Here’s What Duality Did For Me And What It Could Do For You

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Duality by Jeffrey Allen is a Mindvalley course that promises many things, including access to an energy mastery blueprint for an extraordinary life, great health, increased spiritual skills, higher levels of awareness, and the ability to function more efficiently in the world. That’s all stuff that I can get on board with! And, if you know me, you know I’m a huge fan of Mindvalley courses – how they are structured, how unique they are, and how transformational they are – so it was a no-brainer that I was going to take this one. This is my Duality review, including what I got from the course, how it’s set up, what annoyed me, and who I think will benefit most from it.

The Biggest Thing I Gained From Duality

There were a few big things I took away from Duality, but the biggest would be how to maintain my own personal space.

Personal space is a big issue for me. I’m someone who doesn’t like people in my space – at all. It doesn’t just make me uncomfortable, it makes me agitated and lose focus and productivity.

Since I was young, people have gotten in my space when they don’t need to. For instance, I remember being the only one on a bus in my teens, and someone got on and sat right next to me – in the same seat! Every other seat was open, but for some reason, they sat next to me.

And that kind of thing has happened to me my whole life. People tell me that it’s because I have such good energy and people are attracted to it, but that doesn’t make me feel better.

It’s always been hard to deal with personal space invasions until I learned an energy trick in Duality using an energetic rose.

After I practiced his rose technique a few times, I found myself much more tolerable of people around me.

Then the ultimate test came into my life. My dad – who doesn’t drive anymore – asked me to take him to the casino. If you have ever been to a casino, you will know that personal space is not much of a thing. People always seem to be touching you and close to you – and it’s horrible to me. BUT, I used the rose technique, and people were able to almost lean against me without bothering me one bit. I was in such a good energy space that I won $980 that day… and yes, I credit the win to feeling good in my personal energy space, as well as listening to my intuition! 😉

Other Big Things I Took Away From Duality

The energetic rose also helps you to avoid absorbing other people’s energies. This is great for people who easily soak in other people’s emotions and energy!

I’m definitely one of those people.

I can be in a great mood and run into someone miserable and take on their misery quite quickly. But, this technique has helped me separate from other people and observe their emotions and energetic state rather than take them on.

At the casino with my dad, I noticed that if someone was mad, they didn’t automatically make me mad – like they usually would. Instead, I could see that they were mad, but I was able to keep their emotions from affecting me… including my dad’s energy.

I told my mom about this energy technique and she LOVED it. She often lets other people influence her energy and how she feels too, and she found this technique invaluable.

I also took away an energetic technique to ground myself. I’ve grounded myself before with other techniques, but for some reason, Jeffrey’s grounding technique is the best. I literally feel grounded to the earth and very present whenever I do the technique.

Should You Take the Duality Course by Jeffrey Allen on Mindvalley? Take This Quiz to Find Out!

  1. Do you often feel disconnected from your surroundings, as if you’re just going through the motions?
  • A) Always
  • B) Sometimes
  • C) Rarely
  1. How frequently do you meditate or engage in activities that focus on your inner energy?
  • A) Never or rarely
  • B) Occasionally
  • C) Frequently or daily
  1. Are you interested in exploring the concept of living in duality, balancing your physical and energetic selves?
  • A) Very interested
  • B) Somewhat interested
  • C) Not interested
  1. Do you believe that energy plays a significant role in your health, happiness, and overall wellbeing?
  • A) Strongly agree
  • B) Agree
  • C) Disagree
  1. How open are you to trying new self-improvement techniques, even if they seem unconventional?
  • A) Very open
  • B) Open with some skepticism
  • C) Not open


  • Mostly A’s: You are likely to gain significant benefits from taking the Duality course on Mindvalley. Your curiosity and openness towards exploring your energetic self align well with the objectives of the course.
  • Mostly B’s: You might find value in the Duality course, as you demonstrate some openness to new concepts and a moderate interest in self-improvement through understanding energy.
  • Mostly C’s: The Duality course may not resonate with you as much, given your current preferences and beliefs. However, keeping an open mind towards personal development is always beneficial.

Remember, the decision to pursue a course like Duality should come from a place of genuine interest in exploring the dimensions of your own energy and how it intersects with your physical reality. If your curiosity is piqued, consider taking the free Masterclass by Jeffrey Allen for more insights.

