My Review Of The Energy Medicine Course By Donna Eden

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While Donna Eden has a few books out there on Energy Medicine, this is going to be a review of her Mindvalley course called, appropriately, Energy Medicine. Before I talk about my experience with this course by Donna Eden and her husband, let me talk about what led me to be interested in Energy Medicine in the first place.

Donna Eden Energy Medicine Snapshot

I’ve Always Been Open To Holistic Healing

Even though Donna Eden has been in practice for four decades, my mom was the first person to introduce me to her work about five years ago. My husband had just gone through some really intense symptoms from Multiple Sclerosis, and my mom had hired an energy worker to work on him long distance.

At the time, we didn’t know he had MS, we just thought he was really sick and dizzy.

I had no idea my mom was into that stuff, but after that experience – which did seem to help him by the way, she showed me a book she had bought by Donna Eden on energy medicine. I had honestly never heard of her before. Probably because I wasn’t looking for information on energy medicine. I was busy learning a ton of other things at the time!

And I’ve Always Worked With My Energy

Just because I didn’t look for information on energy medicine doesn’t mean I didn’t understand I had energy and it could be useful.

I tried to manipulate my energy to ease back pain (which I had a lot of), reduce stress, and fall asleep. (Turns out some of the things I did were actual techniques!)

Side note: It’s amazing what our bodies and minds already know about healing energetically even if we don’t have a name for it. 

So when I heard about the Mindvalley course, Energy Medicine by Donna Eden, it got my attention. I suddenly wanted to study energy medicine and apply it to my life. I took the free Masterclass with Donna Eden and Vishen, and it was apparent this was a course I wanted to take.

Donna Eden Energy Medicine Quote

Thankfully Donna Eden And Energy Medicine Appealed To My Mom And Husband Too

Sometimes when I want people to take a course with me, they aren’t too interested. But I knew that the Energy Medicine course by Donna Eden would be a good fit since my mom had her book and hired a healer for my husband, and because my husband had his symptoms go away when the energy healer worked on him.

So, my mom and my husband took this Donna Eden energy course with me, which was awesome. Everyone except for my dad was practicing energy techniques and talking about how energy medicine could help us.

The more we went on, the more energetically tuned in we became to ourselves and even other people. And that includes my mom who has a very tough time tuning into things like that.

The course – and the practice we did in the course – seemed to open us all up energetically and intuitively, so it wasn’t just about learning and doing techniques.

I love those unexpected benefits from learning something new!

How Energy Medicine By Donna Eden Is Set Up On Mindvalley

There are 8 modules in the course. My husband and I did one module per week on Thursday evenings. My mom did it whenever she felt like it, but, usually, she got to it within 7-11 days after her last session.

Update: This Energy Medicine course by Donna Eden was recently changed into a quest. That doesn’t mean much. The content is still the same, but the format of the course is different.

The course used to look like this:

energy medicine mindvalley

Now it looks like this:

Donna Eden Energy Medicine

There are 8 weeks, and each week contains one module:

Donna Eden Energy Medicine Week 1 Module

In each Energy Medicine module you get:

When you buy Energy Medicine by Donna Eden, you are getting a visual course. That’s kind of the appeal of it all. It’s like you are attending one of their classes, except you get to do it from the comfort of your home!

That’s great for people who don’t like to get up and do things in front of other people because in every module you need to get up and try out the techniques that they talk about.

Donna Eden and her husband, David Feinstein, have a group of people who they are talking to and practicing with specifically for this course. In fact, I think Mindvalley may have brought these people together for this course.

It’s obvious that they have specific things they want to talk about each class. We found that Donna Eden is very energetic and happy and often needs her husband to pull her back on point or needs to get her to clarify things that we may not understand that well.

We found that they can be a little awkward on camera, but they work really well together and they get their point across in each class. What Donna Eden forgets to talk about, David Feinstein covers.

You also get PDF downloads with each module that have a ton of information about what they are talking about. My husband and I didn’t download the sheets until after each module, and then we would review them after the class.

Lastly, you will get downloadable charts to refer to, such as the Zone Tapping Chart and various Meridian Charts, and The Triple Warmer Chart, and the Meridian Flow Wheel Chart. As you can see from the screenshot below, all you have to do is hit download and save it to your computer, then you can print it out.

Donna Eden Energy Course Meridian PDF Download

In the second introduction of Donna Eden’s Energy Medicine quest, there is a Glossary download. I didn’t really look at this until module 5, but if you decide to take the course, I recommend you at least quickly go through it before you start the modules. It defines a lot of things that Donna Eden talks about but doesn’t go into detail about during the classes. That way you will have some knowledge about what she’s saying and more insight into the meaning of the classes.

Q & A Section

Each module has a Q & A section. It involves the class asking Donna Eden and her husband questions. And they ask some damn good questions! Everything I was wondering about got asked.

