marie Sheldon has taught me so much about raising my emotional vibrations to an energetic state that resonates with what I want most. But, while Christie often talks about energy, she also has a very practical side that focuses on creating the life you want in this physical world.

One of her courses, Unlimited Abundance, helps you take a look at your current beliefs that are holding you back from getting what you want in life. You will probably discover a lot of limiting beliefs that you don’t even know you have.

It then helps you discover better beliefs, as well as ways you can take action to get what you want. And it encourages you to take that action.

If you are in touch with your energetic side, you will like Christie’s techniques for connecting to the light, expanding your energy, and finding out answers. I use her techniques all the time when I’m trying to uncover issues and seek answers.

She ends her sessions with a lot of ‘play with this all week’ work, so there is a lot of ‘homework’ and self-work to do.

I know that you can make a lot of dramatic and positive life changes through this program. I quickly experienced some serious career and financial changes. And, when you go through the comments on the Facebook group for Unlimited Abundance, you will read many success stories about creating and attracting abundance.

Besides getting rid of old limiting beliefs and developing more serving ones, you will find yourself being more aligned with the vibration of what you want, making it easier to recognize and attract the things that are most valuable for creating the life you want.

2. Lifebook Quest

Lifebook helps you get clear on what you want most out of life in 12 areas of your life, including relationships, finances, and health.

As you move through the program, you begin to see what you want most out of each area, why, and how each area of your life impacts other areas of your life. You will likely think about these areas of your life more than you have ever thought about them before.

In short, you create a vision of who you want to be and what you want through Lifebook, and then, with those realizations, you can start making those changes in your life to move towards the vision you have set out for yourself.

In the Lifebook Quest, you have an exercise for each day, which is usually answering questions that help you get clearer on what you want and how you should proceed.

And in the Lifebook Online course you come up with actions you can take to go after the vision you create for each area of your life.

Lifebook is a unique course on Mindvalley. It helps you look deeply at yourself and what you want, but you are the only one who can do the work. It’s about thinking/reflecting on yourself and your life.

The Lifebook Quest and Lifebook Online both help you see what you want in life, but you need to do the research on what actions to take that will work best for you to get what you want.

So if clarity on what you want out of life is your goal, then the Lifebook path is for you. If you don’t know what you want, you can’t make dramatic changes in your life.

I always say that Lifebook is great for when you are feeling a lack of interest or concern about life. If you are not feeling drawn in one way or another, Lifebook can ignite some passion for life in you, and help you discover what you want most and get on the right path.

Once you get clear on what you want most, it becomes easier to make big changes in your life.

Note: The quest isn’t available anymore, but that’s OK because they added a bigger and better version of the Lifebook program to Mindvalley called Lifebook Online. I highly recommend checking out my Lifebook Online review to learn more.

3. Becoming Limitless

Becoming Limitless is great if you feel like life is being done to you and you are unable to create the dramatic changes you want.

So, if you find yourself feeling like a victim, where other people are making you miserable and holding you back from the life you want, Becoming Limitless is for you. It’s also for you if you feel like you can’t do certain things because of who you are, where you came from, or any other reason.

Vishen gives you a lot of information that helps you see things differently when it comes to how much power you have over your life.

Becoming Limitless helps you understand that most of your current life rules or beliefs are not set in stone.

It also helps you feel better about your life and what unique things you want out of it, get unstuck from unhealthy beliefs and habits, and create more serving beliefs and habits that move you forward.

So, if you feel stuck because ‘this is the way things are’, then Becoming Limitless can help you realize that you are not stuck and give you the drive to start making big changes that serve you the best.

It also gives you some techniques and habits to incorporate into your life to help you feel more in control and get what you want out of life. All of these techniques and habits are things that Vishen has picked up throughout the years while working with some great thought leaders and teachers.

Pick The Course That Resonates Most With You

I hope that helps. It’s really hard for me to pick one. I recommend them all!

I’m sure one of them will resonate with you the most, and that’s the one I think you should take. Follow your intuition on this one.

Note: With the exclusion of Lifebook and Wildfit, you can take almost all the courses and quests that Mindvalley offers for the price of about two courses if you sign up for the Quest All Access Pass. That way you don’t have to choose. You can do them at the same time or do one at a time and get as many courses and quests in throughout the year as you can.


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