Lifebook Membership And Lifebook App Review

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Lifebook has updated a lot in the past few days. It’s the beginning of December 2020, and they have just released their own Lifebook App where their Lifebook Membership is now being hosted. It’s just another incentive to take Lifebook Online. I decided I better update this Lifebook Membership article because there are so many changes that the original article doesn’t really make sense. If you want to see the progress of the Lifebook Membership, I’ll leave the original post about my experiences with the Lifebook Membership below.

My First Thoughts On The New Lifebook App

Lifebook Membership App

I wasn’t sure I was going to like the new Lifebook app, but it’s actually really cool and I like it a lot.

It allows you to interact with all the information in the Lifebook membership directly beneath the content, which I think is cool. Before, the content was in the Mindvalley dashboard under ‘channels’ and you could rate the content, but you couldn’t comment on it. All interaction happened in the Lifebook group for the Lifebook membership. Having it combined allows us to interact with the content and each other easier. Very smart.

Lifebook Membership life vision app

The Content Library

I like the organization in this section of the Lifebook app. It includes everything that was included in the Lifebook Membership before, but it just feels more organized to me than it did on the Mindvalley dashboard. It’s still about rotating through one category per month and getting content related to the current month’s category.

You simply go into the group ‘Lifebook Membership Content Library’ and then click on the ‘Topics’ section, and each Lifebook Category is listed there.

Then you can drill down into the topics you want and see the latest content or you can filter what you see to see only your activity, questions and polls, and more.

You can also search through the members of the group and learn more about it. And, you can search through topics and events in relation to the group. It’s pretty user friendly, so you are not going to have any problems navigating your way through learning about it and using it.

They also highlight the current month’s content. If you go to the ‘discovery’ tab, they include a featured section with the current month’s category videos listed.

Each month of the Lifebook membership, you sill get access to:

  • A deep dive call with Jon and Missy on the topic of the month.
  • Insights from Jon or Missy related to the topic of the month.
  • Expert interviews on the topic of the month.
  • Member spotlights on people who have had a win in the category of the month.
  • LifeNotes – These are summaries of a book that relate to the topic of the month.

There Is A ‘Your Purchases’ Section

I’m not sure how much there will be to purchase in the future, but for now, this is where you find your billing for the Lifebook membership.

Lifebook Membership

The Lifebook Assessment Is In The Lifebook App

You no longer need to find the link to the Lifebook assessment. It’s now right inside the Lifebook app.

Lifebook Assesment



The Cost For Lifebook Membership

Right now, I know that the basic membership costs $249.99 per year. You can also choose to go monthly, but you save money by choosing yearly.

Lifebook Membership cost

The basic membership gets you the regular content that I mentioned above. It’s all listed under your ‘plan details’.

Update: For people coming out of Lifebook Online, you get 60 days of free membership, and then the price is $249. They were going to offer different tiers in the membership at one point, but it looks like they are just keeping it the way it is so that people can take Lifebook Mastery and then try out the membership too.

There Are So Many Amazing People In The Lifebook Membership

There are so many creative, inspirational, and motivational people in the Lifebook Membership. It’s insane how eloquent some people are with their words. Every time we do a live call with Jon and Missy, I’m blown away at how people can put their thoughts into words in a way that I can’t. Just beautiful.

Plus, the community is so inspirational. You will find ideas, tools, and inspiration in the Lifebook Membership that will impact all areas of your life, for sure.

In short, if you want a community that inspires you and helps you come up with new ideas and ways to approach life, the Lifebook Membership is that community.

There Is A Ton Of Content In The Lifebook Membership

This is an update. It’s December 2021, and there have been numerous webinars and posts since I first wrote and updated this review.

You can find help with pretty much everything in the Lifebook membership. Whether you want to achieve financial freedom with a proven blueprint or find an app that will track everything from Lifebook, it’s on here.

People are putting out all sorts of content to help in every area of life, and the more people that join into the membership, the larger the snowball is getting.

Other Thoughts About The Lifebook App

You can get notifications for pretty much everything, including when someone interacts with you in some way or event updates.

The only thing you can’t do is hide your online presence. The Lifebook app does show who is online right now, which I guess is good for interaction, but sometimes you just don’t want people to interact with you. Or is that just me?

Some people are saying that the app on their phone is not working properly. I’m using the desktop app and it’s working perfectly. The iPhone app download is not available yet, so I didn’t really have a choice. Just know that if you have problems with the phone app, you can always use it on your desktop.

There is more to this app in terms of interacting and community with the Lifebook community. It’s very user-friendly and it gives the Lifebook tribe a place to focus on everything Lifebook without other distractions.

In short, the Lifebook App is more than just about the Lifebook Membership. There is a lot you can do with this app when it comes to Lifebook and interacting with the Lifebook community.

I’ll update this Lifebook Membership and Lifebook App article as I go along with it. It just rolled out, so it’s very new. This update was written as I was learning about the Lifebook app, so I’m assuming I’ll polish it up to be more coherent as I go forward.