Energy Dance

Each module has an energy dance by Titanya Dahlin (Donna Eden’s daughter), where she puts together what you’ve learned in the module into a dance. Following is a still shot of the energy dance in the first module.

energy dance in energy medicine

My husband was thoroughly embarrassed by this part and reluctantly did it ONE time. I have to admit, he looked ridiculous and uncomfortable and it took all I had not to laugh at him because I knew it would make him feel bad.

But for me – as someone who likes to move and sway – I enjoyed this part.

I think this is really optional because if you are uncomfortable with it, it’s working against you, not with you!

The Daily Energy Routine: You Got To Make Some Time For It

Besides time for the class each week (or whatever time interval you decide to take it), there is a Daily Energy Routine that Donna Eden teaches that you will need to devote some time to each day.

In the first module, you will learn the basic routine with detailed instructions on how to do each exercise found in the handbook download. You will learn about it in the class too.

You will also get a checklist in your PDF download for the routine that lists out what to do and has little boxes that you can check off for each day. We taped this to our bathroom mirror, which was a great reminder for the first few weeks to do our energy routine.

Warning Before You Go Into The Course

My mom experienced some serious detox in the first week of the course because of the daily routine. We think it was from the neurolymphatic massage part of the daily energy routine – where you push on certain points to clear toxins and increase the flow of energy in meridians.

So be warned – don’t push on too many neurolymphatic points at once!

I’m not sure why Donna Eden mentions this warning in the second module – after the daily routine should have been practiced for a week, but learn from my mom’s mistake. She was sick for days.

For the rest of the course, Donna Eden or her husband clearly warn about something if there is a need to be warned. But, there’s not really too much to worry about with energy medicine.

What I Experienced In This Energy Medicine Course By Donna Eden

I want to do a quick overview of the content in Energy Medicine and what I got from it.

Module 1: Energy Medicine For Health & Vitality

This is where Donna Eden introduces the Daily Energy Routine. It’s proved to be invaluable in my daily routine.

It’s interesting because in this module you learn how other people’s energies affect you and how you affect other people’s energies, and through an example in the class, it becomes so apparent that we are all influencing each other on a huge scale beyond what we can even imagine. It gave me the desire to be more grounded and positive around other people so I don’t add more harm to other people’s lives.

It also reminded of what I already know – I don’t want to be surrounded by people who are negative and chaotic and energy drainers… it’s not worth my health.

Module 2: Clearing, Grounding, And Balancing Your Energies

In this module, Donna Eden talks about things like how your energy pattern can get off course and cause you to have poor health, happiness, and productivity.

I was SURE that my dad’s energy was off, and I got my mom to test him. He seemed to test strong (you will learn about energy testing in the course), but after some thought, I think he was being influenced by mom’s energy (you will also learn about THAT in the course… how your energy can influence someone else’s test, not about my mom’s energy).

I wish Donna Eden would have been there to test him! I think the results would have been different. Maybe it would have influenced him to take the course with mom.

Anyway, among other things, this module helped me to ground myself more, let go of negative thoughts by holding certain reflex points (yes, it really works!),  and get rid of negative energy when things get overwhelming.

Module 3: Befriending Triple Warmer & Spleen Meridians to Relieve Stress

This is the module where I realized I was going to need to do further learning after the program. There is a lot of good information in this class, but I want to learn more about meridian systems and the cycle of energy flow, which is part of what this class was about. (I think that Mindvalley should bring Donna Eden back on for all kinds of quests that help us learn more about this stuff because she’s a great teacher for it!)

It seems to me that the Triple Warmer may be something that I will want to fully understand and be able to teach my friends or family, so I will definitely be doing more research about this.

However, this class helped me learn how to relax the Triple Warmer (and why it was important) and gave me a lot of insight into the Meridian Flow Wheel, which I had read about before but never learned much about.

It also helped me not feel so bad about needing to relax at certain times of day, because, I realized, my body needs that relaxation!

Module 4: Using Energy Tests To Make Healthy Choices

I remember my mom teaching me about this years ago. She must have read the book by Donna Eden and wanted to practice it.

It’s all about testing foods and other things to see how much your body wants them or not.

I think, in a sense, without the techniques that she describes in this class, I’ve kind of done this on my own. I can feel when my body doesn’t want something and I can generally tell how much is enough of something for me.

But, these energetic tests help clarify things.

Module 5: Working With Pain

I really liked this module.

I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism about three years ago and, up until that point, I had pain every day of my life – as far back as I could remember. Not exaggerating.

When I got on Synthroid, the majority of my pain went away.

When I went vegan (I had a feeling that dairy was causing a lot of inflammation in my body), the rest of the pain went away.

Even though I don’t have chronic pain anymore, I still get backaches, neck aches, and headaches from sleeping wrong, sitting wrong, and sometimes exercising too hard. I want to be able to deal with that pain when I get it, and this class was about dealing with both chronic and sudden pain energetically and quickly.

