You Can (Mostly) Take Mindvalley’s Quests On Your Own Time

Last Updated on August 6, 2020 by Kari

One of the questions I get asked a lot, as well as see a lot in the various Mindvalley tribes I’m in, is whether or not students still have access to the quest after it’s over and what happens if they miss a few days and get behind. If you read no further, know that you will have the course forever if you don’t get a refund, and it’s fine to miss a few days or take a quest at your leisure. They recommend you do quests day by day, but it’s really up to you how you do it.

If You Get Sick You Can Start Where You Left Off Whenever You Want

It’s not mandatory to take the course in the way Mindvalley encourages or in the way anyone else is taking it. You don’t get bonus points or advantages by doing so.

The course will be there when you get back on track and have the energy and desire to start doing it again.

If You Are Busy, Create Your Own Schedule

I know that the quests, in particular, are promoted as being made to fit into everyone’s schedule. The classes are usually around 5-20 minutes with some homework, so most people can find 25-40 minutes in their day to work on a course.

However, that’s not the case for everyone.

Sometimes people don’t have the energy to do a course every day.

And some days are literally filled up with other activities from the moment you wake up to the moment you go to sleep.

Don’t worry about it. You can create your own schedule for the Mindvalley quests and courses. Make them work for you and your life.

Just don’t make excuses daily or you may find yourself not taking the course at all!

You May Want To Attend Webinars Live

One thing you may want to attend is any webinars they have live. Usually, they have webinars the first go-around of a quest or course, but they often throw in some live webinars with the course’s teacher here and there.

If you can, attend the live webinars. That way you can ask the teacher any questions you may have and get any updates in real time.

If you miss it, that’s fine too. It will be posted in the course or tribe somewhere and you can watch it whenever you want. You will be watching an edited version of the live webinar.

I have to admit that it’s fun to attend a live webinar. You feel like a VIP. But I’ve found that, usually, the questions that get asked and answered are questions I would have wanted to ask anyway, so it’s not a huge deal to miss the live webinars.

The Only Exception Is Lifebook Online (If You Want The Refund)

The only exception to the rule is Lifebook Online. If you want to take advantage of the refund that comes at the end of the course rather than in the first week or so, you have to finish the course by whatever due date they give you at the start of the quest.

One of the reasons they say that they offer the refund is to make you accountable and show up for the course. When you need to watch the videos and get the work done by a particular date in order to get your refund, you will do the work if you want the refund.

I find a lot of people in the Lifebook Online groups aren’t planning on taking advantage of the refund and will do the course at their own pace. In fact, I’ve seen some people still doing their course a month after everyone else has finished.

But, if you don’t take advantage of the refund, Lifebook Online stays in your account forever. In fact, the course after it, called Lifebook Mastery, will also stay in your account forever – as you can see in the following screenshot from my account.

The Benefit Of Going Along Day By Day

The biggest benefit of going day by day with the suggested schedule is that you can talk about the day’s lesson with other students on the actual lesson day.

But, the way Mindvalley has set up their tribes for each course makes it easy to go and find comments and inspiration on whatever day you are on.

In the following screenshot, you can see that you can go into ‘units’ and see week by week posts as well as comments related to those posts.

And, if you need to, you can post directly to the group outside of the units for further discussion.

Bottom Line: There’s No Hard And Fast Rule On How To Take Mindvalley’s Quests Or Courses

Unless you are taking Lifebook Online and want the refund, you can take any Mindvalley quest or course at your own pace.

If you have access to all the days in the course, you can go as fast as you want. When you sign up for the Quest All Access Pass, for instance, you get access to every course and all the days are open to you (unless it’s a new quest just starting).

If you buy a single quest that starts on a particular day – and then get access to that quest day by day – you can take a few days off and take all those missed classes in one day to play catch up. OR, you can wait a month until all the days open up and then take the course at your own pace. It’s really up to you.

And you can take your Mindvalley quests and courses as often as you want. You will often see people in the Mindvalley tribes talking about taking the course again. I’ve found this to be especially true in hugely impactful courses, such as Speak and Inspire and Lifebook Online.

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