5 Things I Love About The Happy Planner

Last Updated on September 27, 2020 by Kari

I am a planneraholic. I love to plan. But, I’ve never been super creative with my planning… until now. The Happy Planner has changed the way I plan – in a creative sense, and it’s making me very, very happy. The first Happy Planner that I opened up was the fitness planner kit. The non-fitness planner kit is pretty much the same except it’s not geared towards fitness.

The Happy Planner Kit

5 Things I Love About The Happy Planner

So, the more I’ve used The Happy Planner, and watched videos of it, and read about it, and thought about it – the more things I find to love about it.

1. They Make Planners Geared Towards Specific Things

I found the perfect birthday present for my planner obsessed friend. She is very religious and has a daily faith routine, and one of the Happy Planners is focused on faith. Basically, that means the covers and dividers will be focused on faith (she already told me how much she loves some of the scripture that they have on the covers).

The fitness planner had a cover and dividers geared towards fitness.

And my regular Happy Planner has a cover and dividers geared towards the theme of the planner, which is flowers and little decorative things like that.

2. The Stickers

With both my Happy Planner kits, I got stickers that are related to the planner of choice. For instance, this planner is just a basic planner for life. So I got stickers related to life!

For my friend, the faith planner kit will have stickers related to faith.

And, sold separately from The Happy Planner kits, Me And My Big Ideas sells all kinds of stickers that will fit perfectly into The Happy Planner. They are the company who created The Happy Planner, after all.

I’m headed out to Michael’s today to find some stickers for February. I usually decorate the house in the theme of love, so I’m going to decorate my planner the same way.

3. You Can Take The Pages Out Without Ripping Them Out

I don’t know why, but I can’t get over this. I love the fact that you can take the pages out, write on them or decorate them, and then put them back in. Or, if you want, move them around in your planner.

Tearing Out Pages The Happy Planner

4. The Discs

The discs are so unique to me, and they are so smart. They are strong, pretty, and they give you an easy way to customize your Happy Planner. In the fitness planner the discs were silver and in this planner, they are gold, which I like. But the pink, black, and blue that they also have available are tempting!

The Happy Planner Discs

5. The Customization Appeal

These planners are pretty basic on the inside, but they leave SO much room for customization. I’ve seen people doing their spreads in completely opposite ways, and I’ve gained so much inspiration for my own planners. In fact, I turned a few of my boring old into fun planners.

I really like the vertical approach to the planner. You can break it down so many different ways. You can do three separate boxes for each day or you can kind of blend them into each other or you can just make a few boxes pretty or motivational and leave one box for important notes… the possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

Following is a great video of how creative you can get with the weekly spread.

In short, if someone was to ask me what planner I recommend as of now, I would say The Happy Planner, without a doubt. It makes me happy, it’s highly customizable, and it’s functional. It’s brought out my inner scrapbooker and boosted my creativity, which is a good thing when your job is to write all day long! You can learn more about this planner here.

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