Loved it!

One of the things I enjoyed the most was ‘chasing the pain’ through a meridian. It gave me just one more reason to learn more about the meridians.

Module 6: The Chakras

When I was just getting out of my teens, I remember getting a book about kundalini and being fascinated by it but not doing much with it. I’ve always wanted to learn more about the chakras but never did for whatever reason.

In this class, I learned more about the major chakras and their functions spiritually, physiologically, and psychologically. And some techniques to balance and clear them.

While I was working on my husband’s chakras along with the instructions by Donna Eden, I saw the color yellow as I was doing the solar plexus chakra and I told my husband. Right after, Donna Eden said, “You may see yellow or…” and I didn’t hear anything after that because I was amazed!

You better believe I will be doing more research into chakras. It’s absolutely fascinating!

Module 7: The Aura

When I was young, my family went to a spiritual healer for someone in my family who was sick. I remember the healer having a white aura around him. I told my parents and my dad said he saw the aura too. My mom saw nothing.

Ever since then, I’ve always known that we all had energy around us, but I’ve never seen it quite like I did that day.

It’s funny because Donna Eden says that your aura needs attention if you are experiencing a chronic illness, which is exactly why we went to that healer. But, for someone with such a strong aura, he didn’t do anything with other people’s auras (or not my family member’s health anyway).

Module 8: Radiant Circuit – The Energies Of Vitality & Joy

You will be able to tell from the moment you see her that Donna Eden radiates joy. It’s not that fake joy that the suck-up at the office emits when the boss comes around. It’s real happiness that allows her to enjoy whatever she is doing and live a happier and more rewarding life. So, I have to believe that she really knows what she’s talking about in this module.

Radiant circuits are energies that produce higher states of happiness and exceptional performance and joy. I found the many and simple techniques in this class were powerful for my joy. It gave me an extra reason to maintain things like gratitude and mindfulness in my daily life, and allow myself to feel whatever the heck I want to feel.

This is another thing that is on my list of ‘need to learn more’. Donna Eden and her husband pack a lot in this module, so you may want to read the notes BEFORE you watch the video. It will give you an edge for understanding.

You Won’t Learn Everything About Energy Medicine!

I couldn’t think of a con to add to this Energy Medicine review. Seriously. I liked it that much. I liked Donna Eden that much!

But, if I were to say something, I would say that through this Energy Medicine course by Donna Eden on Mindvalley, you will get a ton of information about energy medicine and learn how to do many things for energy, pain, negativity, decision-making, and more. But, as I’ve pointed out, it’s not a comprehensive guide to energy medicine.

If you become really passionate about energy medicine and using it in your life, there is so much to learn when it comes to energy and how it works in the body.

This course by Donna Eden has given me a lot of techniques to use in my life for better physical and mental health; however, I want to learn more details about certain things, such as the chakras and meridians. And I will!

I know that energy medicine is going to be a constant in my life because I enjoyed this course so much that I simply can’t ignore the energy in my body and all around me.

But, for many people, like my husband, this course by Donna Eden will be enough. There’s enough information to keep you happy and healthy!

Do I Recommend Donna Eden And Her Energy Medicine Course?

If you read this whole review, then you probably know the answer to that.

I recommend the Energy Medicine course by Donna Eden to anyone who wants to experience better health and more happiness. I recommend it to anyone who wants to take more control over their health and happiness! I also

It’s guaranteed you will learn some practices that will help you. These classes are packed with information and examples that will give you a lot to do and think about.

I love that mom says, “Don’t forget to do your energy routine today!” That’s so cool that I know she’s doing something good for her health and seeing results from something that I’m seeing results from.

I even found myself at a large gathering clearing out my energy, grounding myself, and doing little techniques to get rid of negative energy from other people. It felt great! Nobody knew what I was doing, but where I normally can get overwhelmed by other people’s negative energy, I felt just fine and ‘zipped up’ (you’ll learn about that in the course!).

Your life will definitely benefit from taking this course by Donna Eden. Just make sure you read through each modules’ handbook, and you do the exercises and the Daily Energy Routine.

Also, make sure you stay connected to the tribe (for Mindvalley’s Energy Medicine participants only) because there are so many people on there who can help you understand more about energy medicine and energy in general. The more you learn and do, the more you will benefit and grow with your energetic awareness. I haven’t seen Donna Eden answer questions there, but I have seen a lot of her students from other courses answering questions.

If you are thinking about taking this Energy Medicine 8-week course by Donna Eden, you can sign up for the free masterclass here to get some insight into both Donna Eden and Energy Medicine.

I recommend doing that first because it helps you get to know Donna Eden and what you will be learning.

This course is part of the Mindvalley Membership. You can read my Mindvalley Membership review here.

If you have any questions about the Energy Medicine course by Donna Eden on Mindvalley, please feel free to ask in the comment section below.


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