I Really Like The PC Plant Based Mango Mochi

I have scrolled past the PC Plant Based Mango Mochi balls many times and never got them, until one day while I was shopping, I wanted some sweet stuff. I’m not huge on sweets. I like salty. But these sounded delicious to me. I love dough. I love mango. It sounded like a winner. Here are my thoughts on it.

PC Plant Based Mango Mochi Review

Do things inside ever look like they do on the box? I hoped these would because they looked darn good.

 PC Plant Based Mango Mochi

Didn’t expect them to be in a tray, but I liked the looks of them straight out of the box. And we could smell the mango instantly.

 PC Plant Based Mango Mochi out of box

But it was a fight to get these PC Plant Based Mango Mochi balls out of their little cups. They were frozen, but the dough was pliable and became misshaped as I tried to get one out with a spoon.

Misshaped PC Plant Based Mango Mochi

So, I cut one in half to see if it at least looked like it did on the box. I don’t think it does. It just looks mostly uniform, like one ingredient, all the way down.

Frozen PC Plant Based Mango Mochi

I thought if I let it warm up a bit it would give the look it does on the box. Don’t do that. I left it out for 20 minutes, and it looks like a sunny-side-up egg and gets worse the longer you leave the PC Plant Based Mango Mochi ball on the counter. (Side note, if you need something that looks like a sunny-side-up egg without the white in a photo shoot, this will work!)

Warm PC Plant Based Mango Mochi

It tasted ok like this though. The dough is very chewy. It reminds me of those tapioca balls in the bubble or boba tea.

Despite trying to get a uniform bite of dough and mango filling, when cut into, the dough was pulled off the mango part and collected together in a ball. It is such a soft dough.

It’s better colder, which is how I now know it’s supposed to be eaten. The dough still wants to do its own thing because it’s so soft and pliable. But, you can manage to get a bite of the dough and mango filling together.

Plus, if it’s colder, it has more of a texture of ice cream. If it’s warmer, it’s like runny cream.

Here’s a pic of the ingredients and nutritional information. Mostly mango and sugar.

The bottom line is that it just tastes like mango ice cream with soft dough around it. If that sounds appealing, you’ll like it.

It’s good. It’s something I’ll be buying for a quick, small sweet mango-tasting treat.


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