Awaken The Species Review: My Thoughts, Experience, and Lessons Taken

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If you want to explore the differences between the behaviors of being an evolved human being and an unevolved human being, you will probably like Awaken The Species by Neale Donald Walsch on Mindvalley. It explores what we need to release and embrace in order to become more evolved as a human species. I think it’s an important course to have out there, but I don’t think everyone is ready to take this quest. There are plenty of people who would not be willing to go deep into the concepts explored. But, if you are looking for a review of Awaken The Species, I’m guessing that YOU are probably are someone who will be willing to explore your behaviors and improve on them. So, if you are interested, read on to learn about my experience with the quest.

Awaken The Species Isn’t About Other People… It’s All About You

My husband and I started this quest together, but he didn’t resonate with it and quit in the first week to take another course instead. He wasn’t vibing with it because he was calling bullshit on a lot of what Neale was saying.

For instance, he found the lesson of unity – where Neale talks about how we are all one – frustrating because all day he is surrounded by people at work who are out for themselves and do not see the unity in anything. He said the idea of unity and oneness is nice, but he can’t see it in his daily life.

I get why he stopped doing the quest. People and life can be frustrating and it’s hard to believe that we will ever reach an evolved state with all the crap that is going on.

I kept going with the quest because I wanted to experience it and review it. And, the more I went through the quest, the more I realized that it’s not about changing others and creating a bunch of awakened beings with your knowledge, but, instead, it’s about changing yourself and evolving yourself.

In fact, Neale says in the quest – “I know that right now on our planet, given the current level of group consciousness, our species is not really ready to apply these principles as a collective. But that does not mean that we cannot apply them individually in our personal lives.”

The stuff Neale talks about may go against what you see in your daily life. It may go against what you’ve been taught as a child or by mentors. It may be hard to accept that these evolved behaviors are even possible. And too much resistance will cause you to do what my husband did – stop the quest altogether.

So, my advice is to go into Awaken The Species with an open mind and heart, and the notion that you are going to improve yourself and become more evolved as a human being.

Awaken The Species Helps You To Create A Foundation On Which To Build

I feel like Awaken The Species sets a foundation to start from. But it isn’t an expansive course that covers everything.

For instance, when talking about how ownership, he discusses how an awakened species does not embrace a principle that correlates to ownership. And he discusses how humans view ownership and how it impacts the world. But he doesn’t discuss how humans believe they own animals. To me, animals are not items that we own either. They are beings that belong here too. Some require us to take care of them directly and some indirectly, but they are not ours to own, abuse, mutilate, eat, etc.

I mentioned this in the Facebook group, and someone said, “The exercises can be a bit lightweight, and maybe only get us started, and we take it from there… ” which is so true.

The information and exercises will get you going on your path to being more evolved. But you need to keep working on these behaviors of a highly evolved being after the quest if you want to truly dig into yourself and unevolved behaviors.

That’s a huge bonus of the Facebook group by the way. If you resonate with Awaken The Species, you are already evolved on some level, so you will be surrounded with like-minded people in the group where you can delve further into the topics – further than where Neale goes in this quest. I am someone who prefers to be alone, but as someone said in the tribe, the interaction we get in the group and lessons we can learn from one another is a huge example of how much better we are together.

The Benefits Of Taking This Quest Could Be Small Or Large


Neale talks a lot about what highly evolved beings experience. It’s a matter of getting there, though.

If you go through this course, do the work, then you are going to have a shift in awareness, for sure. You will evolve a bit.

But will you experience an incredible boost in your finances as abundance comes to you with little resistance, as they talk about on the enrollment page under the heading of What Is A Highly Evolved Being? I guess that depends on how much you embrace the behaviors of a highly evolved being and implement them into your life.

I think you will start to move in that direction, but, for most people, it’s not going to happen right away. This quest is a part of the process of evolving.

We Need To Evolve

I truly believe that for humans to survive, the stuff talked about in Awaken The Species needs to be embraced by the majority of humans. Without a doubt.

Things that are covered in the quest, such as honesty, sharing, taking care of the environment, cooperation, and love all need to be elevated in our world if we are going to avoid destroying ourselves, each other, and the planet.

I also believe that by working on ourselves as individuals, we will be able to influence other people into working on themselves. I know this because I’ve impacted a lot of people in a positive way in my life when my behavior changed. My positive changes have helped others to make positive changes.

So, I believe that the more people who take Awaken The Species and courses like it, the more likely it is that humans will start to shift into highly evolved beings that Neale talks so much about.

My point is that if you are going to take Awaken The Species, put your all into it and get ready to change the way you look at and act in life. The behaviors talked about are important. If we can all adopt them, our lives will change for the better and the life-changing benefits talked about will happen.

What This Quest Has Inspired Me To Do

I want to be a highly evolved being. I’ve been working on improving myself since my early twenties, and I feel like my awareness has grown a ton. And a lot of that has to do with Mindvalley courses and quests.

