Sixth Sense Superpower Review: Sonia Choquette’s Latest Course

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Sonia Choquette had a course on Mindvalley years ago that (I think) was called something like Positive Intuition, but I never got to take it. It was taken off Mindvalley altogether at one point and I was extremely disappointed.

I think it was taken off around the time that the Mindvalley Membership started. (BTW: You can read my Mindvalley Membership review here.) I just remember being disappointed that it wasn’t one of the courses being included because I love intuition and really wanted to hear what an expert on the subject had to say.

But, now they brought Sonia Choquette back onto Mindvalley in a course that is done in their typical quest format. Meaning a little bit of the course is released each day on a certain topic, and there are 21 days in total.

Sonia Choquette Is Wonderful (Which Isn’t A Word I Use Often To Describe People)

sixth sense superpower

I had never taken a course by Sonia Choquette before. Instantly I liked her. She reminds me of my Reiki woman. I would say that they were sisters if I didn’t know better.

They have the same positive energy and they speak the same – with a light, optimistic, loving, and happy tone. They both want to inspire and teach through their words.

It’s kind of trippy how alike they are.

A class with her is like a session with my Reiki healer.

Sonia Choquette is excited about intuition (just like my Reiki woman is excited about Reiki), and it’s obvious!

She teaches you how to use your intuition better, she tells great stories that help you remember what she is talking about and feel inspired to increase your ability to use your sixth sense superpower!

There’s no sense of fakeness or putting on a show with Sonia Choquette. She’s an interesting person full of light that I would love to have in my personal life.

Sonia Choquette Teaches You How To Boost Your Sixth Sense Superpower (But What Is That Exactly?)

We all have five senses: sight, smell, hearing, touch, and taste. But there’s another sense that we possess, known as the “sixth sense.”

This extra sense goes beyond our physical senses and allows us to perceive things that can’t be seen, heard, or felt.

The sixth sense is a form of extrasensory perception (ESP), which is the ability to receive information about the world without using our physical senses.

Sometimes it manifests as a gut feeling or intuition. Sometimes it manifests in a more literal sense, such as knowing when someone is staring at you from behind.

Some people are born with a strong sixth sense and maintain it throughout their lives, while others seem to lose it and then develop it over time through meditation or other spiritual practices.

For me, I had a strong sixth sense when I was young and then as I got caught up in life, I lost it a bit. I’ve always still focused on it, but my ability to use it has diminished as my other senses, and especially my ego mind (fear and worry) have taken over. I’m acutely aware of this, which is why this quest was so important to me.

Sonia Choquette makes it clear that we can all tap into our sixth sense and use it to create a magical and rewarding life.

Why bother tapping into our sixth sense? The Sixth Sense is a powerful tool that can help us navigate the world around us, bring about miracles, stop worrying and start being more curious (this is what I want), and help us experience more happiness and success.

Sometimes I’m Listening To My Ego And Not My Intuition, Even Though I Think It Could Be My Intuition

This is another reason I really wanted to take this course. I need to fine-tune my ability to listen to my sixth sense and separate it from my ego or fearful mind. I know that I’m not as tuned into my sixth sense as I’d like to be.

I’m a huge fan of my sixth sense and try to listen to it often, but sometimes my ego, or ‘barking dog’ as Sonia Choquette calls it, gets in the way.

For instance, I live on the edge of a developing town. Even though the town is growing bigger by the year, it’s still pretty dark when I go for a walk in the morning. Sometimes my fear will get the best of me and tell me to ‘TURN AROUND!’ and I worry that it’s my sixth sense warning me. But, I’ve learned that usually, it’s not. It’s just my barking dog and there’s nothing to be worried about.

I realized on day 4 of Sixth Sense Superpower that a lot of my problems stem from the fact that I don’t stop and listen to what’s going on around me often. I’m often stuck in my head trying to focus on the logic of what I should do next. I don’t take a lot of time to sit quietly and hear the world around me – only when I go on my solo trips or to a special cabin that I love.

In short, I need to clear out the distractions in order to increase the power of my intuition.

Sonia Choquette does teach how to quiet your brain and listen with your body in the Sixth Sense Superpower quest.

There’s Not One Class I Didn’t Like

As I said, I really like Sonia Choquette. She makes it clear why intuition is so powerful, and how you can use it and then tells great stories to back up what she’s saying.

I enjoyed the classes with her. It felt like I was sitting with my Reiki healer and in her energy, which is always positive and loving.