In any case, so far I’m really impressed with what they’ve done. They’ve made it user-friendly and have everything you need to move along with the Lifebook experience in one place.

Note: I realize this article could be a little confusing. I’ve just been adding my thoughts as I go along. And, the Lifebook program and membership seem to change a lot, so it can be hard to keep on top of all the changes. They are constantly updating and improving everything to do with Lifebook. So if you have any questions about the Lifebook Membership or the Lifebook App, please ask me in the comments below and I can try to clear things up a bit.

Original Post About The Lifebook Membership

Reminder: The rest of this article is the original post I wrote and updated about the Lifebook Membership. I first wrote it on July 1, 2019, and then last updated it on March 25, 2020. I just wanted to leave it alone so that, if you want, you can see the process of Lifebook membership through my eyes. If learning about how it used to be and how I used to feel about it doesn’t interest you, then there’s no point in reading any further. 😉

If you have taken Lifebook Mastery, or are currently taking it, then you know that you are offered a free month’s worth of Lifebook membership after the mastery program. Or at least you should be offered it. I was offered it, and I took advantage of it. But I didn’t stay on with it after the free month was up. I liked the idea of it, but it wasn’t really working for me in the way that it was presented, and the price point it was sitting at. (This has changed 8 months later. See updates below.) First, let me tell you what it was like and then I’ll tell you what I’m doing instead.

What Is The Lifebook Membership?

The Lifebook membership idea is an awesome concept. Jon and Missy, along with Lifebook members, cycle through the 12 categories of Lifebook each year, focusing intensely on one category per month. I got access to the spiritual month and then the character month for a bit.

The membership is apparently an exclusive offer for people who have taken the mastery program. You get one month for free and then it costs $97 USD per month after that. (See update below.)

The Lifebook membership tribe is on Facebook. You get access to a private group, just like all the other courses and subscriptions offered through Mindvalley. There you can talk about the month’s topic and share and ask questions.

Inside of your account, under Channels is where the membership for Lifebook can be found.

How it works is that inside your personal Mindvalley dashboard you click on Channels.

Lifebook Membership

… there you can browse by category

Lifebook Browse By Category

… or check out the content available for the current month.

Lifebook Membership Emotional Month

The interviews are done by Jon and Missy’s son and include some experts in the field as well as with Jon.

The notes remind me of Brian Johnsons Philosopher’s Notes where you get summaries of important points in a book and big ideas and quotes.

It’s A Broad Approach To A Personal Topic

July 2019: I couldn’t get into the lessons because they weren’t of direct interest to me. I did like a story that Jon told in an interview about spirituality and animals, but other than that I couldn’t really get into it. I found myself looking up articles and videos that related to questions I had and my personal visions in my Lifebook, and I only skimmed through the stuff in the membership.

I didn’t really use the Facebook tribe for the membership either. Again, I think it’s because I was seeking answers to my own questions and I didn’t find myself on the same page as a lot of the discussions.

I had the luxury of using it or not because it was a one-month free trial, so I didn’t feel like I HAD to use it.

The price of $97 USD was too high for something I wasn’t really using. I might have been able to justify it if it was under $40 CAD – just to use it as a motivator, source of information, and place to stay connected to the tribe, but around $120 CAD wasn’t a good fit for me.

So, I didn’t go forward. I canceled my membership close to when the free trial was up, and then I no longer had access to the Lifebook membership in my Mindvalley account. Also, at some point, I was removed from the Facebook group. I’m not entirely sure when though because I didn’t pay attention to it after I canceled the membership.

Update February 2020: It seems like the Membership is now included with the Lifebook Mastery program. In other words, when you move on from Lifebook Online, you get access to both Lifebook Mastery and the Lifebook Membership. On Facebook, someone was asking about the combining of the two and here’s the answer Mindvalley gave to him.

LIfebook Mastery And Membership combined


AND, the price for the membership has gone down considerably. I was set to pay $97 USD a month as you can see in the following screenshot from my billing area.

Lifebook Membership Cost

But, now when I look at the new page where you make the choice to continue to Lifebook Mastery or not, it clearly states that you get 30 days free for the membership and then it will only cost $249 per year.

Lifebook Mastery Choice

So compared to $97 a month, you are paying $20.75 a month. That’s a HUGE difference and a realistic price. From what I’ve read, a lot of people really do like the membership, and I think it would be a great way to stay focused on the category of the month.

I would be interested to see the content in the membership, but they still haven’t offered me a chance to rejoin the membership. If you have joined and like it please share your thoughts on the Lifebook Membership in the comments below.

Lifebook Membership Conversations

Another update in February 2020: I contacted Mindvalley to see if I would be able to access the Lifebook membership again. They sent me a message saying that I could enroll in the membership again and gave me a link to it. It led to a page where I would pay $97 a month again.