A lot of what Neale talks about in the Awaken The Species quest is not hugely shocking to me. He talks about things that I intrinsically know. But, still, the exercises each day helped me think outside my own box and expand my awareness and rekindle some passions I’ve lost.

I realize that I have a long way to go still until I fully adopt these behaviors into my life. I want to start behaving in a way that is in line with the behaviors talked about in this quest. If I could snap my fingers and do it, I would. But I know that I really need to do some work in a few of these areas and develop better habits and systems to embrace them. Here’s a quick screenshot of what he talks about.

awaken the species screenshot

Screenshot From The Enrollment Page of Awaken The Species

What I plan to do is write about them so that I can consistently focus on them. I’m going to use the 16 topics as a framework for my blogs and other writing endeavors. There are a lot of things to say about all 16 topics and I know that focusing on them and writing about them will help me develop in all these areas and evolve into a better human being, which is ultimately what I want.

The Quest Seems To Be Based On His Book

In the quest, he talks a lot about his book, Conversations With God Book 4. This is what happened with The Quest For Personal Mastery too. The quest was based on one of his books.

I’ve ordered Neale’s book so I can see how closely the book and this quest are related. I’ll update here after I read it.

Neale talks about how important it is that he’s offering this information in the quest, rather than a book or lecture. He says this: The quest is a functional and dynamic way to help you move through your life and change your life if you really apply the messages in this quest.

I’ve found that’s what Mindvalley’s quests are all about.

They help you transform because you are focusing on actively implementing lessons over a longer period and developing habits because of that.

Also, you can connect with other students taking the quest and expand your knowledge and understanding faster. It’s amazing how much you can learn from like-minded individuals who have different perspectives and experiences than you.

Update: I’ve tried to read his book so many times since I wrote this review. I can’t do it. It’s written in a conversational tone, where he is having his conversation with God. I don’t like the conversational tone that they have. I find it frustrating on many levels. For instance, I keep thinking – maybe he’s just talking to his higher consciousness because ‘God’ sounds an awful lot like Neale. I don’t fully believe that dialogue taking place. It’s different than Abraham and Hicks, where I truly believe something is speaking through Esther. I feel like this is a man asking himself some questions and then answering himself. I still like the quest, because it all resonates with me as truth. But, I’m not a fan of the book. Other people seem to be, though. I may try again in the future and have a different opinion if I can get through the book, but for now, I’m on to other things.

In Short…

This is the first quest that I took after getting my Mindvalley Membership, and I’m glad I did. I want to be an evolved being. And, these behaviors that I want to develop – this growth that I need to do – is going to be a huge focus in my life from now on.

I enjoyed this quest. I found myself a little annoyed at how dramatic Neale Donald Walsch was at certain times. But, maybe that’s part of me not being evolved. I can see that he’s passionate about moving the human species up a level or two, so of course, he’s going to be a little passionate with his words at times.

I’ve experienced some awesome things with this quest, including:

  • I spent a lot of time during the quest thinking about deeper things and questioning my behavior, thoughts, and feelings.
  • I gave away half my closest because of this quest and have a huge desire to donate and help out more.
  • I’m kinder to people and myself.
  • I feel more connected to everything around me.
  • I am more committed to positive thinking and speech.
  • I’ve replaced the word ‘need’ with a more empowering word thanks to Neale.
  • I’ve strengthened my belief that there is enough to go around and no reason to compete with others.
  • I’ve reinstated a few environmentally friendly practices that I used to do but lost along the way, and I’m looking for new ways to be more environmentally friendly.
  • I’ve developed a plan going forward to help me be more of an evolved being and I am excited to see how much I will grow over the next year or two.
  • I’ve made a commitment to get unaddicted to my phone because it’s throwing off my balance in life. I’ve even scheduled in some technology-free weekends. I can’t remember the last time I’ve spent a weekend, let alone a day, not using technology in some way.
  • I’ve let go of some deep despair I was feeling after the death of my sweet loving dog, who died not long before I started taking this quest.

The daily videos and exercises in Awaken The Species offered me a way to connect with my inner self, pay attention to how I’m moving through this world, and then make some plans to shift what I’m doing so that I can be the better person that I want to be.

I talked about how my husband quit Awaken The Species because of things that he just couldn’t see happening, like unity. Well, after a few weeks, I was feeling more united with people regardless of how they acted. I even found myself standing in a grocery store feeling genuinely connected to everyone in there – even the grumpy people. It was pretty awesome. My empathy seemed to turn up and my judgment turned down.

And I’ve rekindled my passion with metaphysics, which is discussed as behavior number 16 on day 34. I spent my twenties and thirties fascinated with how our thoughts and words impact our lives, but I’ve lost that fascination in the past year or so. After taking this quest, it’s rekindled.

In fact, I’m going to take the meditation course (The M Word) next because Neale talks about the power of meditation and I just intuitively know that it’s time to dig deeper into the subject of meditation for my own mental and physical health.

Still not sure if this quest is for you? You can check out the enrollment page here to learn more about it and when the next start date is.

And, if you have any questions about Awaken The Species on Mindvalley, please feel free to ask in the comments below.


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