The Structure Of Duality

There are three sections in Duality that are divided into 8 weeks.

  • For the first 3 weeks, you work on ‘The Self’.
  • For week 4 and 5 you work on ‘The Self & Others Closest To You’
  • And for weeks 6 to 8, you work on ‘How You Fit Into The World’

Each week you get around 5 lecture videos, a meditation, and 2 practice exercises. The meditation is included in one of the lectures, and then it’s also offered separately so that you can listen to it without having to skim through Jeffrey’s lecture.

Jeffrey Allen makes it really easy to understand the concepts he is talking about. Even though they may contain new ideas or thoughts, you will find yourself easily soaking in what he teaches.

I also like that he stresses that you don’t need to know all the answers to do a technique. For instance, you don’t need to know exactly what point energy should come into your feet in order to experience the benefits. This ability to allow instead of control helps you to do all the techniques and meditations better.

What’s also great is that Mindvalley has separated each week of Duality into short videos. So, while week 3 is about 115 minutes of lecture/class total, it’s broken up into topics, so you can watch one video now, and if you need to go do something else, you can watch the next video later without pausing or having to start the whole video over again.

You also get a workbook that you can use to follow along, take notes, and write down thoughts. It’s a PDF that you will probably want to print out.

While you could take Duality in one day, because it’s instantly accessible, I recommend taking one module per week. Jeffrey gives you things to practice each week that are related to the topic, plus some meditations. I found that taking the time to explore these practices and meditations for the whole week can really help you understand the concepts, master the techniques, experience the benefits, and make you WANT to use them in your life.

Update December 2021: Duality Has Gotten An Upgrade

Jeffrey Allen posted an update about Duality on Facebook a few days ago. He’s totally upgraded the course by reorganizing the content and filming new videos in the course, including the free masterclass. There is some new content as well in Duality. That’s a lot of work, and I’m impressed that Jeffery Allen and Mindvalley took the time to upgrade his course like this. Here is what he posted.

One Important Thing I Need To Mention About Duality

You really need to believe in the whole energy thing in order to take this seriously.

When I took Energy Medicine on Mindvalley, Donna Eden and her husband used acupuncture a lot to explain things. That made it an easy pill to swallow in most cases.

When you take the Masterclass or read the enrollment page for Duality, you get a little bit of insight into Energy and how it impacts your life. I noticed, though, that during the course, I sometimes said to myself, ‘How would he know that?’ And I am the biggest believer in us being energetic beings that I know!

It took some trust to try out what he was talking about and experience the benefits for myself.

That said, Jeffrey Allen also interacted with the private Duality Facebook group. So he has answered questions and clarified how he knows things or does things, which helps increase your confidence around what he’s saying before you experience the benefits.

Jeffrey Allen Duality Facebook

Note: There is no more Facebook group. Now the community is on Mindvalley itself. If you buy Duality, you will see how easy the new community is to access and participate in.

Who Will Benefit From Taking Duality?

I started writing a list of who would benefit from Duality while I was taking the course, and I quickly realized that it would be very long if I wrote out every single thought I had about who would benefit from Duality. So, please know that this list is not extensive. I truly feel like anyone who wants to feel more whole and connected will benefit from Jeffrey Allen’s insights and lessons.

But, still, here’s a list of 10 benefits.

Duality will benefit anyone who wants to:

