My Review Of The Champion Mindset Florencia Andrés

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I’m not sure when The Champion Mindset by Florecia Andrés was released on Mindvalley, but it slightly interested me when I saw it the other day. I’ve taken so many motivational and ‘go for your goals’ courses over the years that they don’t really appeal to me anymore. The course is only about two and half hours long, and since I’ve been up all night lately, I figured I might as well make my night useful and go through this course. Despite it being full of common tips from the motivational world, I did come out with something exciting.

The Champion Mindset Is Exactly What You Would Expect

My Review Of The Champion Mindset Florencia Andrés

The Champion Mindset is not a bad course, but it’s not mind-blowing – it’s exactly what you would expect. It’s full of common tips and tricks to help you get into the mindset and state that helps you go after your goals. Visualization, positive self talk, dreaming bigger, and taking action despite fear or negative beliefs are just a few of the topics approached.

There was nothing really new in this course for me.

However, I really liked Florecia Andrés. Many of Mindvalley’s courses are done with the teacher seated in a room. Florecia Andrés stood up, and it kind of felt like you were at one of her events watching her live.

She speaks well.

She has a lot of examples to back up what she teaches.

And most importantly to me, she has the life experience to be a motivational speaker and life coach.

I really resonated with her story about losing desire to do anything for about a year. That’s where I’ve been. After so much loss and failure in my life the past few years, I’ve just kind of been existing for a while and going through the motions of things I have to do, but not really feeling hopeful or excited for the future. My goals lost their luster. My life vision was still there, but hope or even desire around achieving it has been diminishing. Her story was relatable to me.

Also, as a side thought, she has a course on her website teaching how to make money online. I didn’t realize from The Champion Mindset that this was something she would be offering. While I’ve lost my passion recently around making money online, this still interests me a bit, so I may check it out.

I Have A New Goal Thanks To The Champion Mindset

One thing that did come from Florecia Andrés’ course is a goal that I had long forgotten about but suddenly got passionate about again.

It actually came out pretty early in the course, during lesson 3. Something about how she taught the lesson and asked the questions made me realize that there is something else I want to achieve that I haven’t tried before. And it’s not something new, it’s just something I put on the backburner and then forgot about.

When I was a kid, I used to write little stories all the time. Fictional stories. And I wanted to be a fictional writer for a long time. But then I went to college three times for things other than writing. I got a meaningless job that paid the bills. I started working online with non-fiction writing. And that’s just kind of where I’ve been. I haven’t pursued anything to do with fiction writing.

Despite having a lot of story ideas, I have a lot of fear around the goal of writing a successful fiction book. But, once I realized that I would like to still try to write a fictional book on day 3 of the course, the rest of The Champion Mindset was really focused on that goal for me, and it gave me a different and exciting way of looking at things.

Th Champion Mindset Is Good Addition To The Mindvalley Membership

If you don’t want the Mindvalley Membership, I think you could probably go to Florecia Andrés’ YouTube Channel and find a lot of good stuff from her there.

But if you decide to join the Mindvalley Membership, which focuses on courses from various areas of life, such as success, relationships, spirituality, and health, then this will be a good course to take to keep you motivated and on track towards your goals.

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