Miss Cream? Have You Tried Silk Whipping Cream Yet?

I buy a lot of products from Silk, including my regular coffee creamer in Vanilla. But I had no idea that Silk had whipping cream on the market until I accidentally found it while ordering some groceries online.

The biggest thing I struggled with when going vegan was letting go of the cream in my coffee. I used to have half cream and half coffee as a coffee.

In short, I never thought I would have anything like cream again in my coffee, but silk has made my dreams come true.

It Tastes Like Whipping Cream

Silk Whipping Cream Container

I only bought one at the start because there are many times, as a vegan, that you get disappointed with how things taste in comparison to what you remember. Since cream was such a huge favorite of mine, and it hasn’t been replicated well before, I wasn’t expecting this to match up.

But it did.

It tasted like whipping cream straight out of the carton.

I can’t explain how or why… it just does.

I poured it into my coffee, and it tasted like coffee with cream.

The consistency is creamy straight out of the carton, but when you add it to coffee the oil seems to separate a bit and give a more spotted look, but it still tastes cohesive and creamy.

We Stocked Up On Silk Whipping Cream

When we finally found it again in a store, we stocked up. My husband texted me with the following picture and said, “Is this enough?”

silk whipping cream

In our grocery store, they are storing it with dairy whipping cream, which is a little odd to me and kept us from finding it the first few times we looked for it because we were looking in the non-dairy section.

I saw one review where a guy tried Silk whipping cream because his dairy whipping cream was out, and he lives in another country, so obviously Silk whipping cream must be stocked in the dairy section everywhere.

We Tried Making Pasta With Pesto And Cream

One of my favorite dishes uses to be Gnocchi Al Pesto from a local restaurant. It had a pesto cream sauce that was to die for, and I haven’t had it in years. So naturally, that was the first thing I made using this cream.

It worked. It was really creamy and delicious. I didn’t add a ton of Silk whipping cream because I was scared it wasn’t going to work, but it did. I could have added a ton more.

There was nothing wrong with the dish. The consistency of the cream was good. The taste was good. Everything was on point.

Whipped Cream Hasn’t Worked Too Well For Me

We have a non-dairy bakery near us that has vegan eclairs, and they have a non-dairy whipping cream in there that is amazing! I was hoping that this Silk whipping cream would be exactly like theirs, and I could use it on a vegan black forest cake, but it isn’t.

I’ve tried whipping this cream up a few times, but it hasn’t worked too well. It does whip up a bit, but there seems to be a point before it gets stiff where it starts to separate and clumpy bits form.

It’s not like when you whip dairy whipping cream into butter and have the separation of solid butter from the cream. It’s more of a weird clumpy separation and it seemed to change the taste of the cream to me.

My mom, who is not vegan, tried it during one of the times I didn’t whip it into separation, and she said it was very close to whipped cream in taste, but not totally on point.

To me, straight out of the carton, it tastes just like what I remember whipping cream tasting like.

We all have different taste buds and I’m pretty good with tastes, so I trust my taste buds on this one. Especially because I had dairy cream daily before going vegan.

Even though it didn’t whip stiff, I’ve poured it straight onto white cake and strawberries and it was exactly what I remember that taste of cream and strawberries and cake tasting like.


I should say that I haven’t tried whipping it cold with a cold bowl and cold beaters, which might make a difference. But I don’t think the cream would stay hard like dairy whipped cream even if I could get it to whip hard at first.

We Made An Old Favorite Soup With Silk Whipping Cream

Another thing we made was a butternut squash soup that we used to love but haven’t had because it calls for cream, and the cream contributes to the overall flavor of the soup. The main ingredients are butternut squash, nutmeg, agave, ginger, and cream.

I didn’t take a picture, but it worked beautifully. The cream didn’t separate like it does in my coffee, for some reason. It made the soup creamy and beautiful and gave us that taste that we used to love.

Silk Whipping Cream Is A Big Thumbs Up From Me

We love this vegan whipping cream.

If you keep it in the fridge, it can get pretty thick. Almost clumpy at the spout. But, once you get it into something hot or give it a stir, it’s fine.

Both my husband and I have it daily in our coffee. My husband was using coconut milk solely before this.

He wasn’t a huge fan of cream before going vegan, but he really likes the Silk whipping cream in his coffee.

And when something calls for cream, we use this Silk whipping cream now.

It took a few years, but dairy cream finally has an equal (vegan style) in our home.

Now would someone please make vegan mozzarella that tastes and acts like dairy mozzarella?!

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