  1. Stop soaking in other people’s energy and letting that energy affect them. Module 4 in Duality is about empathy and healthy personal boundaries, and it teaches you how to put up boundaries so that energy from other people’s emotions, dramas, and desires don’t affect your life and cause you to feel out of control or overwhelmed.
  2. Experience more awareness in their life. Duality is really about awareness. You will become more aware of what affects your energy, why you feel like you do, and what to do when difficulties arise in life – and they always do!
  3. Be more intuitive. You can physically find answers to questions you have by looking on Google search, but you can also use your energetic side to find answers that can move your life in the right or a better direction. I’ve learned that being able to connect to your intuition is a very empowering gift. You will get some interesting insights and tools to help you improve your intuition.
  4. Influence the world in a positive way. Not only does becoming a more aware and peaceful person benefit yourself, but it benefits the world around you. You affect others positively and then they affect the world positively. This is an energetic concept you will learn about in the first module.
  5. Be more present. To use these techniques well, you need to be present. But, also, by forcing yourself to try them, they will make you more present. You will be bringing your body and your energetic self together, and you will start feeling a sense of presence that you might not often feel now.
  6. Connect to their energetic self more. Many people don’t do this. They are living in their physical bodies focused on physical things, and they don’t feel a sense of energy. One thing I learned from Jeffrey is that your energetic self affects your physical self in a big way, and it’s very important to stay in touch with both sides of yourself.
  7. Stop overthinking. There is a great technique in Duality that helps you to stop overthinking and be quieter in the mind. This helps you to really tap into your intuition and think more rationally. Actually, it helps with every energetic concept that Jeffrey Allen talks about it.
  8. Experience better health and happiness. You will learn to use your energetic self in duality with your physical self for a healthier and happier life.
  9. Get rid of stuck energy that is keeping them stuck in mind or body. You will learn how to replenish your energy and get rid of the negative energy that is stuck and keeping you stuck. You will also learn about your chakras and how to heal them, which is a topic I really enjoyed.
  10. Get rid of some old, limiting beliefs and become more open-minded while developing better beliefs. Week 6 is focused on changing your beliefs, and it tackles your beliefs from an energetic standpoint. You will also learn how to hack your reputation during this module and help people believe things about you that you want them to believe.

How I Recommend You Go Into The Duality Course If You Are Skeptical

If you are a skeptic of energy and how it plays a role in your health, happiness, and overall wellness, then you may have a hard time with Duality. I’m doubting if you read this far you are skeptical, but maybe something is calling you to take Duality and that’s why you are still reading.

If you’re skeptical, here’s the truth: You may find yourself questioning things Jeffrey Allen says and does and putting up a lot of resistance with the different energy techniques he teaches, which means you may give up before you really start.

To avoid that:

  • I suggest you go in open to the idea of us being both physical and energetic beings.
  • Also, I suggest you go in open to doing the whole course and giving the exercises and meditations a real shot before you form your opinion.

I know that if you do those two things, you will get a lot out of Duality and find yourself feeling more relaxed, connected to the moment, connected to your energetic and physical self, and happier in general.

Something I Need To Mention About Jeffrey Allen

I used to have a friend who was always very mellow, happy, and – well, stoned. Jeffrey Allen reminds me of him. I know that may not sound like a bad thing, but that mellow attitude where ‘Everything is cool, man,’ and ‘I’m totally able to affect you with my coolness,’ can get a bit annoying.

Maybe it’s just me?

So, when I accidentally opened my eyes during a meditation and saw Jeffrey Allen waving his hand around in what I’m assuming is an attempt to move the energy around, it was so annoying that it affected my meditation. I had to skip it and do the meditation through audio rather than visual.

duality review mindvalley

After that, I could literally feel him doing that with his hand every time I closed my eyes for a meditation during a lecture. And when I peeked, there he was, moving his hand around for the camera (and us) to see.

This may not annoy you. Some people in the Duality group on Facebook find him very charming, and say he’s calming and peaceful to their energy. And I understand that he’s an energy healer and teacher and knows what works for him. But, this is my review of Duality, so I thought I would include it.

If you are annoyed by this type of thing, like me, please keep your eyes closed during the meditations.

Also, just do what I did and remember that his intentions are really good. It’s beyond obvious that Jeffrey Allen wants to help others experience more of their energetic side and live happier lives. He may be annoying sometimes (at least to me), but he’s a really good guy offering some valuable information.

Living In Duality Thanks To Duality…

In the end, Duality with Jeffrey Allen helps you focus on both your physical self and your energetic self, and use both to create a healthier and happier life.

It’s not about losing your physical identity – it’s about realizing that while it’s important to pay attention to and look after your physical self, your energetic self is equally important.

From my own experience, when you realize that energy plays a huge role in your life – and that it may be affecting your life negatively, you will start to pay attention to it. You will also start to use it in a way that benefits your healing and health, personal development, decision-making skills, career, relationships, and happiness.

Interested? I recommend you take the free Masterclass by Jeffrey Allen which will give you insight into him, his teachings, and the Duality course as well. This quest is now a part of the Mindvalley Membership.


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