I liked every single class and there was only one class that I felt upset after. All the other classes left me on a high. I still liked the class, it was just the exercise that pissed me off, and it had everything to do with me and nothing to do with Sonia Choquette or the lesson.

I was feeling really ticked off that day (to put it nicely), and she was talking about automatic writing and how it can be a tool for tapping into your sixth sense. I used to do automatic writing all the time and always had a positive experience with it, so I figured I would do it for a question that had been heavy on my mind. I asked the question that started with ‘Should I give up on…’ and then let my fingers do the work afterward, and they spewed out negative point after negative point.

Here’s a little bit of what I wrote during this automatic writing session:

Yes. If you want to give up, give up. You know what’s happening with your light. You know what direction you are heading. You’ve been doing this for years and it’s not working out. You don’t have the ability to figure it out.

Positive, right?

I got so pissed off that I stopped the class for the day and went and sulked and tried to make myself feel better.

My husband pointed out it was probably my ego talking, which it was. But, I was ticked off that I couldn’t settle into my sixth sense and got caught up in my barking dog instead.

Other than that, all of her exercises worked great for me.

My Favorite Exercise In Sixth Sense Superpower

I think my favorite was in lesson 8. It’s a game called ‘I wonder’ where you simply stop trying to guess what’s going to happen or why something happened and start asking questions starting with ‘I wonder’.

Sonia Choquette says that “your imagination is the front door to intuition, and wonder is the front door to imagination.”

When you lose the desire to know or be right, you are guided by your intuition into a place where possibilities abound! Love it!

This is something I used to naturally do. I was always living in a state of wonder.

At some point, I feel like I got older and stop wondering and started worrying. I’m still not sure when this happened. I think it happened after the death of my first dog. My mindset seemed to turn to a place where sickness, loss, struggle, and death live, and it’s been a struggle to get out of it.

This reminder of the power of wonder hit me hard. I started playing this game constantly. I would wake up in the middle of the night, and think ‘I wonder…’ It’s been a huge healer for my soul.

Sonia Choquette instructs us to wonder about a hundred things a day for the rest of our lives.

There Are Lots of Other Gems In Sonia Choquette’s Course

This is a feel-good course that can change your life from struggle to ease, pessimism to optimism, and depression to happiness. Life feels better when tap into your sixth sense. It just does. You realize that there’s a certain type of magic in life and you start to get curious about what’s going to happen next.

You will learn things like:

  • How your intuition speaks to you
  • Why you should let go of the need to know
  • How to quiet your brain
  • How to separate your ego from your intuition
  • How to play with your intuition

The Only Thing I Didn’t Agree With

Sonia Choquette says you will never regret doing what you love.

Well, that’s not true for me.

I love to write. That’s what I’ve wanted to do, and I do it. But it comes at a cost as my earnings have been up and down throughout the years, and that means my husband has consistently needed to do what he doesn’t want to do to pay the bills. To be fair, at first, he was doing what he loved to do so I didn’t feel guilty, but he lost his passion for it along the way and wanted to focus on something else he’s truly loved doing since he was young – making music. When he did try to follow his passion during the pandemic, it was a disaster for our finances. My earnings unexpectedly dropped, and his income halved… and we are going to be paying for that for a while. I have spent so many years following my passion that I can’t go out and get a job that pays anywhere near what he can get because I don’t have the experience or credentials to back me up. And the life we’ve built requires at least one of us is making decent money.

The point is I have regret, not because I’m doing what I love, but because my husband now has to sacrifice doing what he loves so that I can do what I love. And that puts a lot of pressure on me to find success so that he can do what he loves too. And… well, I’m at a point where I need to stop letting worry and fear guide me and start paying attention to the beautiful, relaxed sixth sense.

I’m closer after taking the Sixth Sense Superpower once. I have wonderful little games that I play. But, I’m going to go through the course again and work on building up my sixth sense more and more until my barking dog is barely ever around and my intuition and spirit are present most of the time.

Check out the course here.

Note: Sonia Choquette talked about how many books she’s written a few times in the quest, so you can also check out her books if you want to work on building up your intuition.

hayhouse sonia choquetteAnd, I just realized that her books are on the HayHouse app too!

I’ve been in such a funk that I haven’t even checked her out on my app.

OK, so I’ll be reading her books starting today.

This is the problem with not listening to your sixth sense. If I had listened to it earlier, I would have felt the nudge I just felt to check my HayHouse app for Sonia’s books.


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