I wrote back and said that I would like to join the Lifebook membership that the newer students were being offered at a smaller price. They wrote back and said that they have two memberships: lite and premium. The lite is for $247 per year and the premium is $97 per month. Upon looking into it further, I found this article on Mindvalley that explains the difference between lite and premium. For me, the lite version would be enough as it’s exactly what I talked about in this review.

Then I saw on Facebook a moderator say that there was only one version of Lifebook right now, the Lifebook Lite.  For some reason, I can’t find her post to take a screenshot of it, but I know that I saw a Mindvalley moderator say that, so I guess the lite version is the only option right now? I’m not sure why I had the link to the premium version or why it’s even offered at all.

I guess if you are curious about the premium version, you will need to contact Mindvalley and ask them about it.

Update March 2020: I decided to join the membership and see what I thought of it. I’ve actually found it very beneficial. With my thoughts being distracted by my health and world events, it’s nice to come to a community that is focused on personal growth and centered around Lifebook, which is a huge part of my life obviously. I just attended my first live call for the membership, focused on emotions for the month of March, and it was really calming and inspiring. A lot of good information from Jon and Missy and the tribe in general. I came out feeling better than when I went in.

Sooooo, I’ve changed my tune on Lifebook membership. I think the price is reasonable now at about $21 USD per month (charged by the year). There is supposed to be another live call on the topic of the month later, and I think having two live calls per month is going to be very good for my focus. The membership tribe is currently very active and interesting. I’m digging it. I think I’m going to stick it out for the year and see what happens. Like I said in my original post, I’m going to stay in the tribe’s flow month by month and do some additional research and exploring of my own.

Now that I’m experiencing it fully if you have any questions about it please feel free to ask me in the comment section.

Also, just to be clear, after the 30-day free trial, I did get charged $247 USD for the year.

Lifebook Membership Charge

And it worked out to $364.24 Canadian.

Lifebook Membership CAD

So, technically, I’m paying $30.35 CAD per month for the next year.

What I Was Doing Instead Of The Lifebook Membership

July 2019 – before I decided to give it another shot at the lowered price: I made my own Lifebook cycle for the year and threw it into my Goals on Track and my Happy Planner.  In June, I focused on the Emotional aspect of my Lifebook, and this month, I’m going to focus on the Physical aspect. This is not the same cycle that Jon and Missy are using. I can’t remember what they have in July, but I know it’s not physical.

I have the rest of my months labeled up in accordance with what I think I will want to focus on each month, but I may switch them here and there. I think that’s the beauty of doing it on your own. You may decide you want to focus on your Fun and Recreation aspect in August at first, but then realize that you really need to focus on your Intellectual aspect instead and switch things up.

It’s All Relevant To ME!

This month (July) I’m focusing on things that matter to me physically.

For instance, I have hypothyroidism and I’ve been feeling like crap lately, so I know I need to do something about it. I’m going to read up on it and develop a plan going forward from what I learn.

And, thanks to my Quest All Access Pass, I could choose the Mindvalley courses I wanted to take for this month, so along with another quest that has nothing to do with my physical health, I chose both The M Word and The Longevity Blueprint because I think they will both be beneficial to my physical health. I’ve long known that I need to develop a meditation practice as I believe it will help with physical and mental stress, and I need to find a workout program that works for me because what I used to do doesn’t work for me anymore.

I’m not part of the Lifebook membership anymore, but when they do the physical aspect (I think that is in January), I’m pretty sure they won’t focus on hypothyroidism, Emily Fletcher‘s approach to meditation, and Ben Greenfield‘s blueprint for longevity and beauty. They might. But I doubt it!

I’ve also made a section in my Feedly to devote to my physical health. Feedly is such an easy way to stay up to date with topics and keywords you are interested in – or Lifebook categories that you are interested in.

I’m also going to start eating healthier and taking the supplements I know I should be taking.

In short, I’m doing my own deep dive into my physical health by reading books and articles of interest, taking courses of interest, and implementing habits that I feel I need to implement.

I Love Lifebook

I wouldn’t have massively pursued this concept of cycling through areas of my Lifebook in a year if it wasn’t for Jon and Missy, Lifebook, and Mindvalley. I’m so grateful for all their courses, ideas, and inspiration.

I wish the monthly membership was a lot cheaper – not a little, a lot. I may have been more likely to stick to their schedule and keep the flow going with them while I worked on my own stuff as well, but, for now, this is working for me very well.

Final Update: I know this article on the Lifebook Membership is a little confusing as I wasn’t doing it for 8 months and now have decided to participate in the Lifebook Membership. To reiterate, as of March 2020, I’m now a part of the Lifebook Membership because the price has dropped substantially and I do enjoy the live calls and the group mentality. I’m still working on my personal issues for the month separately, but it’s one place on the internet where you can go and really connect with like-minded people who are actively working on their Lifebook and their life and have some productive and inspirational ideas around the category of the month. I’m so glad Mindvalley, Jon, and Missy decided to drop the price. If you have any questions, please ask below in the comments.


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